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Corbin Fisher Thinks Outing Gay Teens Is “Laughable”; Calls Unicorn Booty “Uneducated”

corbin fisher, unicorn booty, gay blog, gay news, lawsuit
Corbin Fisher wants your cash.

Perhaps you’ve been reading our ongoing coverage of gay porn studio Corbin Fisher’s threat to sue 40,000 IP addresses, many of which we believe belong to gay teens who aren’t able to legally download materials themselves without a credit card. If not, catch up first:

All caught up? Good. Today we received an email from a Corbin Fisher lawyer, Marc J. Randazza. It’s juicy.

From: Marc J. Randazza <>

Subject: Your article

Message Body: I just reviewed this article:

I find it to be a bit strange. In addition to my law degree, I have a BA and an MA in journalism. I learned that when you write an article about a company, you usually attempt to contact them for a comment.

Had you done so in this case, I might have been able to help you avoid looking foolish.

For starters: The lawsuit involving the “electrician” is not in Florida, it is in California. Second, she isn’t countersuing, she moved to dismiss. Third, if you review that court file, you’ll find that her entire set of filings were stricken.

With respect to this meme about “gay teens,” we find it laughable.

Finally: We have not given you permission to use CF photos on your website. We are not considering legal action against you for doing so. However, we do insist that anyone who uses our photos must enter into a licensing agreement with us. The terms are certainly not burdensome.

Give me a call the week of March 1. I’ll both help you correct your post, so you seem less uneducated, and I’ll talk to you about the licensing terms.

Marc J. Randazza

Ex-skyoooze me? Let’s get the fluff out of the way first. Our deepest condolences go out to the wrongly mentioned state of Florida. We can only pray that our use of your state in our article didn’t cause any irreparable harm. And the pictures in question were taken right off of Google images, and were linked back to Corbin Fisher. They’ve since been removed, and replaced with the giant pile of greedy, greedy cash you are seeing on this post as well. Finally, who says “less uneducated”? We would have used the words “better educated.” But hey, that’s just us.

Now onto the beef. Corbin Fisher thinks that potentially outing gay teens is “laughable.” Seriously? In this day and age of highly publicized gay suicides, discrimination in schools across the country, and the It Gets Better Project, a representative for a gay porn company just told a gay news blog that they find the massive potential harm in their legal action against downloaders, many of whom are gay teens, LAUGHABLE? Is this company out of its mind?!

Look pal, we call it like we see it. And we see the potential for harm within the LGBT community. Our friends are discussing this lawsuit every day, and they agree that it’s KIDS who download porn illegally on family computers. Adults have credit cards, bank accounts, and personal responsibility. Closeted gay teens don’t have access to these resources yet, and get porn – which may be the only access they have at all to figuring out their sexuality – from the internet in increasingly sophisticated ways. It takes all of 3 minutes to download a bittorent client to begin finding porn.

Corbin Fisher is not thinking this through. Remember when Metallica went up against Napster and succeeded in killing the music sharing resource? Remember how they completely enraged their fans? They won the battle, but one only needs to turn on a computer today to see that they lost the war in a major way. The same goes for porn. Horrendous PR like you are currently engaged in sure isn’t helping matters.

Corbin Fisher has a right to their own intellectual property, yes. And they of course have a right to go after illegal downloaders. But by doing it using IP addresses, they risk outing gay teens and adults to friends and family. And just because they CAN, doesn’t mean they SHOULD be suing their own fans.

We’ll be calling Mr. Randazza sometime during the week of March 1 like he strangely requests (Is he on vacation? Spending some of that lawsuit money?), but in the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the detrimental actions of this company to the gay community. Feel free to go ahead and tell Corbin Fisher and Mr. Randazza how you feel as well. We’ve removed his phone number from his letter, but his email address is Marc, we welcome your response.

Finally, we didn’t reach out to Corbin Fisher because we weren’t obligated to. We call it like we see it, and we see a real stinker here. Our reporting that a gay porn company is suing it’s fans doesn’t make us “foolish”, it makes us what we are – a trusted resource for news affecting the gay community. Corbin Fisher’s representative asserting that we are uneducated is the real joke here. This is coming from a guy who put it in writing that he finds this “meme about ‘gay teens'” – the potential that copyright claims will out gay teens via their IP address – “laughable.”

