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Chuck Norris Picks A Fight With The Gays That He Can’t Win

gay news, gay blog, progressives, cultists, homophobia
Would you listen to a man with this haircut?

Walker, Texas Ranger Chuck Norris is internet-famous for being a badass unstoppable mofo, but it turns out that he’s also kind of a douche. Norris is speaking out today against, um…tolerance, and compares gays and those seeking equality to cultists.

“What happens when the political and public educational pendulum swings from concern for the tyranny of sectarianism in Jefferson’s day to secularism in ours? What happens when U.S. public schools become progressive indoctrination camps?

Dr. Jim Nelson Black, founder and senior policy analyst of the Sentinel Research Associates in Washington, D.C., wrote an excellent book, “Freefall of the American University.” In it, he documents the clear biases pervading our public academic settings. Among that lopsidedness is the intentional training of students to disdain America, freely experiment sexually, forcefully defend issues like abortion and homosexuality, as well as become cultural advocates for political correctness, relativism, globalization, green agendas and tolerance for all.

One of the primary ways these educative platforms are spread is by recruiting and retaining faculty members who reflect and teach them.

The impact of progressivism is being experienced by students across this land, hundreds of thousands of whom have already cried out with complaints of academic inequity.”

Indoctrination camps? Isn’t that the same argument that the Ugandan’s are using to justify their Kill The Gays Bill? Tread carefully, Norris. It’s sounding like you’ve taken one too many jumpkick’s to the skull. And is he seriously arguing that students are complaining that equality is hindering their education? Universities in America are perhaps the most tolerant places in the country. Young people simply don’t care about the sexuality of their classmates in overwhelming numbers. Norris is either misinformed or lying.

Tolerance, I suppose, is generally bad for business in Norris’ eyes. Would a world where people all got along and respected one another have need for washed up Kung Fu action stars? Who cares knows?

Who would win in a fight: Chuck Norris or the entire gay population of the world? Ding!

Via World Net Daily

  • wow i guess i can no longer respect Chuck Norris thats kinda pathetic.

  • Ariel B. Dreamfalling

    He’s obviously trapped in time because he hasn’t even changed his looks much over the decades. It seems he’s carried some backwards old school thinking along as well. Indoctrination camps? Is he really serious? Yes Chuck teaching people to be more open minded and fair is indoctrination of the worst order…….rrrriiiiiiiight! I definitely think he’s had a few too many stunt falls that used his head as the cushion. It’s kind of sad to see this kind of stupid rhetoric coming from someone like him. I figured he was someone who would be an advocate for tolerance and equality. Wow I’m going to have to watch that Bruce Lee movie he was in where he got his ass handed to him by the Dragon himself. At least I’ll get the satisfaction of watching him get his ass beat even if it is a movie fantasy. Boo on you Norris………….Boo on you………..

  • Justice Calo Reign

    Me thinks he doth protest too much! Nuff said!

  • Justice Calo Reign

    He tried to say that 6000 students leaving public schools is a mass exodus, but statistics are showing that there are more people enrolling in public school than ever before. As we all know from Fox News, when you’re speaking to the uneducated masses you don’t have to fact check, but only have to appeal to their base emotions… Justin Bieber should really consider distancing himself from Chucky poo!

  • Cory Ledet

    it could be his next action movie , instead of fighting crime with his lethal moves and cool one liners . He could be drop kicking the gay right out of his arch enemy Dr. fairy dust … hahahahaha he is such a looser now , i just lost all respect for him

  • Kelly González

    Screw you, Chuck. You’re a fool.

  • Ashley Valencia

    This just goes to prove that which I’ve always claimed – Chuck Norris is an idiotic douche.

  • Sadie

    Wow. Wasn’t he like … twenty, maybe, even thirty years ago? It looks like someone wants a boost to fame again! Pathetic! So pathetic.

  • Richard

    I always preferred Steven segall anyhow

  • We already got one warlock wanna be Charlie Sheen go back to you cave Chuck who needs you

  • It’s too bad, given that he has a mixed bag of respect (and joking respect, courtesy of the 3-billion Chuck Norris jokes out there, give or take a few of course), that he decided this type of message is the one he wants to send to his fans.

    I mean, seriously… indoctrination camps? Isn’t the brainwashing argument so 80s? Wait… that’s right, that’s where he still is, clearly. Maybe someone should remind him that we’re now in the year 2011, and that this kind of homophobic behavior is no longer socially acceptable.

    Well, unless you’re working for Faux News. Maybe he’s trying to make some money by becoming one of their celebrity consultants?