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Child With Gay Dads Writes To KIX: Why Does It Have To Say MOTHER Approved?

We dare your icy heart to not melt in your chest when you read this letter in crayon from a concerned child at the breakfast table.

kix gay dads, letter to kix, why does it say mother approved, gay kix mommy approved,

Real talk, there is a load of wisdom in this letter (and a SNAKE!). Why DOES it say Kids Tested: Mother Approved? The issue of gay marriage aside, you would think that the feminist movement would have put that slogan out with the trash sometime in the 80’s.

Whatever your religious beliefs or political convictions concerning gay marriage, hundreds of thousands of children in America are growing up in families headed by two parents of the same sex. Saying you “don’t believe” in gay marriage or that it is wrong does nothing to change this.

In the real world, Kris and many, many, many other kids sit at the breakfast table while their two dads or their two moms shuffle about preparing to drop the kids off at school and make their way to work. This is the real world. And it’s freaking adorable.

  • That is truly an awesome letter! Go Kris!!

  • Oh my gosh this is freaking cute! 

  • I awwwned like crazy while looking at this. Bravo Kris

  • My ice heart just melted a bit inside….j/k my heart’s not made of ice, it’s made of rainbows and unicorns.  Letter was insanely adorable.

  • so cute! i think he may be on to something here…

  • what about kids who even lost a mom, or a dad, or a child who has to live with grandparents, there are so many things you can add on to this

  • Oh so true! I love that this big company was just called out by a little child! I wonder how long til they change it?

  • Precious. It takes a lot for a child to stand up and call it like they see it in a letter. Good for them! btw, Loved the snake! <3

  • makes my heart LEAP when i see adorable things like this! maybe i CAN have faith in humanity?!

  • sweetxasxasphyxie

    This is wonderful.

  • sweetxasxasphyxie

    This is wonderful.

  • Blazee Blah

    that snake looks more like a penis. . .I wonder if his daddies told him to draw it on there LOL

  • Chris Smith

    If General Mills does change the slogan, how long until they get critized for being “politically correct”, de-valuing traditional general roles, and de-valuing mothers.

  • ShowMeGuy

    For the love of Harvey Milk, I hope this really was made by a child and not some grown-up working to make a point.

  • I’m sorry but this just feels coached.

  • I heart this little kid 🙂

  • Darek M

    I want to know their reply.

  • love it both for what was said, and what it could say about the next generations to follow.

  • I have a daughter, and she has 2 moms,  No her mother and I are not together,  It was just a situation where I had to raise her for awhile until her other mother was well enough to help.  Now instead of denying her my parentage as well, her birth mother and I have decided to raise her together.   We live in the same apt complex now and she floats back and forth between us.  Even though this is not a gay issue (which by the way I am, but that has nothing to do with this)  Our daughter has 2 moms and she is ok with that.  What ever happened to the old adage “It takes a village to raise a child”?

  • I’ve been involved in the gay rights movement for over 40 years, as a publicist and photographer. I happen not to be a betting man, however I’m willing to bet this is a set up. The  illustration made to look like it was done by a kid, no doubt in my mind… it wasn’t!
    I’m just glad it was about a box of Kix’s, and not FRUIT-LOOPS or TRIX’S!

  • Joey Lopez

    same thing with JIF “choosey moms choose jif” :   totally adorable, *melt*

  • Joey Lopez

    oh christ on crutches, stop giving maggie gallagher ideas! lol

  • Please observe that the e’s and s’s are the same as in the address line of the envelopes. This was definitely made by adults, but regardless an interesting message.

  • if you look closer you will see that the “Es”,  “Ss” and the “As” or not the same. It was most likely written by a child but the words are most likely an adults. 

    As a mother I’ve had issues with both the JIFF and KIX assumes that the female is the only one to really raise the kids when more and more fathers are raising the kids. be it in a male/female or male/male family. 

  • HellooooNurse!

    Obviously fake. 

  • HellooooNurse!

    Not that it matters.

  • Soooo cute :] <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    Hey, whose handwriting DOESN’T resemble that of a parent?  I’m willing to give this the benefit of the doubt.

  • Anonymous

    Not that this detracts from the point of the message of this post — I’m all for equality and whatnot — I’m just bothered by the fact about how obvious it is that a child DID NOT write this letter, hahah. It was written by someone wanting to get something off their chest, blow off some steam. I work in a place surrounded by children all day long, and the phrasing of this letter is too contemplative, too questioning for a young child. Kids tend to think more bluntly, to the point, using “I want to,” not “Could I?” — The misspellings on the letter seem a little too forced, a little too cutesy intentional. Same goes with the random (and labelled) snake doodle, and other doodles on the page. Lastly, the handwriting style shares a lot of suspicious similarities to the address on the envelope written in pen.

    It’s a good point, no doubt, but this was not written by a child. Nice to think about the sincerity and innocence of it that way, though.

  • Honeymaid

    About to get real rare Hot!gay!nerd here but that is not a snake. That is CLEARLY a Caterpie.

  • Tiffany Wilson

    the only resemblance my handwriting has to my parents if that I curl my lower case D’s like my father (and I was rarely around the guy).