What do you think about Corbin Fisher suing people who have allegedly illegally downloaded their content?

***UPDATE. It gets worse.***

  • The thought plickens!

  • All I have is WOW. I mean, Wow.

  • Well, I know who I’m not downloading porn from…

  • Laughable? Really? I hope everyone who was actually paying for porn from this company finds an alternative.

  • This is just great!!

  • this is why i go to tube sites.

  • Thanks Adam! Feel free to send them the story. Thanks for your support. We’re here for you all!

  • Thanks Adam! Feel free to send them the story. Thanks for your support. We’re here for you all!

  • Seriously. WOW.

  • Seriously. WOW.

  • Richard

    I found your original article shocking. And I have no problem with protecting copyrighted material, but it’s a bit insensitive, to say the least, to assert this “laughable” factor. Business men, lawyers, whatever, being in the GAY porn world should bring a tad more understanding about what these gay teens will be faced with in their families. It would surprise me greatly if we don’t hear of a few suicides relating to these “outings”.

    Like I said, protecting copyrights is important, I don’t begrudge them that. And it IS unfortunate that some of the “perps” will likely be closeted gay or gay curious teens, but it’s absolutely tactless and irresponsible or their “representative” to call out UB for pointing these “minor details” out.

    Anyway, good luck boys. Let me know if you need a lawyer. I know a couple. 😉

  • When I was a teenager, discovering that I like dick, I figured it out by looking up porn on the family computer at 4 am during a random summer night. My life would have been RUINED (or would have seemed that way at the time) if I had been sued by a gay porn company. This company needs to take illegal downloading as the compliment it is and back the hell off. Falcon, here I come.

  • I’m sure many of us share very similar stories. They’re clearly not thinking this through.

  • The audacity to think that outing gays is “laughable”. It’s a violation of a person’s right to privacy. I am a female and sometimes I look at gay porn. What if the IP address used to look it up belonged to someone else and someone just used their address to look it up.

  • Xtina

    No one wants to have their sexual life outed to their parents. The same goes for all of the straight kids with uncommon fetishes, right? Theres a lot of shame associated with sexuality and specifically porn-watching that could really mess with any young teen’s development.

  • It’d be impossible to go after 40,000 people unless you’re rounding them up and throwing them in camps, but I bet you all a dollar that they can scare a few hundred folks into settling and many more into paying the piper by signing up for their website (without CF’s knowing, of course, but guiltily making amends all the same). The overwhelming majority won’t even open the letter — and CF knows that, especially in this day and age of forged state seals, fake “red ink warnings” on envelopes and so on — but the publicity and few that do settle is enough to scare the crap out of people that provide these files, and when you do that it becomes completely impractical to download something that you could hand-animate faster.

    Admittedly, some of us are acting a bit overwrought over this, but yeah, there are definitely going to be some queer kids with some questions to answer and that should definitely be a consideration. It can only really be “laughable” if the actual document they’re served with is vague to the point of garbled legalese and CF’s answer to angry parents or confused callers is “we’re sorry, it was based on IPs and is probably a wrong identity”.

    Let’s get some answers first, but gently remind Randazza — who’s done wonders for non-adult entertainment first amendment rights — that this is a legitimate concern and that we aren’t trying to clutch pearls irrationally.

    Hell, you could get a new sponsor out of all of this (well, if you’re doing a blue version of UB) and a renewed awareness of troubled gay youth from the adult industry who are often aware but sometimes forget.

  • That’s why it’s good to have the talk with him. Outside of the realm of his legal puffery (posting the letter and mentioning the case probably caused freak outs for a few people), it’s probably a good conversation to have. Ask what kind of assurances they make for kids that may inadvertently get snagged?

  • Exactly. An IP address is not at all an exact match for an individual person. Think shared computers, coffee shop wifi connections, even airports. You cannot sue someone based on IP.

  • sigh

  • Xocha Nicci Xiong

    LOL wow they are so desperate for money I swear to god its laughable wow people these days are so stingy LOL yo porn isnt even all that good thats why no one buying it!

  • Adam Barrera

    Apparently, a journalism degree doesn’t instill a modicum of basic respect or public relations acumen. Marc’s pedantic demeanor, however, seems to have been honed by years of composing nastygrams to outlets who are expected to shake and cower upon reading his title. Don’t back down, Unicorn! Keep calling it as you see it. I hope other gay blogs pick up on this story so gay dollars stop funding such an insensitive company.

