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Corbin Fisher Calls Gay Teens “Thieving Little Shits”; Lies About Charitable Donations

corbin fisher, unicorn booty, gay blog, gay news, lawsuit
Corbin Fisher wants your cash.

Another day, another foot in Corbin Fisher’s mouth. On today’s list of causes for concern, CF’s lawyer refers to gay teens as “thieving little shits” and says the company is perfectly OK with causing them harm, as well as completely making up a story about hundred of thousands of dollars in charitable donations to LGBT non-profits.

After receiving a letter from the porn studio’s legal counsel yesterday that called the company’s threat to closeted teens “laughable”, we encouraged our readers to tell the studio how they felt about the ongoing threat to sue 40,000 downloaders via IP address. The emails you forwarded back to us are shocking.

—– Forwarded Message —- From: General Counsel To: Vixen Valencia Sent: Mon, February 21, 2011 4:05:07 PM Subject: Re: A Concerned Parent of A Gay Teen

Perhaps you should check your facts. Liberty Media produces straight content too. So any thieving little shit who gets caught can very easily lie to his parents that he was looking at straight porn.

Problem solved.

Go find another hobby.

—– Original Message —- From: General Counsel To: Dylan Elkhart Sent: Mon, February 21, 2011 4:02:47 PM Subject: Re: Lawsuits …

You wrote: “The actions your company are making will have extensive, damaging consequences in the months and years to come.”

We hope so. That is the point. We hope to have extensive, damaging consequences visited upon people who steal our content. Of course, they can pretty easily minimize those consequences by accepting our amnesty offer. We have had hundreds of inquiries, and all those people are sleeping soundly tonight.

Furthermore, once this myth of the “gay teen crisis” arose, we actually did give a shit. We gave a shit enough to consult with a nationally-known sex therapist about it. We had him second guess our actions and we asked him for his honest opinion as to whether we were possibly creating such a problem. His answer – that if we bring in all the possible co-factors, this might cause “acting-out-behavior” in 1 in 100,000 people. So, lets take our 40,000 potential defendants. Lets cut that to how many are possibly closeted. Half? So now its 1 in 20,000. How many are teenagers? 1/4? Now we’re down to 5,000 teenagers — and I think that is a generous number, at best. How many of them are closeted? Half? Now, 2500. How many of them are from families that won’t be supportive? Half? 1250. How many of them are even possibly on the verge of doing something negative to themselves? 500? I think all these numbers are pretty generous to your “think of the children” meme. But, I don’t have a degree in math… if you have a 1 in 100,000 chance of a negative event, and there are 500 potential subjects, what is the percentage chance of a negative event?

We’re going to interrupt here because we know the answer. ANY CHANCE. Any chance is too high. Even one is too high. Carry on.

So, if we out anybody, I’m really not concerned about it. Despite that fact, I *have* been contacted by people afraid of being outed. We have dealt with those people with sensitivity and compassion.

Sorry. Me again. Has there been anything this man has said that convinced you that he is even capable of sensitivity and compassion, let alone a practitioner of it?

I have allowed them every courtesy I could, and have offered to support virtually any lie they want me to support (for example, they were looking at Corbins Coeds). Nobody has ever taken me up on that offer.

If we “generate bad publicity,” so be it. There is no such thing. In fact, every time a blogger repeats this “gay teens suicide” meme / fairy tale, they help our cause. For that, I thank you on behalf of the company. Please feel free to forward this conversation to anyone you like. Our position is reasoned, thought through, and we stand behind it. I hardly think you waving your arms and yelling “oh look, Corbin Fisher’s lawyer think’s I’m an uneducated moron” will do much to harm this company. Ever since we started our crackdown, our paid memberships have risen sharply. Meanwhile, our content has been much more difficult to find online. In the meantime, we have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements — and the majority of it was given away to Equality Florida and Equality California — groups that actually know a thing or two about what you’re merely ranting about.

Good luck with your tantrum. It won’t get you far.

Hundred of thousands of dollar, eh? Just twelve days ago Mr. Randazza told The Advocate that just 20 people took Corbin Fisher up on their offer of a $1000 amnesty agreement not to be sued. It’s either been an extremely lucrative week and a half for Corbin Fisher, or Mr. Randazza is exaggerating to someone.

With that said, I contacted Equality Florida today to discuss the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Corbin Fisher and parent company Liberty Media claim to have made to the organization. A representative for the non-profit LGBT organization told me, “I’ve never heard of them.”


