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Cher Vs. Marcus Bachmann!

Looks like Cher read our post about Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, calling gays barbarians in need of education and discipline. (Grand)mother Monster is NOT pleased.

And then Cher starts tweeting about eating an avocado and getting into bed. God bless her heart.

  • Anonymous

    get ’em Cher!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE you, Cher~!

  • Trenton Flock

    I hope I’m that spunky when I’m 65. The girl deserves another Emmy for that rant. <3

  • Stephanie Timmons

    Cher is so awesome LOL


  • Anonymous

    I’m with Cher 100% on tis.  These people are getting so boring and frightening at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Cher 100% on this. These people are wierd and scary.

  • Is it any wonder that the gay love Cher so much?!?!  She’s beautiful, talented, FABULOUS and totally has our backs. Hurray for Cher!

  • I’m not gay but I think both the Bachmanns should be put away in a padded room & never allowed to speak to anyone ever again except their jailers or keepers for the rest of their life’s . In my 71 yrs of life I have never seen anyone as nuts as those two & I have met many , many people . The only reason they had foster children was because of the money .


  • David Allen

    What kind of assholes ARE these people?   Why is it so important for them to control the lives of people who have no effect on them whatsoever?  I think THEY are the ones who need deprogramming.

  • First being Gay is no worse sin then anything else, now having said that the gay’s do not get any more rights then the rest of us, what they do in their bedroom is their business as long as with consenting adults. They problem is they think they deserve more rights then the rest of us NO THEY DO NOT!!!  Also they do not have any rights to convince children that it is normal to be gay!!! This regime is tearing this country apart trying to keep from being a racist when the blacks in this country that voted for Obama are the biggest racist alive today as they voted for him because he was black. Because he is black our Congress,Senate, and Supreme court will NOT DO THEIR JOB AS IN CHECK AND BALANCE. Why you may ask because they do not want to be tagged as a rasict!!! Just like OJ got to brutally kill his wife because he was black and she was white.He has no experience as a business owner he knows absolutely nothing about any of the jobs as being a president much less a senator as Chicago is floundering and one of the worse states as far as being in debt. Facts speak bullshit and fantasy is bullshit and fantasy. Obama does not care about anything except himself and the the people who put him in there. Question why do the rich of this country support the democrats, socialism, communism and their destructive idealism ways? The rich feel guilty about having all that money fine house and car  ect.. so they in turn will give everything away to ease their mind especially to the poor who do not deserve it as they are lame and lazy and the rich treat them as a spoiled flake of a child who whines and pouts if they don’t get their way. What they don’t realize you have to trained to have wealth as well as be trained to be poor and most it destroys in both scenarios. Let us see is America prejudice?? Well you don’t have to look any further then The Voice as the winner is a very very talented black man who and the other three have more talent in their little finger then most of us. He was chosen out of all 4 talents and I was amazed he was chosen because of the racist bull shit being shoved down the American people’s throat just like the stupid stimulus package and health care. This regime needs to go our country has been running for over 200 years and is still the best country in the world!!! Why would any idiot want to change that???? if you do not feel that way you need to move to a country like Iran or China!!!! Go here and learn why we are here and what we are fighting go to search you tube baront70

  • Anonymous

    Hey Terry, Obama was elected because of the huge number of whites that voted for him.  As far as the gay issue, you seem to really hate gays, despite the lip service you pay the regarding their right to do what they want in their homes.

    I honestly couldn’t do more that skip your ranting comment to prevent myself from losing it.  You just another poorly educated, narrow minded bigot.  Go away.

  • Well that isn’t going to
    happen again and even the working black.Mexican,India Chineese Japanese,
    Indians, ect.. Get bit by snake once my fault get bit again just plain stupid.
    The American people always had this policy in the political arena, the game never
    changes only the players but when it comes to making us feel like a fool like
    Obama has done America will fight back as he saw last election and will see in
    the coming 🙂 He will go down as the dumbest president ever to hold the office.
    No I  am not I have 3 great friends that are Gay 2 best friends are black
    I have 2 that are Mexican have great best friend Muslim and they are all
    Americans. The gay friends, which I do not consider them in that light, as they
    do not flaunt their sexual preference one is Dr,Lawyer and professor, they do
    not spread their personal life in public light they are very professional and
    do not hang out at adult book stores.
     In fact they think it is stupid to get  married with a piece of
    paper and go under same ridiculous laws and divorce rulings that straight
    people go through and basically pay their hard earned money to State bullshit
    if it doesn’t work out, but it seems that you flamers want to separate
    yourselves from the rest and then when we say fine then you say we are gay bashers
    LOL It is just like the blacks call themselves African Americans  not
    Americans period ,when never been there!!! The Mexicans want to uphold their
    culture when Mexico is in
    distress and no one wants to live there.WTF happened to America the
    land of the free and home of the Brave???

