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Conservatives: Stop Saying ‘Gay’ and Use ‘Sodomy’ Instead

In a bid to “control public opinion,” anti-gay, right-wing activist Ryan Sorba, of the California Young Republicans, is encouraging conservatives to stop using the word “gay” and instead speak of “sodomy” in public. Sorba says this semantic change will allow conservatives to deny gays their identity and to redefine the debate.

Speaking at a conference called “The Awakening” at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, Sorba said:

Stop using the word ‘gay.’ Because, if we give them this term that is grounded in an identity we’re giving – we’re conceding that to the premise that it is an identity and the rest of the debate we’re on their ground — we’re on their terms.

He who defines the terms controls the debate, and by extension, public opinion. What we need to do is state that this is same-sex attraction, or maybe the engage in same-sex intercourse, or sodomy — whatever word you’re comfortable using.

The American Independent posted this video from the panel:

By separating identity from sexuality, does Soba believes this will ‘gross out’ enough people to get them on their side? Sorba is actually missing the point – yes, there is a “queer identity,” but, as we reported last week, there are actually far more people who have had same-sex attractions than identify as gay. This means that talking about “same-sex attraction,” “same-sex intercourse,” or “sodomy” actually refers to more people than just talking about those who identify as gay!

Therefore Sorba is actually encouraging his conservative cronies to use terms that apply to an even larger portion of the population, likely encouraging more people to consider the implications of conservative beliefs on their private lives. People that might have had same-sex experiences, but do not identify as gay, are not necessarily active when it comes to “gay issues” such as same-sex marriage. However, legislating attraction and private sexual activity is far more broad than just a gay identity.

anti-gay, gay blog, gay news
Brian Sorba: "Gay is not an identity."

“Gay identity does not exist,” Sorba says during the panel. ” ‘Gay’ is a left-wing socio-political construct designed to create grounds for fundamental rights [based on] whimsical capricious desires.”

There is nothing whimsical about my love for my partner, Mr. Sorba, and there is certainly nothing capricious about my desire right to marry the person that I choose. Although I should hardly be taking relationship advice from a man who has a restraining order against him for domestic violence!

Regardless of how silly I find this semantical argument, I am pleased that the right-wing continues to be so polarizing when it comes to social issues. I have complete faith in the intelligence of the moderates of this country, and I know that the radicalization of conservative politics is just not going to fly with them.

With arguments like rebranding gays as “anti-Christian” and sinning sodomites, the right wing is moving closer to neo-fascism – um, remember Hitler’s pink triangles? – and we must continue to call them out for this terrible and hateful behavior. Like when Sorba was booed offstage at Smith College where he was to speak on his book The Born Gay Hoax!

More convoluted semantics about “natural law” and sex organs from Ryan Sorba:

(via the American Independent)

Do you think that “rebranding” gays as sodomites will affect how people view the gay community?

  • Richard

    Polls clearly show that asking for “gay rights” or “homosexual rights” yield different results. People have an aversion to the word “homosexual” for some reason.

    The questionnaire the Pentagon put out regarding DADT repeal asked whether military personnel would be okay with “gays and lesbians” in their troops and in another question “homosexuals”, and the two questions often generated completely different responses from the same people. Hopefully Mr Sorba doesn’t find some new buzz word that actually does work in the way he wishes.

  • I can’t believe these are grown ‘adults’ sitting around tables having discussions.

  • everyone thinks they can think for “GOD”….that is funny and a contridiction to what they all say

  • the sexual organ also relieves the bladder

  • how does he know Lincoln was not gay was he there too

  • Mark

    I wonder if rebranding “Republicans” as “neo-fascists” will affect how people view the conservative community?

    Actually, I think the neo-fascists (excuse me, “the Republicans”) are doing a pretty good job rebranding themselves as neo-fascists without anybody’s help.

