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Corbin Fisher Is Still Suing Mad

corbin fisher, lawsuitWe wrote last week about gay porn powerhouse Corbin Fisher’s ill conceived plan to sue 40,000 illegal file-sharers, and how those lawsuits would inadvertently out closeted gay teens to their parents.

You know who steals downloads porn off the internet for free? Teenagers. People without credit cards. Kids under 18 who are unintimidated by those silly “Must be 18 to enter” disclaimers on sites selling sex. Teenagers who are watching porn on the sly on family computers, and aren’t sophisticated enough to know where to find free and legal clips.

In other words, closeted gay kids. And Corbin Fisher’s legal action to ferret out these illegal downloaders is a hunt via IP Address. Family computers, no matter the user, share the same IP address. So when the subpoena shows up, it will be addressed to Mom or Dad – but it will include a whole rundown of little Jimmy’s internet history. This is obviously problematic. Kids shouldn’t be stealing off the internet, but truth be told, the majority probably don’t realize what they are doing is stealing. And you know what’s worse than a company which just received a $250,000 settlement against a single downloader getting ripped off by fans and followers of their work? A company that profits off of gay dollars outing gay kids to their unsupportive parents.

Displaying just how much they don’t get it, Corbin Fisher recently offered file-sharers a 14 day amnesty period to fess up to their digital crimes (of solo passion) and pay the company a whopping $1,000 to not be prosecuted. You can imagine how many gay teens were able to pony up a thousand bucks of piggy bank savings to clear them in the lawsuit.

Well, the porn studio is at it again. They’ve extended their amnesty period another two weeks, and they’ve raised the price by ninety percent. Illegal downloaders, whether they be penniless teens or grown men who are too cheap to pay, will be guaranteed to not be sued by Corbin Fisher if they pay up $1900 and admit guilt.

Apparently only twenty individuals came forward and payed up when the amnesty was set at $1000, so we can’t imagine for the life of us why Corbin Fisher thinks their latest effort at double the price will be more successful.

Further complicating matters for the gay porn titan is the fact that it’s nearly impossible to identify individuals based solely on IP addresses. This bit of information should come as a no-brainer to anyone who’s ever, you know, actually used the internet before. Family computers may be used by many people all under a single IP address. Coffee shops and areas providing public wifi can also provide dozens of people internet access under a single IP address. Best of luck identifying just who is doing the downloading, considering few courts will even allow IP addresses to be submitted as evidence.

A female electrician in New Jersey is countersuing the company for wrongly targeting her. She claims not only has she never even heard of the company (We believe her.), but that if Corbin Fisher, based in Florida, truly wishes to file legal action against her, it would have to be filed in her home state of New Jersey. We agree.

Corbin Fisher’s lackluster legal strategy was to sue from sunny Florida, but if a judge sides with the targeted woman, the porn company’s legal bills just got 50 times more expensive. To which we say, “DUH!”

Honestly, what is this company thinking?!

***UPDATE: A rep from Corbin Fisher points out “For starters:  The lawsuit involving the “electrician” is not in Florida, it is in California.  Second, she isn’t countersuing, she moved to dismiss.  Third, if you review that court file, you’ll find that her entire set of filings were stricken.” Our deepest apologies for getting the state where this legal action is taking place incorrect. Our thoughts go out to the wrongly mentioned state of Florida.

  • This is crazy! I did a blog post about the Death of Dudevu, and CF’s General Counsel of CF responded saying they were doing just this back in Nov ’09:

    I understand that companies should be paid for their work, but there has to be a better way than bullying teens!

  • Seriously with all this unemployment, horrible economy, how would one even have the money to pay these lousy companies? Today many people are stealing internet use from others, so how would they know who’s ip address it is from? Also instead of located each individual that downloaded illegally, why not find a way of how to benefit the technology of bitTorrent? Recently i read an article on a independent recording company of using bitTorrent to promote their artist rather than oblishing p2p stuff. If the judge sides with this woman, CF will surely have a long way to go of paying her of their accusations.

  • Corbin Fisher should know from previous cases involving huge recording industry companies targeting individual downloaders that this kind of action will do nothing good for their reputation and public relations. If they really feel like taking leagal action, they should just stick with targeting the people who are posting the torrent files for download! But in any case, they really should just give the sharers (if anyone) a slap on the wrist and a request to remove/delete all the files. Really though, thank goodness for peer blocklists and sites like Spankwire. Just sayin’.

  • So CF claims that after sueing the bitTorrent downloaders, more people subscribed their website.

  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely TRUE!! I received the paperwork from the Randazza law firm. I was a member of Corbin Fisher for a number of years. The communication, by email, was awful. A person in my household did download. However the research council was wrong on many dates since i was out of town. Mr. Randazza was kind enough to offer to settle for only 12500.00. What a GEM of a person. I countered a much lower offer where he asked several time if I’d like his Legal opinion. No, I stated, just present them the offer. They accepted however I still feel like I was blackmailed. I have 2 computers in one home with a router. Needless to say I’ve deleted the torrent site. However, what a pond scum individual.

  • Anonymous

    This is TRUE and so awful. I was contacted by Randanzza Legal Group. A person in my household had downloaded from torrents. However, I have a home with 2 computers and a router. You might as well be dealing with pond scum. Mr. Randanzza was kind enough to offer me a settlement of 12500.00. How kind, so I countered with a much lower number. He tried the scare tactic where Corbin Fisher usually just has him file suit. If I wanted his professional opinion, which I didn’t, so they accepted my offer. I was even a member of Corbin Fisher. Not anymore since I feel I was blackmailed. The 3rd party that researches this were not very good. I was on travel when most of this occurred.

  • Joseph

    i’m in the same scenario, however i haven’t contacted randazza himself, i’m worried if i do he’ll get the information he’s looking for (my personal info) and it will just expedite the situation. i was contemplating whether to get a lawyer or just give in and see if he’d have somewhat of a heart. any suggestions?