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Gay Porn Star Colby Keller Tries to Clarify: ‘I Don’t Support Trump, But I Did Vote for Him’

Colby Keller sat down with web personality Chris Baker for a question and answer video. A lot of questions were about Keller’s support for Donald Trump.

Keller voted for Trump to destabilize the political system. He said in an interview with Mel Magazine, “Hillary Clinton would have been four more years of Barack Obama, continuing all of the horrible neoliberal policies of the Bush administration and of her husband  —  policies that have bankrupted the American people and people around the world.”

In the new video on Baker’s YouTube channel, Keller attempts to clarify that while he voted for Trump he doesn’t actually support him. Huh?

“I’m not liberal at all,” he says. “I’m very far to the left. The problem is that the liberals aren’t to the left. People think that they are. That’s the problem.

Keller continues: “I’m a communist.”

Baker: “So that explains…I guess people were confused maybe that you supported Trump or what he said or whatever the Republicans did to latch on to him.”

“I think the problem is that I don’t support Trump,” Keller says. ” I did vote for Trump. That’s the distinction.”

We’re confused more now than ever before!

When asked if he is going to do any countries after his successful adult art project Colby Does America, he says he’s not sure.

“I’ve kind of blown my social capital wad,” he says, “so I don’t know if it’s possible at this time. But maybe. Maybe in the future people will learn to forgive me.”

Baker suggests that despite the critics, there is still an outpouring of love for Keller: “I have noticed there is still a ton of love out there for you.”

But don’t worry, after all the mumbo jumbo political banter, the two get shirtless at 13:40 into the video.

Watch their confusing convo here:


    hes a porn star-the very bottom of ooze and ignorance – no one expects logical, intelligent discourse!!

  • aagold76 .

    not buying it- you vote for Trump- you are dead to me- whatever lame reason you decided to, to bad! AND- I won’t support those (Chirs) who try to help a guy like Colby win back fans. That’s what this is about- his offers/income are dwindling. W

  • aagold76 .

    He’s blocking people on twitter who have issues with his PR campaign on behalf of Colby. What a jerk!!!

  • Brandon Joseph

    If you voted for him you support him. His logic is stupid.