sensis, condoms, quickstrips r. beau thompson

Condoms Are Getting A ‘Quick Application’ Makeover

sensis, condoms, quickstrips r. beau thompson
Condoms, they are a changin'.

Florida-based Grove Medical LLC thinks putting on a condom just takes too damn long. The company is hoping that you agree as they roll out their newest creation, Sensis Condoms with QuickStrips.

Our first impression is that these condoms sound more like teeth-whitening products, but we’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

R. Beau Thompson patented Sensis’ (Sensi? Senei? Sensisesese’s’ses’?) application strips after a particularly frustrating bout of what we can only imagine is condom-induced boner fail, though he prefers to call it a “frustrating interlude with a female sexual partner.” Same thing, bro. While Thompson himself is straight, he’s marketing his product to the gays – a $250 million market.

“I think some of the research and anecdotal information I have heard about shows that, outside of condoms not being available at the moment of having sex, sometimes it becomes difficult to negotiate for a variety of reasons, whether because of drug taking or just lack of skill in putting it on,” said Ernest Hopkins, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s legislative director.

It is a problem health officials have had to contend with in promoting the “condom code.” Without a cure for AIDS or an effective HIV vaccine, the best weapon of choice in the fight against AIDS remains a simple see-through piece of latex.

With condoms the best defense against a multitude of STDs, they are likely here to stay for the foreseeable future.

“You will always need some sort of sheet, always need some sort of physical barrier,” said Thompson. “We are trying to make a difference and to make the experience better so you don’t interrupt the moment when putting on a condom.” 

QuickStrips are pretty much the biggest change to happen to condoms since we stopped making them out of animal guts. We’re going to have to see these QuickStrips before making a final judgement on the subject. Do people really have that much trouble putting on condoms? This is news to us.

Any volunteers for some field research?

(via Bay Area Reporter)

  • Anonymous

    Just when I was getting good at putting them on with one hand

  • Anonymous

    Just when I was getting good at putting them on with one hand

  • Anonymous

    they are more difficult than a regular condom; instead of rolling it on, you are busy fighting those dawn strips!  trust me on this one.

  • If you arent intelligent enough to work a condom, you arent intelligent enough for sex and shouldnt legally be allowed to add to the gene pool -.-;

  • Matthew Marvin

    I don’t think the problem lies with putting them on, I believe it may be because condoms cut down on sensation …

  • I don’t think it’s so much the getting it on but getting the damn package open with lubey fingers that are in a big boner-saving hurry. Is an easier to open quickly package too much to ask?

  • Christopher Marcacci

    Doesn’t anybody else remember this one from like 4 years ago?

  • Heather Zastawnik

    I think female condoms look harder to put on than those.

  • but they’re fun to help women put on!