***UPDATE*** Corbin Fisher has released a blanket statement claiming they are “liberating” gays by outing them!

  • So, they are dead-set on ruining themselves…

    Or they are troll’n us.

  • This is increasingly irritating me…clearly these numbers are just as fabricated as the stories will be coming from gay teens nervously explaining that they were viewing straight porn…The simple fact that these people a heartless enough to even speak that they couldn’t care less about any teen in general killing themselves is an outrage…smh karma is going to rape them with a rusty pipe previously used to beat them with…

  • What a group of lying so and so’s.

    I think what jumped out most to me was his assessment that halving the number each time would be a fair and just approximation. The only thing generous about anything he said is that statement. He vastly underestimates the number of closeted people looking at gay porn… if anyone is uneducated it’s this gorilla of a lawyer.

  • Anonymous

    And to think I used to have a bit of respect for Randazza’s legal work with the Electronic Frontier Foundation on behalf of free speech. Seeing his disgusting attitude here wipes all that out.

  • Speaking of, check this post from Queerty and look at one of the most frequent repliers… hmmmmmmmm:

  • Agenda much, BJ? Ha! I wonder why he just doesn’t fess up to who he is really!

  • Yeah, it is amazing to see that this man has actually been a tireless advocate of free speech. While we do not deny him his right to free speech, having just a shred of dignity and decorum would have made this situation far less obscene!

  • The beauty about Randazza is that he is, himself, building the meme!

  • M, These are actually really good points. We spoke with two employees of Equality Florida today, who told us the company had not made donations. We’ll definitely keep digging. Thanks so much for the info!

  • Anonymous

    it’s ironic that he is calling other people uneducated because apparently he has no idea what a “meme” really is. No, it is not just any thing that happens on the internet. ugh.

  • I give CF props for donating to Equality Florida. However, two things that CF said in its emails seem like complete bullshit. First, CF could not “cover” for an outed teen by telling the kid’s parents that the kid was looking at straight videos. CF will have to allege the specific video that it is claiming was infringed. It will have to make this allegation in writing in its complaint filed with the court and it cannot be a lie. So an outed kid *will* be linked to the videos he was actually downloading.

    Second, I can’t fathom how the “therapist” CF consulted could make a statistical prediction of the impact of outing on the gay teens who might get caught in CF’s suits. How would you even begin to derive the 1 in 100,000 statistic and how could this therapist, presumably with no training in statistics, do it on the spot w/o the benefit of any statistical models? The whole thing sounds like BS. You should ask them if you could interview that therapist. If this person exists and rendered that opinion, CF should be happy to let you talk to him.

  • I actually think CF had very good points. Firstly, they didn’t call Gays “thieving little shits” they called anyone who got caught illegally downloading their porn “thieving little shits”. Your headline was very misleading. Secondly, they talked to that sex therapist once they realized they might be harming teens, and found out it was very statistically unlikely. Thirdly, they offered to lie for the teens! This is one of the biggest points this article skipped over. The teens are being sued for watching porn, not watching specifically gay porn and CF is willing to lie and say that they were just watching straight porn, so what’s the big deal?

    Lastly, and most importantly, all of the people being sued were downloading porn illegally. When you download anything illegally, you run the risk of being caught and sued. That is the person’s own fault and shouldn’t be blamed on CF. He has every right to sue people caught downloading his content illegally.

  • Sonic

    This guy is a JACKASS!!! Will people PLEASE boycott this studio? Really people, there are thousands of other sites out there offering the exact same thing. Boycott CorbinFisher PLEASE! Stop giving them money!

  • Anonymous

    This guy and tbe whole Corbin den are douchebags. Boycott them.

  • You make good points. If the teen seeks out CF for the amnesty deal, then sure I guess it would be possible for CF to cover and say that it was all about str8 porn. Of course, if an actual closeted gay teen called the offices of CF begging to settle w/o letting his parents know, I would hope that CF would at that point decide that it had made its point, give the kid a scolding and let it drop.

    Anyways, I thought that CF was saying that it would cover for teens that they sue, and I just can’t see how that could be true.

    On the suicide thing, I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to say that it will be pretty traumatizing for a closeted teen to be outed to his parents by a gay porn company, while being served with a public court filing that links his name to “Josh’s First Anal”. Even if it didn’t lead to suicide, it would be one more trauma that a gay kid would have to go through when he prolly goes through enough shit already.

