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Cousin Marriage Vs. Gay Marriage Infographic

Did you know that it is legal to marry your cousin in five times as many states as it is currently legal to marry for same-sex partner? Today’s infographic has our stomach in knots.

infographic, incest, gay infographic, marriage infographic

Kind of sucks all the juice out of that whole “gays can’t procreate” argument, considering children between first cousins are at nearly twice the risk of being born with birth defects.

Is keeping it in the family really what conservatives mean by “family values?”

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    I love how southern states favor first cousin marriage but not gay marriage. So kissing cousins next door are okay but not Joe and Allen down the street?! WTF?!

  • Anonymous

    This would explan alot about the mental status of the right wing, always suspected those rednecks were getting together with their cousins.

  • Gabriella Russino

    I am gay and a product of incest and this makes me sick!  The fact that I can’t marry my partner and long time girlfriend but, that incest is legal in so many states makes me sick!

  • Jessica Cruz Davenport

    This is embarrassing.

  • Meh, I’ve always disagreed with this argument. There are so many reasons why everyone deserves equal access to marriage, that attacking cousins marrying (or arranged marriages, etc.) is adopting the same my-culture-is-better-than-yours mindset that allows H8-ers to deny us our rights. Cousin marriage is acceptable in many cultures worldwide, and even Jane Austen had one of her heroines marry a cousin. Finally, one of our strongest arguments for marriage equality is that procreation *shouldn’t* be the main qualification for right to marry–we can’t turn around and say birth defects are a reason to ban another kind of marriage… would we also ban women over 40 from marrying? Or people with genetic predispositions? (But I LOVE this blog!)

  • Whom does it serve to play into comparing marriage equality to incest, polygamy or bestiality? This is insulting to queers and royals, and to the people of many cultures for which there is no taboo against the marriage of first cousins. It is too bad that the author did not stop to consider his loathsome simile or to check his facts. There is very little genetic similarity between first cousins, and the chance of birth defects is not twice as high (i.e., 200%) but closer to 2% higher than the general population (Bennett et al, Journal of Genetic Couseling, 2002). 

  • We must be more tolerant of peoples religious orientation and get marriage out of the hands of the government.  Do we really want a bureaucrat in our love affairs? 

  • Brad Hines

    Although New Mexico doesn’t allow gay marriage, it *DOES* recognize marriages from other states for GLBT partners. 

  • To each their own. I would never personally have relations with my cousin, but who am I to judge others? I may think it is gross but then again a lot of people think it is gross I sleep with women. I may not agree but I do not judge them, I hope one day the same can be said towards gays. 

  • Cinz

    …and how many states will allow marriage between a human being and a dachsund?

  • Ashley Valencia

    Good old Colorado. Highest suicide rates, most meth, and incestuous. 

  • This is what is called a false equivalency. Incest and gay marriage are not on equal footings, trying to draw these parallels is simply absurd. And are you honestly trying to use the argument that what is acceptable in some cultures means its actually acceptable behavior? As just as one small example, are you aware of how many cultures in Africa think the horrifying practice of genital mutilation known as “female circumcision” is perfectly acceptable, and should be required of all young girls prior to marriage? Or what about those cultures that still think slavery or the caste system is the way their god(s) meant the world to be? Some cultures *are* better than others, that is where progress and civilization are derived. Family should not be sleeping with family, period. Whether it is cousins, siblings, or parent/child sexual relationships, it is all incest. (As for your absurd defense of arranged marriages, how is treating children like commodities at all a positive thing? Are you being serious or am I completely missing the sarcasm in your post?)
    And no, our main arguments for marriage equality have nothing to do with saying procreation shouldn’t be a qualification for marriage. That isn’t a qualification now, barren women, impotent men, and the elderly are all allowed to marry, and no one is attempting to make that a qualification outside of the lunatic fringe. Only idiotic religious zealots try to bring such a ludicrous notion into the debate. Most (if not all) states don’t even require the pre-marriage blood test to check for STIs anymore. Marriage equality is about nobody being treated as a second-class citizen by being denied rights that one portion of the society is entitled to. And no one should be entitled to incest in any form, much less be allowed to legitimize it with marriage. Trying to equate incest with gay marriage is right up there with equating it with bestiality or pedophilia.

  • rcdcr

    Cousins are already legally related, therefore, no further clarification of their relationship would be necessary in matters of legality.

    The purpose of marriage is to LEGALLY unite those who are not but wish to be, creating a family bond that can not be undermined.

    Please pay attention to what’s going on around you.