     Cher doesn’t know anymore then any other
    star just because they are good at entertainment and we pay them MONEY to
    entertain us, doesn’t mean they know about the real world and their opinion
    means something. Ask Dixie Chicks if they want to say anything against America??? It
    is a proven fact that in transitional analysis that entertainers have a huge Child and
    are in the I WANT stage. It amazes me how many stupid people think because they
    have learned to entertain people and make money that all of the sudden they
    know about politics and the way this country should be run!!! Well how is that
    working for you???? Unemployment at it’s max govt trying to take rights away
    and our freedoms and make us prisoners in our own country!!! Stupid idiot people
    want to give this country away and think that we shouldn’t work and the idiot
    in the WH thinks that companies should hire people because he spent our money
    to train them when there is no demand and the companies are given no incentives
    to increase their bottom line. I bet he went through Harvard on welfare and
    partied all the time and told Harvard that he would get them for discrimination
    if they didn’t pass him through with flying colors!!!!  He doesn’t know
    simple Economics he thinks if you are in debt and do not have enough money to
    pay your bills then you need to spend more money and go on extravagant
    vacations and this will solve your debt problem!!!! Please Cher
    tell me how that works???


  • I’m sorry you were talking about obama and his regime that is trying to control us right???

  • I think Michele Bachmann’s Husband is a converted Gay ,He sounds Feminine…..If he can do it anyone can…….unbelievable…..

  • Ashley Valencia

    Go Cher! She kicked them Bachman bastards in the NADS!

  • Billy Kornacki

    I love Cher, and this just reinforces my love for her. 

  • Anonymous

    Stop watching Fox News and stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Your talking points are ridiculous.

  •  Umm
    1.) Your an idiot
    2.) If you hate gays and their lifestyles so much, why are you on a gay blog?
    3.)If your against gay marriage so much, do not marry someone of the same sex.
    4.) Our country is built on diversity, if you think your so pureblood american, well go back about 50-100 years and you are being immigrated either from a communist or fucked up country, and you know what, your family would be considered an illegal aliens. 
    5.)your an idiot.
    Weather you like it or not change will happen, I know your scared, you should be.  Because this change is so big your idiotic bigoted little brain could not fathom to handle.

    PS yeah you are racist.  There are clubs for you. KKK and Westboro Baptist Church.

    and a side note, go get laid, sounds like you reallllllllly need it.


  • Jarrod ‘Jay’ Hughes

    …Wow… Somebody’s got some redneck in them…

    1) Stupidest president was Dubya.
    2) Not even the most tolerant person in the world has that well-rounded a group of besties, so I call evident bullshit.
    3) Even if it wasn’t bullshit, it doesn’t mean anything. I have football-playing friends, but that doesn’t mean I’d be upset if the sport was outawed.
    4) I agree with your make-believe gay friends; marriage doesn’t mean you love each other, love does. That being said, marriage benefits are a thing of beauty that gays aren’t allowed. Take it from straight marriage, or give it to gay couples; one way or the other, things must be equalized.
    5) Most gays don’t flaunt it; you just don’t know it when somebody walks by that ISN’T gay, so you assume the flaunty ones make up the whole gay populace.
    6) I don’t get how making it where everyone is treated the same is “separating ourselves.”
    7) The land of the free and home of the brave are still here, they’re just buried under heaps of idiots like you that can’t stand when you aren’t treated better than everyone else.
    8) I agree about the entertainers not being qualified, but some of them are educated and very well-informed, neither of which seems to apply to you.
    9) That “idiot in the WH” didn’t spend the money; much of it was spent on Dubya’s war, while the majority is currently hoarded by the richest a-holes in America.
    10) People, regardless of race, drop out or fail out of college frequently; he didn’t. I take it you never went to college (community college doesn’t count) seeing as if you had, YOU would have an understanding of the economy. You would know that in economics, withholding money tanks the economy; spending it gets it in circulation, which bounces the economy up.
    11) Shut up, please. Learn what you’re talking about before said talking.

  • Jarrod ‘Jay’ Hughes

    Hmm… You’re a fan of Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, The Tea Party, Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Ronald Reagan, Mike Huckabee, CPAC, Newt Gingrich, Fox News, and Rick Santorum… Why am I not surprised?

    Man, Facebook is wonderful.