    I am not defending or justifying their downloading. I just think that gay adults have a special obligation to gay youth. That means doing what they can to get them through to adulthood with as few scars as possible. CF should find some means to screen out the teens before any suits are filed and to and treat them differently. Besides, they wouldn’t have any money anyway.

  • Troy Davidson

    Corbin Fisher better get their act together, or we won’t watch their stuff anymore.

  • m

    hm well FYI on corbinfisher’s own website they had an interview with the executive of Equality Florida (Nadine Smith) who talked about the donations and other work they were doing for her. So it’s possible, if you called Equality Florida, you just talked to some receptionist who is unfamiliar with things? I hardly doubt they had a fake interview. If you just Google “nadine smith equality florida” you can see all sorts of articles that mention her. And she was the one interviewed on the CF website (in Pete’s Attic).

    She’s also quoted in articles about CF donations to Equality Florida.

    But anyways. That point deserved to be brought up. I was a member of CF and listened to that interview. Not a member anymore tho. So I hardly think they made that up.

    Also, UnicornBooty, I’m not defending the lawyers comments but I also think you’re wrong about the settlements/donations part. He mentions “In the meantime, we have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements”. That doesnt mean hes talking about just these 20 amnesty things. There are all sorts of articles online about CF getting settlements from others (people stealing off ebay, some webistes they got shut down and other torrent cases). So he could eb talking about all of those settlements and not just this amnesty stuff. from looking at all those articles it does seem they’ve collected more money than just whatever they got from these 20 people.

  • m

    OK I was lookin for the interview on my hard drive but couldn’t find it. Listened to it when it first came out and that was it. But it was the one that went up September 9th of last year. There were 2 people from the organization in the interview (Nadine Smith and a man whose name I don’t remember) and they talked about the organization, the donations, and other stuff CF does for them. maybe they donated under an alias or something? or maybe under the name of an executive? hell maybe they even have a foundation that does it. but i hardly think they made all this up. having a whole fake interview and actors and actresses pretending to be officials in an organization that really exists is a bit of a stretch lol. plus quotes in other articles that mention the donations.

  • branni

    The way I see it, CF isn’t really all that great anyways. Just a bunch of snobby tarts who think that suing is the new profit margin. Really? Does everyone have to sue just to stop a little piracy? Sounds like to me someone needs to come up with a much better marketing strategy and then maybe they won’t have to get into this ordeal. It’s also very unprofessional of them to use profanity in letters to fans or people with concerns (even if the fan sent a nasty e-mail) and for that; it obviously shows that they are not a company with any professionalism. However, it’s porn right? Porn was never really a professional job choice if you ask me and really; who gives a crud about CF anyways? I don’t. Are they helping The Trevor Project? or even the It Gets Better project? Do they truly give a crap about their LGBT community or are they sucking those bank accounts dry? Personally, I say boycott their butts and be done with it. You want porn; go to xtube or something. Plain and simple.

  • Sonic

    I could just imagine their “It Gets Better” video. It would go something like “Did you just get outted because we informed your parents that you’ve been downloading gay porn and now you want to kill yourself? Well, remember, it gets better. After you pay us $25,000, it gets better.”

  • Adam Young

    Equality Florida is lying. The executive director of that organization was interviewed on the Corbin Fisher website.

    To quote her: “We’re grateful that Corbin Fisher continues to support our efforts to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity,” said Nadine Smith, executive director for Equality Florida. “They have invested deeply in our work of educating and mobilizing fair-minded Floridians who believe in the values of equality and justice.¨

    I find it appaling that an organization that is supposedly for the well-being of the LGBT community (and specially the at-risk gay teens) would accept extortion money (if you want I’ll send you a copy of the legal ¨contract¨ Corbin Fisher’s representatives are sending those who want to settle) and then would lie about accepting it.

    They should be brought to task and made public about it. They should renounce any association with Corbin Fisher (and other companies) if they really don’t want to look like hypocrites.

    Please I beg Unicornbooty/Kevin Farrell keep digging and make this public. The life of at-risk teenagers (and closeted gay men) is what’s in play here.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you’re completely missing the point.
    In the example you give, the fact that he is gay is irrelevant and would not have to be brought to light. But this is gay porn they’re getting sued for, so it’s obviously going to be mentioned to parents, or the parents are going to know. Imagine you’re a gay 14 year old living in an ultra-conservative family. Now imagine Corbin Fisher outed you to them. They react terribly and turn on you. With no ability to get out of the situation, feeling all alone, you kill yourself.
    In my eyes, that makes this a case of disgusting neglect by this company that they’re prepared to just let this happen, and you condoning their actions makes you just as disgusting.