  • Curtis

    They’re just angry because they’ve been otherwise irrelevant and boring for at least five years now. I think of that brand the same way I think about music videos from the ’80s by bands I never cared about.

    Anyway, nothing like a snippy little note from a lawyer with a big flat, square ass. Or maybe it’s just Mr. “Fisher” himself, pretending he has a lawyer on retainer and trying to sound uppity beyond his means.

  • James Peron

    It is important to remember that the attorneys who do this tend to make money only by threatening to sue people. Many of them ONLY do this type of “law.” These bottom-feeders often go to companies and solicit them as clients, promising them no costs on their parts if they let the attorneys try to intimidate people into paying for damages. The attorneys keep a huge percentage of the damages and its all gravy for the company. Some people ONLY make money by threatening to drag other people into court. That strikes me as pretty reprehensible.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is a pompous douche. He has degrees in journalism and doesnt understand the difference between a blog and reporting? Hes made himself irrelevant. #NEXT

  • Anonymous

    Also agree their porn is cheesy.

  • When I was growing up, I used Kazaa and Napster to download a large amount of gay porn. I did this with the knowledge that it was illegal, and that I could possibly get caught. Most people know that downloading a torrent file is illegal, even 13 year old kids. With the amount of free porn on the internet (much more than the early 2000s), it seems silly to say that these kids have no other way to access the content.

  • Pheonix

    Corbin’s porn is cheesy, I hate it.
    Also, I’m a MEME because I’m gay?
    This is NEW.

  • Matthew

    I work in the porn industry and I used to really like Unicorn Booty but the continued attacks on Corbin Fisher are uncalled for. You DO look like idiots. The fist part of this whole argument started under the ASSUMPTION that gay teens were illegally downloading porn and that they were not sophisticated enough to find free porn sites but in the newest post you say that gay teens are finding more and more sophisticated ways of downloading porn. You want to demonize a company for protecting their own interests but what are these teens doing by illegally downloading the torrents? They are looking out for their own interests and not concerning themselves with the fact that they are essentially STEALING from this site. It is common knowledge that what they are doing is illegal so we can rightly assume most of them are aware of the potential consequences.

    Why don’t we put something in perspective that has really been bothering me. What is to say that the people illegally downloading porn are under eighteen? I know plenty of adults who download music illegally because they simply don’t want to pay for it! The lesson here is that just because adults are ABLE to pay for porn does not mean they are WILLING. I’m sure a large portion of those who are downloading torrents are people who COULD afford it but aren’t willing to pay. Logic people!

    So why don’t we all just stop worrying about a group of individuals who did something illegal and now have to face the consequences?

  • Drew Kennedy

    Actually yes you can.

  • Drew Kennedy

    I think they are thinking this through. I think that they’re clearly within their legal rights, and well aware of it. I think they are making pretty clear statements that are being taken wildly out of context by a group of (or even a single) idiot blogger.

    As a gay male who faced serious discrimination based on his sexual orientation as a teenager, I’m actually fairly offended by, and disgusted by, this article, and you as the writer. These people are protecting their private content, regardless of how mediocre, cheesy, or generally lame it may be.

  • Danz

    A ‘meme’ is, to use a common idea – a fancy chain letter. Like a virus, it propagates iself through using those that see it, to spread it. (I THINK.) Seeeuuuwww…. What? Is it laughable that people find this suh a travesty they will share it with others? Or maybe it’s laughble that the idea of being screwed over by a lawyer has made its way into the public psyche?

  • Drew Kennedy

    I actually find this article to be much more laughable than the letter from the lawyer, and the majority of comments to be even more so.

    The lawyer isn’t saying that the idea of outing gay teens in the midst of all of this is laughable – they’re saying that by suing people over illegally downloading their private content being associated with outing gay teens is laughable.

    When I was younger, my parents began to suspect that either my brother or I were gay when I did a poor job of covering my browsing history after looking at pornography. At first, they weren’t sure how to react to the idea that one of their children might be gay. They got over it pretty quickly, but were troubled more by the fact that we were looking up pornography on the family computer.

