Cute Boys With Accents and a 6 Foot Water Balloon

Those looking for poignant, investigative reporting are out of luck. All I’ve got to offer are these cute Australian boys horsing around with a ginormous water balloon.


Splish splash!

  • …They’re British…

  • Anonymous

    i deem this entertaining!

  • Anonymous

    i deem this entertaining!

  • Pup McKeenan

    I wanna touch his AWESOME button!

  • Darek M

    That was a great video I want to try that with my Slo-mo camera.

  • Richard

    Yeah, that doesn’t sound like an Aussie accent at all. I checked their YouTube channel, and they’re from Oxfordshire.

  • Courtney Rofl-Hartmann

    i’m from australia and these guys sound english to me!!