  • Sonic

    E-mail Equality Florida and tell them CorbinFisher will be adding to the gay teen suicide rate

  • Sonic

    and they don’t care

  • Sonic

    and they don’t care

  • Sonic

    I think this e-mail could be used as evidence in a trail that this lawyer is willing out and out “lie” when concerning this case.

    I also believe it was a lie that they ever consulted a therapist. When has there ever been a situation where a teenager was outted by gay porn company suing them? When has that ever happened before? The level of anger by parents will be much greater because they’re being SUED! This is not an ordinary outting. So there is no predicting how many teens will kill themselves over this. But you can BET a suicide WILL happen!

  • m

    sheesh why does everyone ahve to draw the most dramatic conclusion. maybe the person UnicornBooty talked to just wasnt aware or doesnt know. maybe theyre just the person that answers the phone. maybe its a goodsized organzation and not everyone knows what everyone else does. it doesnt mean theyre trying to hide from anything.

  • Sonic

    Equality Florida has a “report discrimination” link at the top of its homepage. I do view this discrimination because Corbin Fisher has left no way for teenagers to get out of this since they don’t have $1,900 and can’t simply ask their parents for the money without outting themselves.

    I urge everybody to report this to Equality Florida. There is even a box you can check at the bottom where they ask if you would like them to contact a GLBT attorney. It could really help these kids out if people wrote to them and they got involved.

  • m

    ya brian i was wonderin about that too. i guess for the amnesty part the straight videos thing would work. in court probably not so much cuz at some point there’d have to be evidence right? idk how that works tho.

    as for the statistics who knows. maybe based on the general likelihood of a teenager to commit suicide? its actually not all that common. i mean i think its also fair to ask why anyone such as unicornbooty can even say theres any possibility at all. at the end of the day its all just guessing. i see people here saying they r for sure gonna end up makin people commit suicide and thats kind of an unfair statement also.

    its easy to say “any chance is too high’ but that’d also justify making all porn illegal or even making gay sex illegal in the first place or making unmarried sex illegal because everything has “any chance, any chance” of causing harm. oral sex might give u cancer. should it be illegal? lol. or if u know someone out there is having oral sex without a condom on are u gonna call him an asshole for giving people cancer? =

    theres “any chance” of a lotta things but it doesn’t mean its fair to judge anyone based off it. so i think if we r gonna accuse someone of causing suicides they should also be required to back up their statements with some facts.

  • m

    BTW im not tryin to defend CF here. peopel can make up their own mind. but what i dont think people should now start ripping on equality florida. now ur just getting carried away.

    thats just being hypocritical. i bet you that equality florida has saved gay teens lives before. i bet you they are really helping.

    so, to quote unicorn booty, if there is “ANY CHANCE” they have helped young gay people and helped save a single life (and if theres “ANY CHANCE” money they got from CF helped them do that) then u should quit complaining. what if u demand they give back any money they might have gotten and as a result have to cut back on programs that help gay youth and as a result one of em kills themselves. are you gonna accept the blame for that? no. so duh. quit trying to drag them in to it. “ANY CHANCE” works both ways.

  • m

    lol… ok um… u ask urself here “When has there ever been a situation where a teenager was outted by gay porn company suing them? When has that ever happened before?” idk if there ever has been one but ur saying there hasnt and then also saying its guaranteed it’ll happen now. thats kinda contradicting urself. how can u BET a suicide WILL happen when its never happened before in any other gay porn lawsuit cases?! not even an outing!

    im all for agreeing theres a “possibility” (personally i think its a super super small one). but i don’t think u or anyone else can say it WILL happen or guarantee it. plus ur admitting right there that its never ever happened before and we’ve never even seen a gay teen get outed in a lawsuit before so how can we be 100% for sure its gonna happen now?!!

    saying “its possible” or saying “theres a risk and any risk is too great” is fine. but if ur gonna say “you can BET a suicide WILL happen” well then u just lost me