    And, to be perfectly fair, when engaging in illegal activity, such as torrenting music, video, applications, or when shoplifting, drinking underage, or using illegal drugs (or abusing legal ones), you are accepting the risks for the behavior that you are engaging in.
    By illegally downloading gay pornography, these teenagers are taking the risk of being sued, outed to their families, or whatever the hell the other legal repercussions of such behavior are.
    While yes, it sucks that gay teens might be put in dangerous situations, or forced out of the closet, they willingly engaged in illegal behavior. They should have known what they were getting into – or if they didn’t, it’s their own fault.

    Ignorantia legis neminem excusat – Ignorance of the law excuses no one.

  • Protecting their property, perfectly fine. Being ass-hats about it not.

    I would take CF more seriously if they didn’t have a penitence fee to get out of them being all sue-happy on your ass. Really though… Well we may have your IP address and we may sue you for downloading illegally, but if you pay us an amount we’ve chosen we maybe wont sue you. Who does that? All at the same time there is no threat of actually pressing legal charges, just suing people. Obviously it’s a money thing, not an actual plea to the law to protect their property.

    Then you come across a completely independent article online that says this…

    “…I realized that Marc Randazza is apparently representing Liberty Media. That’s unfortunate, as Randazza quite frequently does really good work in favor of protecting people’s First Amendment rights — and, as a reader recently noted, Randazza’s firm is even listed on the EFF’s website of law firms that are willing to help those accused of file sharing in lawsuits exactly like this one! It’s too bad. I usually support the work that Randazza does, but supporting Liberty Media in this overreaching campaign seems like a mistake.”

    What is a guy who normally defends people, going against them? He must be hard up for work or just a complete hypocrite.

  • Anonymous

    George, it’s all about money. Randazza will get a nice chunk of any payout CF gets from its extortion. I believe much of his free speech work has been pro-bono, so porn settlements are how he makes up for that financially.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, no you can’t.

    Technically, you must first file suit against a “John Doe,” and subpoena the actual identity of the account associated with the IP address from the ISP. Then, you may sue the account holder — although in many cases, this is not even the person who is alleged to have downloaded any copyrighted content.

  • RyansTake

    Good luck winning. Almost none of them do. As others stated, these sorts of things are mainly attempts to *scare* people into settling.

  • Sonic

    I think what this story needs is to be spread around. I hope more bloggers pick it up and expose CorbinFisher and his lawyer as the greedy, nasty scum they are. And I encourage everyone to look for porn elsewhere. There are thousands of other sites offering the exact same content.

  • Guest

    PLEASE. I am so sick of this “journalism” and false facts. Give me a break with the whole “outting gay teens who cant afford to download it without a credit card.” I grew up watching clips of gay porn on the clip sites and downloading it through Kazaa and Limewire. If kids are that worried about being outted they cant use a credit card (what teen doesnt have one these days) then sit there and watch the 3 minute clips on the clip sites- beggars cant be choosers, and its always has (and still does) work for me.

    Second, CF is only suing the uploaders, not the downloaders- cut the head off the snake. Yes, I realize that in order to use a torrent site you are ipso facto a uploader if you are a downloader but again, find another technology or watch the clips.

    THIRD, Marc Randazza is a first amendment champion. The man stands for, and has protected EVERY right your are currently invoking posting this shit about him. I’m sure Marc is doing this as fair as his possibly can (something different than the rest of the mass copyright attorneys are doing). But in the end, the fact remains that these gay teens are breaking the law and infringing upon the exclusive rights of CF- you have a duty to protect your Intellectual Property and in some cases can lose it if you dont. You cannot suggest that simply because it will (arguably) have a detrimental effect on infringers, you should not sue. Also, I would like one shred of evidence that CF has outted anyone!

  • Guest

    PLEASE. I am so sick of this “journalism” and false facts. Give me a break with the whole “outting gay teens who cant afford to download it without a credit card.” I grew up watching clips of gay porn on the clip sites and downloading it through Kazaa and Limewire. If kids are that worried about being outted they cant use a credit card (what teen doesnt have one these days) then sit there and watch the 3 minute clips on the clip sites- beggars cant be choosers, and its always has (and still does) work for me.

    Second, CF is only suing the uploaders, not the downloaders- cut the head off the snake. Yes, I realize that in order to use a torrent site you are ipso facto a uploader if you are a downloader but again, find another technology or watch the clips.

