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Is ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Character Connor Walsh a Modern-Day Dorian Gray?

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Many queer people started watching How to Get Away With Murder because of Jack Falahee’s portrayal of Connor Walsh. Some people even want to be him. But what kind of person is he? And should we really want to emulate him?

How to Get Away With Murder is a popular suspense-driven legal thriller currently airing on ABC. It’s about a cold-hearted criminal defense professor and five ambitious law students who get wrapped up in a murder. Connor is one of the five, a sexy, arrogant gay student living a perfect life — or at least what looks like one — with lots of sex and little responsibility.

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In Season 1, he’s a bright example of the hedonist lifestyle. Every gay guy wanted to be like him; after all, who doesn’t love sex and hate responsibility? Especially given how he stays just as picture-perfect handsome as he ever has, no matter what he does. He’s a bit reminiscent of Oscar Wilde’s famous character Dorian Gray.

Show creators Peter Nowak and Shonda Rhimes are using Connor in the same way Wilde used his character. How to Get Away With Murder may look like it’s glorifying decadence on the surface, but much like The Portrait of Dorian Gray, the show illustrates how that kind of life will only make you happy in the (very) short term.

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Unlike Dorian Gray, however, by Season 4 of How to Get Away With Murder, Connor finds the way out. Once he connects with Oliver Hampton (played by Conrad Ricamora), Connor becomes a different person. A much happier person.

Sure, hedonism is fun at first, but sooner or later, we realize what actually matters. Thankfully, our favorite law student did. It’d be disappointing if he ended up like Dorian Gray.

Even if you’re not a fan of TV crime shows, you’ll love Connor Walsh. Not only is he one of the sexiest characters on TV, he may even be a modern — and better — version of Dorian Gray.


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  • StudioTodd

    I tried to like this show, but the suspension of disbelief required to watch it without straining my eyes from rolling too hard made it impossible. The law does not work the way it is depicted in this show. God help us all if it did.

  • Alfred Verhoeven

    We made our way, barely, through Season 1, but had to stop watching the 2nd season because it has such a high irritation factor. They went over the top (twice) with their innuendos, incredibilities and most of all, the uberbitchiness of Ms. Professor.