  • m

    gawwwd ok here’s my suggestion… if you start wasting equality floridas time with this, you might end up causing a teenagers death because they spent resources and time dealing with you instead of on real things. this is not the kinda discrimination they deal with. and its not really even discrimination. spend ur time focused on corbinfisher if u have a problem with what they’re doing but now ur just getting carried away. if there is “ANY CHANCE” that u end up wasting so much of equality floridas time that a single teenager ends up hurt, then its ur fault

  • m

    Ya IDK… unicornbooty I like ur blog but gay teen suicide is a serious issue. Your headline is unfair. it just makes it hard to take this whole post too seriously. you say “Lies about charitable donations”. OK well all u really know for sure is that the person you talked to at Equality Florida didn’t know about em. but thats not definitive enough to say anyone lied. all it means is that person wasn’t aware. I pointed out proof they actually had made the donations. even Adam Young (who definitely doesnt seem to be a fan of CF) pointed out proof they actually had made the donations.

    And as Brynne pointed out they didn’t “call gay teens “thieving little shits”. they called people who stole from them thieving little shits. ok if I was CFs public relations manager or agent i definitely woulda told them not to say that lol. but calling people who stole from them “thieving little shits” is not the same as calling gay teens that. i suppose if we find out later than a nun stole their videos, we can say “CF calls nuns thieving little shits”. If a cute and cuddly kitten stole vids, then we can say “CF calls cute and cuddly kittens ‘thieving gay shits'” lol. but they never actually did. they called people who stole from them thieving gay shits.

    unicornbooty if ur gonna take on this issue and its a very serious issue that deserves being treated seriously i think you should also do ur best to be fair.

    i think this is an issue that deserves to be looked in to. but as long as we are all in panic mode, lets consider that overly sensationalist, panicky, dramatic statements might also freak out a gay teen, might make a gay teen who thinks he’s on CF’s list all the more freaked out and panicked and scared and frightful and if theres “ANY CHANCE” that makes this worse, we should cut it out. gay teen suicide is an issue that is too serious for playing it for drama.

  • Sonic can’t lie in a law suit.

  • Adam Young

    Actually he DID call those gay teens ¨thieving little shits¨.

    ¨So any thieving little shit who gets caught can very easily lie to his parents that he was looking at straight porn.¨

    And FYI, downloading from torrents is Not stealing, it’s Copyright Infringement. Get your facts straight.

  • Sonic

    I think these teens getting some representation IS worth their time. Apparently you don’t think their lives are worth much.

  • m

    he called THOSE gay teens thieving little shits. so the accurate headline would be “Corbin Fisher Calls Gay Teens Who Stole Videos From Them ‘Thieving Little Shits'”. big difference. idk about u but if some gay teenager broke in to my car and stole the stereo, i think i could understandably call him a thieving little shit without it meaning that i’m calling all gay teens everywhere thieving little shits.

    ok and fine, u can say copyright infringement isn’t stealing. but its still illegal. ok so i will give u that. “stealing” is maybe not the best word. but it doesn’t mean its ok to infringe or violate and break the law.

    ok so “Corbin Fisher Calls Gay Teens Who Infringed Upon Their Copyrights “Thieving Little Shits'”. still a different tone to the headline. and the existing one is still kinda unfair.

  • Adam Young

    Wasting Equality Florida’s time??? You must be joking, right!!!!

    Equality Florida, if they have an ounce of decency, should denounce and renounce any contribution the company Randazza works for gave them.

  • Adam Young

    Brynn, he didn’t call gays or gay teens ¨thieving little shits¨. He called the at-risk gay teens who downloaded their videos and who face outing (and thus destitution and rejection of their families), ¨thieving little shits¨.

  • m

    again i say if theres even the slightest most remote chance the money they get from CF helps them help a gay teenager (and their about us on their website says they “end Florida’s discriminatory adoption ban that hurts children, make schools safe for LGBT youth, protect LGBT families through Domestic Partnership policies and benefits, educate voters and ensure fair-minded candidates get elected, pass LGBT inclusive anti-discrimination protections locally and statewide, and work full-time during legislative session to ensure Florida lawmakers respect and protect LGBT Floridians” so i’m sure they do, i think you should leave them outta this.

    people are being such hypocrites here. ok, i’m willin (as i have said) to accept there might be a risk in what CF is doing.

    but there is also the possibility the money Equality FL gets from CF has helped people. so why do u wanna see that money cut off?! what if they lose money and it makes them end a program geared towards helping gay teens and as a result a gay teenager doesn’t get counseling or support and kills themselves? are you willing to accept blame for that? cuz u sure are willing to blame CF for stuff like that.

    and even Sonic says in one of his own posts that no case like this has EVER involved a closeted gay teenager. and yet at the same time he and u and others are gonna say this case is GUARANTEED to do it. you cant say that!! you can say theres a chance and then we can all discuss how much of a chance there is, but u can not guarantee.

