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This Porn Star’s Bizarre Rant About His Sexuality Is the Strangest Thing You’ll Watch This Year

Cliff Jensen, a gay porn star who just made a comeback last week, took to social media to share his thoughts on sexuality.

Here is what Cliff Jensen had to say:

“Man, what’s up everybody? So I just wanted to do a quick video. I just got asked again about my orientation, right? This happens all the time. I understand. A bit of confusion. You know, people don’t know what’s going on. Let me run my little concept by you guys. I don’t go by this whole gay, straight, bi, whatever. Shit just ain’t that simple right?

Check this out. Hypothetically, pay no attention to the god damn hand bar holes. So check it out. Hypothetically and you and me are both straight. Alright? You love fat bitches. You love the shit out of some fat bitches. Me on the other hand, I hate fat bitches. Hypothetically, hate them. I love feet. Love the shit out of feet. I mean… just give me a mother fucking foot. You hate feet. We’re both straight but you can’t do nothing without a fat bitch and I can’t do nothing without feet. You and me don’t vibe at all. You and I aren’t at all on the same wave length. We cannot hang out together. I can’t invite you to come and flip my wife with me. Because she has some big ass mother-fucking feet and she is skinny as a bitch. And you just don’t like that shit.

So all this gay, straight, whatever you know I have what I like. When I go hunting, I go out after what I go after. All these titles, the gay straight stuff, that shit don’t work anymore. That’s back in the 80s’ and shit. When times were simple. [Takes a hit from a giant bong] I love fat bitches and feet!

And here’s us:

We think we like the overall thesis of Jensen’s narrative — that labeling has become a tedious pastime — but we’re not sure anything he says actually make sense, particularly his “fat bitches” and “feet” analogy. Then again, he’s probably high AF. Next time he decides to hit a giant bong, he should probably also lock his phone away.

Watch the Cliff Jensen sexuality dissertation for yourself right here:

  • Fairy Larry

    Does he suck dick? Cause if he sucks dick his orientation ain’t straight …just sayin’

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    It actually makes so much sense. He’s basically saying that labeling and stereotyping is archaic (and he is right!) he’s saying you can like whatever you like without having to need to describe yourself, identify yourself according to society’s limits. He’s saying one day you can like something and then maybe you like something else later and you don’t have to apologize or have to offer an explanation for who you are. Nowadays everyone is trying to categorize everything if you like boys and girls bisexual if you like boys and girls pansexual(?) if you like boys and girls: sexually fluid (I mean come on!) no one? asexual if you like this this-sexual if you like that that-sexual… So, why do we need these? You gotta try again unicornbooty.

  • stephan

    Nope, sorry. Everyone gets that what he’s *trying* to say. But his analogy makes zero sense. As in, none at all.

  • Aridianwolfe

    To you maybe, I got what he was trying to say, although I’m used to translating high people.

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    If something makes zero sense how are you claiming that everyone gets it? And if everyone gets what he says how is it making zero sense? *insert Confused Nick meme pic*

    Long story short: He used words to convey his thoughts, and we understood.

  • New Year 1080p

    Foot and fat fetishes don’t get you murdered the way loving people of your gender does. The analogy is disingenuous and tone-deaf.

  • Tony Tigerman

    I love Cliff Jensen and I adore his videos. No one can fuck like him. The man fucks like a jackhammer with that horse cock of his. He has beautiful feet and a gorgeous body. I don’t care what his orientation is, the man is really hot and fun to watch. I hope he works in the business for a very long time, I don’t care if he fucks men or women, either is fine with me as long as I can see his sexy ass and big dick in action.

  • Jerid Richardson

    not everybody is into every genders body parts though. I mean if thats you and theres no label or your pansexual or whatever cool but people aren’t backwards for being gay, bi, straight or whoever THEY are.