    THIRD, Marc Randazza is a first amendment champion. The man stands for, and has protected EVERY right your are currently invoking posting this shit about him. I’m sure Marc is doing this as fair as his possibly can (something different than the rest of the mass copyright attorneys are doing). But in the end, the fact remains that these gay teens are breaking the law and infringing upon the exclusive rights of CF- you have a duty to protect your Intellectual Property and in some cases can lose it if you dont. You cannot suggest that simply because it will (arguably) have a detrimental effect on infringers, you should not sue. Also, I would like one shred of evidence that CF has outted anyone!

  • Zeedraak

    Am I the only one who thinks that mentioning ‘I have a BA and an MA in journalism’ is kind of pathetic?

    On topic: what I miss in this discussion is the fact that downloading isn’t that harmful to business as companies always claim it is. If I download a CF-clip this doesn’t mean that I deprive CF of a couple of dollars. I would never have bought it anyway because I only have a limited amount of money to spend and I don’t want to spend it on CF.

    There are actually people who buy CF after downloading illegally. Why? Because they like what CF produces and are willing to pay for it. So that CF will continue producing.

    Nowadays well-known music bands put their music on the internet for free, because more people will get to know their music and come to their concerts.

    The world is changing. People will download. Trying to protect your properties is a company’s good right, but it trying to stop downloading is already a lost battle. Deal with it and find alternative ways of making money and use downloading to your advantage.

  • m

    blah see this headline is also misleading. he calls the “meme” laughable (ok i gotta admit i had to look up the definition of “meme”). hes not calling outing gay teens laughable. ok now we can argue about that all we want. and he didnt really call unicornbooty uneducated. actually he just suggested you seem uneducated. lol. ok so that last part was kinda rude on his part. but still. I just think it’s kinda sad that unicornbooty. i think if ur gonna make posts saying you are a source for news and such it’d be more fair to present things with some objectivity as a news organization would (a legitimate one at least)

  • I read this posting a couple of days ago and it made me angry, but I didn’t comment. Then I thought about it and had to. I think Corbin Fisher’s actions are unconscionable with regard to outing gay teens. Frankly I’m not sure where to start, but here goes.
    1. Corbin Fisher exploits young men and women, gay and straight, hopefully 18 and up to do porn for pay, do they even bother to tell those young men or women what the repercussion of their actions could have on them in the future, not really relevant, just had to say it.
    2.Corbin Fisher is going to post names of IP address of teens for illegally downloading porn from their site, shame on them. First of all if they don’t want porn downloaded then why do they make it possible, certainly they can prevent it, you pay but you can only watch here. I wonder just how hard it would be to create a security code that only allows the movie, clip to be downloaded only to the paying IP address. I’m not a computer genius, but I sure it can be done.
    3.Yes, they speak about those that are doing this without credit cards, well I’m not that computer literate, but how are they even getting onto the site then? If paying members are after downloading this material posting it elsewhere, go after them. How do they even know that the person they are going after isn’t a third, fourth or thousandth person to do so? Is Corbin Fisher internet security so lax that it allows this type of intrusion?
    4.What about the sites that allows these illegal downloads to be posted, why they aren’t going after them, oh I know because they have the funds to fight back.
    5.Now let’s address the amnesty issue, 14 days you pay $1000 and then increased it to $1900 and admit your wrong doing or we will not post your name. Let me see in this case isn’t saying we will give a 14 day amnesty if fess up rather coercive (hidden behind a nice word spelled A M N E S T Y)? I wonder isn’t coerciveness illegal, if you are going to go after me civilly or criminally then do it. It shouldn’t be if you don’t pay then this is what will happen.
    6.Let’s address the issue of a closeted teen committing suicide after being outed. Corbin Fisher spouts all these figures after consulting one nationally known sex therapist, well I’m sure one can be found to dispute those figures. However, when they say. ” How many are on the verge of doing something negative to themselves?” “ 500?” Isn’t one too damn many, well isn’t it? What the hell are they thinking? I’ll say this I don’t have a law degree, but if I understand the law if you believe or should have reasonably know that your actions could result in injury, serious bodily harm or death then you are guilty of a crime. Clearly they thought about their actions they consulted a nationally known sex therapist. Well pray to god it’s not my child or that I’m not sitting on the jury against you Corbin Fisher, you’d never win not ever and in the civil suit I would award millions and millions of dollars.
    7.The only positive thing I can say if they are truly going after the adults doing this then they deserve it but leave the teens, straight or gay or just curious alone. However, as pointed out how do they know until the damage is done?
    I close by saying this, I see this as a totally money motivated act, after all the number of paying customers has gone up. Well I’d say there must certainly be other sites that can provide the same type of material as that provided by Corbin Fisher, boycott them, those of you with memberships should cancel them. Show them we won’t stand for their malicious actions. They have the ability to prevent illegal downloads, it might cost them more money but they could recoup that loss by adding a few cents / dollars to the membership cost.