  • m

    i dont think so, because so far we dunno about a single teen being sued (you said yourself in a previous post that not even you were aware of a single one). so making equality florida spend time and even lose money based on teens that might not even exist is not a fair use of their time.

    here is what I would propose: you email Corbin Fisher to say that they work something out with Equality FL that if any gay teens pop up in this case, they can be helped with counseling if they need it or help if they ask for it.

    but you, me, and no one else can point to a single gay teen who has been sued yet in this case, and we cant guarantee any will. we can guess at least one might. we can assume its possible. we can suspect theres a chance. but we cant guarantee it. so you wanna punish Equality FL for something happening to people we dunno exist yet. ya, really smart.

  • m

    ok again you cant say for sure any gay teens are “at risk”. I was a closeted gay teen once and never tried to kill myself. i know many others who can say the same. and even tho i didnt wanna come out, when it finally did happen everything worked out great. i know many others who can same the same. so he did call teh ones who infringed on their copyrights thieving little shits. but that doesnt mean they are at risk or face destitution and rejection.

  • m

    ok it’s for sure anecdotal but I was outed in a fairly similar way. I got arrested for underage drinking at a gay club. lol. And trust me I was way way freaked out at the chance of being outed and 100% certain my parents would hate me but when it happened and all the sh*t hit the fan, it all worked out well. actually it was good for me cuz only then did i realize my parents were supportive and didn’t care i was gay (i was always just afraid they’d not like me if they knew so never gave em a chance to tell me otherwise by coming out to em voluntarily). again im gonna admit thats anecdotal and my own personal story. and its not true for everyone. and for sure i have gay friends whose coming out was not as good, unfortunately. but it does go to show that its not entirely fair to assume any and everyone outed is gonna die here. and for me being outed turned out to be great (now the 30 AA meetings i had to go to, community service, DL suspension, and fines and all that i had to go thru and put my parents thru sucked. but being outed turned out to be great). if it wasn’t for being outed i probably woulda ended up being a closeted depressed gay guy in college (this happened while i was still in HS).

    i agree we all do have a special obligation, and i do hope they have something in place to handle those kinds of cases.

    but i also think we have an obligation to be truthful with this issue. some are being rational but others are just runnin around screaming like crazy and i think that makes this worse. i think if a scared gay teenager was runnin around Google thinking they were on CFs list and read posts like yours they’d probably feel good and might even email CF to ask if they can be let off the hook.

    But if a closeted gay teenager only read misleading headlines and comments like “OMGGGG CF wants kids to dieeee!!! AHHH!” that just makes things worse.

  • Adam Young

    I maybe wrong, but in most countries, downloading something thru torrent/filesharing is not even on the legislation. So for you to call it illegal, it’s the overstatement of the year.

  • Adam Young

    You don’t even know what you’re talking about. I know for a fact that some of these AT-RISK teens involved in this case are freaking out that their families will reject them and they will face destitution. Let me quote you one: ¨The is no way I’d be able to afford a lawsuit without having to work the corners, which would happen anyway if my family found out. :/ ¨

    And there are many more from where that came from.

  • Adam Young

    I will just say this, if one teen, JUST ONE teen kills himself or ends on the streets over this, I will personally contact Focus on the Family, The National Organization for Marriage, The American Family Association, etc., and tell them the part or lack thereof (I just want a statement from Equality Florida condemning this actions) that Equality Florida and Equality California played in this.

  • m

    some stuff you can get thru torrents legally (yes i will admit… some of the software i use for World of Warcraft is actually distributed thru the torrents, legally). and dont hold WoW against me. lol. so using torrents itself isnt illegal. downloading from torrents itself isnt illegal. but downloading a file from a torrent that you do not have permission to download IS illegal. the legislation doesn’t need to specifically mention torrents. but if you are acquiring something without license or permission that is illegal.

  • m

    how do u know they are involved in this case? have they been served or subpoenad or sued yet? far as i’m aware no one has been sued yet. so you dont even know if they have anything at all to do with this case. all you apparently know is that they illegally downloaded copyrighted material online. so be helpful to them and tell em to stop illegally downloading. but you cant say they are involved because CF hasnt released a list or even gone after anyone yet! all they’ve said is they have a list and are preparing to sue. so all you’re doing is feeding in to peoples panic.