  • Gloria Hole

    What a WANKER. Stop saying “Ryan Sorba” and use “Medieval Idiot” instead, that comes down to facts and all :X

  • Eric Smith

    He looks just like some guy that blew me in an airport bathroom in L.A. a few years back…

  • You’re kidding. So how about we use “Bumbling idiot” as another term for Ryan Sor-whatshisface. Sore ass? I think he’s butthurt. >_>” I swear. You need to just give us our equality and stop being so DANG judgmental and trying to shove stuff down our throats. I don’t care what you call it.Gay/Homosexual/Buttsecks Rights. As long as I can step outside without the fear of knowing that if I get attacked, something won’t be done about it. Not that it will be just swept under the rug. I’m human, and we’re all human. So let’s start referring to ourselves as such.

  • How many straight guys have you ever heard say, “Bring it.”?

  • Rachel

    I’m flattered, Mr. Sorba, but I know many het couples who have more anal sex than my girlfriend and I. And I know some gay men (who I’m assuming you were referring to, rather than us lesbians, who never seem to count for anything) who don’t have anal sex at all! What now, eh?

  • bobbyjoeguy

    He says that a marriage is “a male and female come together and they form a new human being”… last time i checked two people can have a child without being married and two people who are married don’t always have children. This guy uses big words and ideas but his common sense is severely lacking.

  • Gus Anderson

    Too bad the real original definition for the word *sodomite*….was to mean a greedy, self-serving person who had no compassion for others…..which was why Sodom was destroyed in the first place. So let the republinazi goons try to rename the gays with some other word….a rose by any other name doeth smell as sweet.

  • Gus Anderson

    The word *homosexual* has the word *sex* in it….and SEX freaks out Americans for some odd reason.

  • Lets change the term from “conservative” to “ass backward bigots” He obviously hasn’t done anything west of missionary.

  • Richard

    Sodom was destroyed in the Bible for poor hospitality after Sodomites RAPED AN ANGEL.

  • Linda

    It’s amazing how ignorant of their own religion so many Christian Republicans are. If they bothered to do any research at all into the Bible instead of vomiting back what their preachers parrot at them, they would know that in the original Hebrew, the sin of Sodom was not homosexuality, it was rape, violence, and treating others as less than themselves. So, ironically, the bigots who would make us second-class citizens are the true Sodomites.

  • Actually, the townsfolk wanted to have sex with the angels, but the man housing them (Lot) gave them his virgin daughters in their stead. That was why Sodom was destroyed. People like to take the story and make it about gays leading to destruction, but the only sex that occurred was heterosexual sex…

    Either way, it’s horse-shit and shouldn’t be submitted as evidence.

  • Amy Cain Newsom

    people like him make me sick!!!!!

  • Emily Phillips

    We only don’t count because our porn is so universal! Hetero-normative men love soulless naked women pretending to enjoy each other way more than soulless naked men.

  • TC Wilson

  • Justice Calo Reign

    Gay’ is a left-wing socio-political construct designed to create grounds for fundamental rights [based on] whimsical capricious desires.”

    Race is just as much of a socio-political construct. hate-mongers are tiresome.

  • Anonymous

    You know i think that its real funny that some of the same people that have fought so hard to get God out of schools, court houses and other public affairs are the same ones that think God has nothing better to do or care about, then who I am having sex with. I also agree with some of the other comments that were left in saying that, last time I checked we were all HUMAN and we should all be treated as such. If one couple cant get married or get health insurance or survivor benfits then NO one should have that right. Its funny that America is supposed to be the Home of the free. If that were truly the case then there would be no need for all this debate. But then leave it to politicians to find more creative ways to waste money rather then taking care of some of the countrys real problems. But then who am I to have any kind of oppinion on all this.
    OH YEAH!!! I am a tax paying red blooded citizen of the United States of America.
    PS. Also funny that some people forget we are supposed to be UNITED as a country for the betterment of EVERYONE!.

  • Anonymous

    I’m an out, proud, sodomite. Next issue!

  • Amy Cain Newsom

    somewhere in all this he says the end of sex ought to be procreation so I guess old married couples of whom the wife has past menopause should immediately cease to ever have sex again!!

  • Ashley Valencia

    yeah because “sodomy” is EONS more appropriate than “gay”. you see that right?

  • Jeremy Cantrell

    remember when they were sane?