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Dick Cheney’s Outrageously Creepy Photoshopped Book Cover

“This is the cover of Dick Cheney’s new book. The publisher released it yesterday. Remind you of anything? Dick Cheney’s book pictures him in the same suit,and the same shirt, and the same tie, and the same flag pin, and the exact same placement of the flag pin, standing in the exact same place where President Barack Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden. He is standing in exactly the same place. The picture for his book taken from exactly the same angle, except of course on his book cover, Mr. Cheney stands a head taller than President Obama. Dick Cheney’s new book pictorially makes him the guy who killed Bin Laden.”

-Rachel Maddow

  • Emily Phillips

     One time when I was five I took a picture in front of my parents door and then when my nephew was five, they took a picture of him in front of my parents door. INSANITY. Dick Cheney’s a creepy guy, but this is just the mirrored image of Fox News. 

  • Wow.. surprised? No. Disgusted? Absolutely. This guy is about American Values like McDonald’s is about health food. I pray to every pagan god I know, (oh I forgot, according to Bradlee Dean we’re all Christians) that he doesn’t get anywhere near the Presidency again. He is a poser and a loser and in my humble opinion, not in any way a Christian. Jesus would be disgusted at these people who are claiming the ridiculous things in his name. Like Tennessee passing the bill that you can’t say the words “gay” or “homosexual” in grammar or middle school. These topics, (all people are Christian, gays are criminals) are being spouted by a Republican religious right that has their head on backwards and up their own asses. I used to just think the Republican Party was a bit money hungry and a tad intolerant. Now I realize that was just the beginning, that most of the Republican Party seems to hate the poor, homosexual or anyone different from what they are. Oh yes.. Obama is black, there must be something wrong with him, he must have been born in Kenya! Idiots, most of them, and the ones that are not; I don’t think they can save the Republican Party from becoming an obsolete, bigoted, hopefully dissolving partisan party. One can hope, right?

  • Anonymous

    Go Dick! It’s not that Cheney (no close relation to moi) photoshopped his head onto Obama’s body, geeze Maddow don’t stretch that far! He served as VP for eight years, and there must have been numerous times that he stood outside the East Room to have a photo taken.
    Can we all just relax? Cheney has a lesbian daughter for pete’s sake! He’s not the anti-christ. And the Bush interogation tactics that Cheney has largely responsible for (probably as Secretary of Defense under Reagan) that brought us to that day when Obama could even say that “we” got OBL.
    Hate to rain some truth down on Maddow’s crazy party! 

  • Adam Kuglin

     Yeah… this is just a little bit of a stretch. I loves me some Rachel Maddow, and Dick Cheney is a cretin we’re all better off without… but it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Dick Cheney could have worn a red tie, a black suit, a white shirt, a flag-pin on his left lapel and taken a photo outside the East Room *months* ago for his book cover. In fact, I’d even be willing to bet that’s what happened. If Obama had delivered the speech wearing a pair of Spidey pajamas or something, and then Cheney’s book had him wearing Spidey pajamas, well, that’d be something different. But, this is just ginned up controversy over nothing. Totally Fox-style. Lame, Rachel. 🙁

  • Franseenit

    Cheney is one sick ‘man’ .  The arrogance is beyond comprehension.  boycott this piece of trash!!

  • Franseenit

    No one else is permitted to use the ‘red carpet’ – Cheneny is one celebrity HOG – that’s the problem.  But then – Bush was actually his puppet so I guess that would be accurate – much to our dismay.

  • framed2fame

    Really? I think you’re looking alittle too far into this. It’s a black suit with a red tie. It’s also a pin, usually worn on your lapelle.