  • m

    HAHAHA wow. and youre accusing CF of being a traitor to gays? so you will enlist the help of the most staunchly, anti-gay and conservative organizations in the country in order to destroy 2 gay civil rights groups who are not directly involved in this in any way? just because they accepted donations that they probably used for good? wow you are showing your true colors here.

    i’ll say this. if Equality FL or Equality CA is unable to help young gay people because of your agenda against them and your getting them involved in something they have nothing to do with and some kid kills himself as a result of not being able to get the help those groups offer, then you’re the one with blood on your hands.

    Wow just listen to yourself. Seriously. All because you want a statement, you are willing to destroy two organizations that work every day to help gay people. And yet you think you are better than CF?! talk about “betraying the gay community”. so much for your interest in the greater good.

  • m

    i’d imagine a 14 year old in an ultra conservative family would be the LEAST likely person to download any gay porn at all, much less illegally. some people r saying “of course closeted gay teens are gonna steal porn!” but i think its also pretty fair to assume the least likely person to get busted here is a closeted teen in a conservative family because they’re the last person that wants to download gay porn at home. gay teens aren’t that dumb. they’d know to use sites like xtube or gaytube where u can easily erase ur browser history and all trace of anything is gone. so as long as everyone is gonna assume gay closeted teens are the most likely, i think its also fair to assume they’re the least likely as none of us have any proof to back up our claims anyways, apart from just total assumptions! a closeted gay teenager in an ultraconservative family knows they have wayyyyy more reasons not to wanna download any gay porn at home than any lawsuits.

  • Hey, putting aside the whole CF thing, I just want to tell you how sorry I am that you had to go through that outing experience. I am glad that it all worked out for the best and that you came out of it OK.

    What I worry about is kids who don’t have parents like yours. Just last year, a really great kid named Derrick Martin became a big media story when all he wanted to do was go to his prom with his bf. The gay kid just wanted to do what everyone else in his school was doing, just as a gay teen who consumers porn is doing what 99% of straight boys are doing.

    But this became a big news story and although his classmates and his school were fine with it and the press coverage was generally positive, his parents actually threw him out. I can’t understand the mentality parents who would toss away their child, but these people do exist and you can’t dismiss the real possibility that some parents of CF downloaders would toss their kids out like yesterday’s trash.

  • gkroegman

    Corbin Fisher didn’t say anything. Their representation did! “Theiving little shits” in regards to gay people who have downloaded their content illegally is an opinion written and recieved from their counsel. Paying attention to ANY arguement that man puts up regarding this case is only going to sink you deeper into his deception.

  • Sonic

    I don’t think anybody read the title and assumed he meant all gay teens in the world. Get real

  • So…. They’re going to give a six month membership to a kid who isn’t old enough to legally subscribe? Would that be before or after he’s thrown out into the street or had the shit kicked out of him because his parents are being sued by a company they’ve never heard of for something they didn’t do for an exorbitant sum?

  • Your story is a misleading and full of half truths. The bottom line is you have thousands of people stealing content that does not belong to them. THEFT IS THEFT. More studios are coming forward and going directly after these pirates! We have new technology which helps us identify the origin of the stolen content and where it originated from in addition to who is unlawfully accessing it. You can expect more of these type of lawsuits in the near future.

    Oh and all the gay (and straight) studios try very hard to keep minors out of our sites, so when you try and stick up for minors downloading stolen porn it just makes you look like a douche. Why not go after the people (like we are) who are stealing this content and putting it in the hands of minors?

  • m

    hm well i think its safe to assume an underage teen wouldnt be given the 6 month membership. plus, the 6 month membership applies to the amnesty offer thingie so that has nothing to do with being sued (because the whole point of the amnesty is to avoid being sued).

  • If they’re willing to lie about thousands of dollars of charitable donations, how can we be sure they’re not lying about this “nationally known” sex therapist? And even if they did contact someone, who’s to say that he is an expert on gay teens? There are plenty of registered therapists with ideas that many people find deplorable. For example, there are some Christian sex therapists to whom gay is an urge to be stamped out. It is also easy to hear the information you want when it is not an exact science. All of the maths and percentages being spouted by CF’s General Counsel is just a way for them to hide their abominable behaviour behind a facade of “research”.