  • All I can say is: that was a very unprofessional letter. Whether he’s right or wrong, it was unprofessional.

  • Well, it is theft of property rights, and the defending of those rights can and will jeopardize the privacy of closeted Gay men of all ages.

    The offering of ‘amnesty’ in exchange for a large amount of money (many times the price of legitimately paid videos and even just $500 is a lot of money to anyone) and an even higher price for privacy – I believe that could constitute blackmail. Though of course I’m not lawyer.

    So what the company needs to think about is a cost/reward equation. By defending property rights it is conceivable you can improve your bottom line by selling videos that otherwise would have been downloaded for free. But it is possible that the perception of a company that attacks and blackmails children and closeted men, will be so damaged the sales will plummet (there’s so many porn alternatives). It is also possible, in the event of a suit driving a child or closeted adult to suicide, said porn producer will find itself the target of many angry lawsuits by the victim’s loving family.

    Were I responsible for this Corbin Fisher company, I would simply let it be, and consider the video available for free as promotional material for my brand. And focus my efforts on securing future videos from ever becoming free, keeping them exclusive to paying customers. This would protect my brand’s image, let my customers feel secure we hold their privacy as important and I believe the bottom line would be the maximum profit possible for my company of all the given options.

    The alternative is to be locked into paying high salaries to lawyers and tarnishing my brand with associations of blackmail and driving closeted teens and men to desperate actions. Expensive and on so many levels.

  • Anonymous

    if you look around you’ll find ex corbin fisher models elsewhere. seems they don’t like the company either.

  • Chris Marshall

    go back to your hole your paid off corporate piece of shit!

  • Chris Marshall

    Why don’t you crawl back to your hole. Sue the kids fine, but not caring for the consequences of outing them? Really? I guess watching all the butt sex made you nothing more than a selfish, arrogant, apathetic, asshole. 40% of homeless youth is LGBT; kicked out of their homes for coming out to their parents, or being forced out by assholes like the company you support. Furthermore, porn on torrent sites, is random, you have no idea what company it might belong too. So, if this CF wants to go after anybody, why dont they go after those who downloaded their porn and uploaded on to the torrent sites. It is completely possible to run a trace, I know because I have done so for others. You can trace the trackers, seeders, and leaches, back to a source. Instead they decide to go after everyone dumb enough to actually pay them for this extortion.

    I cant wait to see this company burn for this. Besides I have seen better work from independent directors on Xtube, than anything CF could put out. So Mr. High and Mighty Mathew, welcome to the new age of porn, where kids cameras beat the snot out of your multi-billion dollar fascist industry. Now move on or GTFO!

  • Dale Winters

    It happens all the time, they will not be able to catch everyone. Plus, people who are not kids do it so that they wont have to pay. How do they know that their content was downloaded from someone who paid for it? You cant stop it all…

  • joe

    Finally!! I read through these comments and wondered if anyone else had thoughts to counter the writers remarks. I don’t think it is a screaming in the streets matter to make this an issue that valuable time should be spent when there are other, more pressing, issues the LGBT community is facing. I don’t believe Corbin Fisher is outing teens to the extent that the article seems to portray. In addition, I read the offending statement in the letter in a different view. I did not feel as though the writer was implying that it is laughable to out gay teens. I do, however, question the writers credentials to use language as he does when intending to correct the recipient’s mistakes.

  • i swear is he stupid, or just plain self conceited? he is showing way to much claim not enough evidence to prove his case. i swear he needs to go back to law school and study more than two forms of law, such as criminal law and maybe a bit of mental health studies. cause i think he is personaly going through some mental psychotic breakdowns if he is possibly on vacation, just cause  it makes sense serves as a alibi  to him to make it seem like he is only chillaxing.

