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Chris Rock Defends Tracy Morgan (Until The World Freaks Out At Him Too)

chris rock defends tracy morgan
id=”attachment_8224″ Chris Rock is wearing his flippy-floppys.

By now you’ve obviously heard about Tracy Morgan threatening to stab his own son to death if he ever told his father he was gay. Morgan’s violently homophobic tirade has become international news in the days following his meltdown, refusal to apologize, and then not-good-enough apology that he was shamed into making.

But did you also read Chris Rock’s statement in defense of Morgan’s, um, threat to kill a gay child?

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Well, after the world turned their fury on Chris Rock, the comedian has changed his tune and apparently now DOES want to live in a world where “Tracy Morgan can’t say foul, inappropriate shit.

Rock, having deigned to actually read Morgan’s comments, released the following statement yesterday:

Tracy morgan is a tad off we all know that so when tracy says something i usually don’t take it anymore serious than i would a statement from gary busey or flavor flav .when i first heard the statement i thought it was offensive but it also reminded me of my father saying ill kill you if you ever bring home a white girl but after reading everything tracy said . wow i get it that shit wasn’t called for and i don’t support it at all. now can i please go to the tony awards without getting my ass kicked .

Loose lips sink ships, pal.

  • This is awesome; 10 years ago, I wonder if these people would even be apologizing. I wonder if this is progress.

  • ok, Tracy Morgan was stupid for the things he said. It’s sick and sad that he could actually feel that way. And the “apology” that he sent out is one of the funniest, albeit saddest, things he’s ever done. There is no excuse for saying he’d Stab his son to death if he were gay. CPS should come and take his child/children away from him before he ever gets that psychotic.

    That being said, We live in a country that values our rights, in fact the gay community is currently fighting to gain equal rights in this country. It would be hypocritical for us to ignore Tracy’s rights. He has the right to free speech, and the right to assembly. I don’t like what he said or how he said it anymore than any one else in the gay community, but he still has the right to say it.

    We also have the right to stop supporting him. Stop watching his shows, stop buying tickets, stop involving ourselves in anything that he has dealt with. At this point i honestly feel that we’re just giving him free publicity. We need to ice him out. Stop talking about him, Stop thinking about, stop considering him in any way. Forget Tracy Morgan ever existed. Eventually his bank account will feel it, and so will his celebrity. He’ll have no choice but to do a season of Celebrity Apprentice before he disappears for ever.

  • Anonymous

    No, Tracy Morgan shouldn’t have said what he said. Yes, Chris Rock should have read the whole thing before commenting. But I still agree with mr. Rock.

    I don’t want to live in a  world where someone isn’t aloud to say what they believe. If we lived in such a world, this blog, among many others, wouldn’t exist.

    To be clear, I don’t support what Mr. Morgan said at all, but I absolutely support his right to say it. Just like I claim the right to say he’s an insensitive, hateful ass-hat, and I won’t be attending/watching any of his shows.

  • ya i dont think what chris rock did was that bad… he didnt read it… you shouldve before he made a comment but he didnt personally say anything hateful towards gays…. so im fine with it…. maybe he will learn before he opens his mouth before making a statement tho…

  • We live in a world where we are free to offend anyone we see fit, equally if we wish. That having been said, we are also able to freak out and pitch a fit over what was said, also a right.Free Speech!! Everyone Get it!!! Look it up!!! It is in the Constitution, dumbass! Now, we all got to go all Total Postal on Tracy Morgan so some of his Dudes Came to Back him Up. They should have, however, had two brain cells to rub together to actually find out what they were defending FIRST!! There are Stupid People EVERYWHERE!! I SEE STUPID PEOPLE!!UUUGGGHHH! It happens, as do other dumb things like the KKK and other groups of hate and stupidity, we just have to wait until the progression of the Planet makes us intelligent enough to Boot these Mothefu*&ers off the Island!! The Nutz, A little Perturbed!!

  • Chris Chen

    Celebrity or not, this is a good lesson to do proper research before you take a stand on a controversial issue.

  • Anonymous

    Tracy needs to attend a Hatred Anonymous meeting and we all need to join him there.

  • Alan Motley

    Leave it alone… I am already over it… This is not news

  • we are still the only minority that it’s okay to hate. i bet tina fey makes him kiss a dude next season on 30 rock.

  • Caleb Andrew Beal

    Oy, freedom pf speech gives you the right to say whatever you want. But it does not say that I can not react. I within my right to speak against him, and to work against him. He is free to say whatever he want, but we free to take away his public forums for such langue. Speech is an action, and every hate will bring blow back. This isn’t about the freedom of speech.

  • Chris Rock is right, you should be allowed to say foul, inappropriate shit. 

    You then have to deal with the consequences of the shit that you said though…

  • why reply to it then, don’t feed the public. just a suggestion!

  • Brandon B

    I don’t see anything bad about Rock’s comments.  He was simply saying that Morgan’s sh*t WAS hateful, bigoted, whatever you wanna call it, but Morgan ALSO had the right to say it, and I don’t think ANYONE really took it seriously (except for Morgan’s son, if he even has one).  Who gives a flying f*ck what Tracy Morgan has to say about almost anything?  Why is he still relevant? He hasn’t done a single box office hit movie in YEARS, if he even has yet to do one, that is.  He left SNL almost a decade ago.  All he does now is standup, right?  Like 10,000 OTHER comedians…  Just stop paying attention to this guy!  

    I mean, he said that bigoted crap in a hall of, what, a few hundred people in LA or New York in some standup club?  FEW people outside the hall would’ve even KNOWN he had said that stuff, and America wouldn’t have to HEAR IT and make a big deal out of it if some dumba*s reporter, journalist, whatever he was DIDN’T BRING IT UP!  

    There are some things better left unsaid, if you ask me.  We DON’T have to report or pay attention to every stupid little thing a talk show host, comedian, etc. SAYS, like some Gossip Nation!  Esp. if he has little to no influence outside of his comedy.  Tracy Morgan is not a politician of any kind.  He has no power outside of comedy.  He has no ability to change laws right now and probably never will.  No one goes to him for political advice, right? Much less moral guidance.  It’s like Cenk Uygur and Keith Olbermann whining and complaining about every insane or dumb thing Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh say, which is ALMOST DAILY.  What’s the POINT?  You only ATTRACT attention to these fools and build them up more than they deserve if you keep talking about them!  STOP IT!  Just ignore them, and that’ll have a much greater positive impact on society.

  • Brandon B

    Does the media EVER exercise a little discretion?  Sometimes it’s best to just leave some things alone, like a stupid comedian who’s not that relevant anymore complaining about gays.  Bringing it up just gins up phony controversies that we DON’T NEED in this heated political climate!

  • Brandon B

    And ignoramuses will listen to these morons REGARDLESS of whether the society at-large gives them a lot of attention or none.  So the OTHER liberal argument that, “Well, we have to hold these haters accountable and tone down their rhetoric so more people realize the error of their ways and don’t take these guys seriously” just doesn’t fly.  People who listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, for example, as serious political commentators rather than the jokes they are are IRRATIONAL!  You can’t reason with them.