  • da

    Did anyone else notice this?
    So, lets take our 40,000 potential defendants. Lets cut that to how many are possibly closeted. Half? So now its 1 in 20,000.
    (At this point they have 20,000 CLOSETED defendants)
    How many are teenagers? 1/4? Now we’re down to 5,000 teenagers — and I think that is a generous number, at best.
    (At this point they have 5,000 CLOSETED TEEN defendants)
    How many of them are closeted? Half? Now, 2500.
    (At this point they have 2,500 CLOSETED TEEN CLOSETED defendants.)

    I know being gay is hard, but do you really have to be double closeted?

  • If these people have stolen content through piracy and torrent sites than they deserve to be sued, regardless of their age. Corbin Fisher has every right to defend itself against these illegal attacks of theft. For to create stories with the wording they use makes them no different than any other extremist media outlet hoping on hysteria and panic for ratings. Maybe you should focus on facts and less on hype, and stop defending criminals who would rather steal content than buy it legally.

  • Copyright Infringement is a form of theft, same as Fraud is a form of lying. It’s just baffling to me, as an employee of the adult entertainment industry how naive some people can be about piracy. If you download something that the studio is charging money for and you get it for free… then it is pretty black and white that you are stealing it. If I posted pictures on my website that belonged to another studio that I didn’t buy the rights for, it would also be stealing…

  • The company has a legitimate concern – unfortunately it SHOULD be with whoever owns the sites that makes the file sharing possible and not with 1000s of stupid horny teens who can’t afford the online fees so find porn wherever they can. That said – I wonder are they going after people who UPLOADED the files or those who DOWNLOADED it? I’ll admit to watching some content at tube sites, but I would never upload anything – that I would consider criminal I suppose and can’t really defend.

    I think the way YouTube works should be good enough for the porn sites. If they find their content online illegally – contact the site and have it removed. If they don’t remove it – then sue them. But to offer a pre-lawsuit opt out fee IS a threat of blackmail and I’d love to see it counted as such.

    If I were Corbin FIsher I would at LEAST fire this “General Counsel” and hire someone with enough sense NOT to refer to gay teens as “theiving little shits” when corresponding with someone about an already tense subject.

  • Your attacks on Corbin Fisher are painfully transparent in their attempts to obfuscate the real issue: that piracy sites are in fact wide open to underage users. Legitimate adult sites age verify their users — piracy sites do nothing of the sort. And thereby they violate yet another set of federal laws. Piracy sites shirk their moral and a legal responsibility to keep underage users away from adult material. Perhaps it is time to take a good, hard look at the “little shit” in the mirror and give some thought to the damage you do by capitalizing on the real problem of gay shame while it is politically fashionable, using it to distract from the fact that internet piracy, although widespread, is still illegal.

  • Chris Marshall

    Then you are even more stupid then you let on. There are multiple stories of people who have been caught with gay porn on their computers and kicked out of their homes by their families. Get real you corporate filth. Your apathy is so pathetic and it does show.

  • NYC-JC bardooo

    this entire saga, that i happened upon purely by mistake, has me gagging with aplomb, and wanting to send things to 🙂

  • Given the there is historical evidence linking gay teen suicide and being outted, your argument falls flat. You cannot claim “how can u BET a suicide WILL happen when its never happened before … not even an outing!” (sic) when there have been many MANY documented occurrences of recently outted gay teens committing suicide rather than deal with the hatred that being outted caused them.


    i think they definitely deserve a boycott problem is too many gay men think with their dicks and not their hearts and thats why scum like this is able to say and do the things they are doing … until we decide not to patronize them at all … then they will still be able to keep doing exactly what they are doing now …The public must decide when enough is enough as with any public issue … send a message … pull your subscription


    The whole thing SOUNDS like BS because it IS BS .. wake up


    You are arguing semantics at this point … why are you taking their side in this ? He clearly MEANT what he said … STOP you are adding insult to injury … he said it … and he meant it in the way it was perceived the guy is a slime bag and the headline is MORE than JUSTIFIED.

  • Look, weird-and-unrelated-to-the-story-at-hand-porn-company-spokesperson, I think most people on this site are on your side: you should get to keep every penny you can wring out of vulnerable hot dudes’ dicks. Nevermind that you take a higher cut of the cash than a back alley pimp, you have every right to protect your “intellectual property” (AKA: images and video of bodies that are not your own) from piracy. The issue is with the way you go about doing it.