  • legal rights refer to a download made from stolen content,eg stolen to take what isnt yours without permission. meaning if you buy a disc from a store its yours and any copys you make from it are yours to share if your distribtute to make money off of copys then they have legal rights. speaking from a canadian locale, canadain redistribution laws. also it differs to where the IP came from some people are so paranoid they will be sued that many used proxies to go onto torrent sites and downloaded that way or they used browsers like TOR which allows you to browse anonymously without detection. but then theres the country they downloaded it from and their laws. overseas have different laws about filesharing just like they do about CP and many other things. so please take your head out of your ass pick up a worldwide lawbook for a couple weeks and come back and tell me im wrong.

  • Brandon Shelpman

    Ok, so a lot of people have commented on this, and I find it surprising that no one has mentioned that there are very distinct and effective ways to prevent people from being able to put out your copyrighted material, or prevent them from playing it once they obtain it. Most porn sites, CF included, went through phases of using these methods, and determined that they did not like them. Fair choice, but if one’s intent is truly to prevent people from stealing your material, this is the best way to handle this.

    Secondly, yes, their rights are being infringed upon, and no, they are not legally responsible for the actions of anyone who does something to themselves or others purely because they followed their right through its legal course. Even having consulted a sex therapist and considered the ramifications what what may happen does not make them legally responsible. Remove the gay aspect, and you are saying that a company who sues someone who then commits suicide can be held responsible for that suicide. There is no reasonable expectation that someone would commit suicide, so they are not legally bound to try to avoid it. This isn’t to say that they shouldn’t. In a civil case, there may be a chance of winning a judgment, but not in a criminal case. Also, they should highly consider the image this presents to the world at large, especially if a teen did kill themselves regarding a lawsuit from them.

    A wide variety of people download well, just about anything that exists on the internet. For some people, they download what they cannot reasonable get access to in their area (British television shows when living in the U.S.). Others do it to sample what is available. In this day and age, when money is a more scarce resource and signing up for Corbin Fisher costs $25 for a 5 day trial, people want to sample the goods before the buy it (sorry, but $25 for 5 days is only $10 less than a full month – that is not a trial offer like some other websites offer). By going after people who download a few episodes to see if this even a service that is for them, they loss that opportunity to grow their customer base. Furthermore, if they go after someone who used to be a customer but has just fallen on hard times, but would become a customer again when they are no longer in whatever situation, then again they lose a customer permanently. As has been pointed, from a business perspective there is no reason not to embrace this new function of the internet and come up with a new business model to adapt to it. Make the videos free, but put advertisements in them, release some free videos to draw people, and then have a members area that utilizes more strenuous piracy prevention methods, or a whole host of other innovative solutions.

    Bottom line: Yes, what has been done is illegal, and CF is within its rights to pursue this. However, presenting your company as cruel, uncaring, greedy, and whatever else people are feeling is just bad business, whether you are technically correct or not.

  • WillMoor

    I agree that they ARE thinking this through.  They are thinking it through and don’t care about the harm it will cause others, just the money that they might make.  And apparently you don’t care about the harm it may cause either.  It IS their legal right to do this, obviously, but does that make it truly OK or make them heroes?  Not in my book.

    Recently I attempted to join Corbin Fisher because of their Summer Sale and because I wanted to see what the fuss was about over “Aiden” and “Dawson”, but through some strange quirk, the payment outlet they chose to offer the sale through wouldn’t accept my address as genuine, so I was unable to join (it was suggested by CF Support that I try one of their other options, but those options did not include the sale).  It was during this attempt that I noticed in their terms section that we have to agree to pay them $25,000 if our computers get hacked and the content we have legally downloaded gets stolen from us and posted elsewhere EVEN if we can PROVE that it wasn’t our doing.  That rule made me decide it wasn’t worth it.  I doubt I will ever join them again (I had been a member a couple years ago before they became rather scary). 

    I just get the feeling that they are not really very pro-gay.  They just want our money any way that they can get it, even if that means terrorizing and bullying us.  Not just through these lawsuits but through terrible rules as well.  That lawyer’s self satisfied, sarcastic and callous attitude doesn’t really help the situation either.   But at least he isn’t trying to pretend he isn’t all about the $$$.  Gotta hand that to him at least.

    I used to get mad at RandyBlue for still using DRM but at least they don’t seem to be litigation happy and with ridiculously frightening rules that you have to agree to before you join.