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Did James Franco Accidentally Tweet A Picture of His Penis?

Last night James Franco sent out a link to his 300,000 Twitter followers that directed to a picture of the actor with his hands in his pants and something pink and fleshy hanging out the fly.

Are we looking at a penis? A finger? Pink undies? Your guess is as good as mine at this point. You never really know what Franco is thinking.

accidentally, twitter, tweet, gay news, gay blog
What are we looking at here?

The image, and the penis (maybe?) are both copyright of James Franco.


  • finger…. like remember when as a child all the naughty lads at school would pretend to pull their penis out and make all the girls scream but they would really just stick their finger out of their open fly? This looks like that…

  • and didnt he do the finger trick when hitch hiking in some movie he did? wouldnt surprise me if thats what it is.

  • Justice Calo Reign

    ball sack!

  • Andrew James B

    That is something veiny, but I think it is just his hand. I wouldn’t care regardless of what it is.

  • Stephanie Timmons

    … I think it’s his hand sticking out. At first I thought it was his peen, but… it could very well be just that his hand is sticking out of his pants that he snapped a pic of.

  • Beth Morgan

    Pineapple Express. 😀 yeah, I bet it’s his finger.
    although I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t.

  • branni

    He’s comedic; I say it’s his finger or something like that. Still; wouldn’t it be a dream to see him naked….He is so beautiful

  • Anonymous

    it’s an arm partially obscured because it is stuffed under the elastic band of black underwear and a pair of bluejeans. Unless you have hidden a part of the actual photo because you can’t print it.

  • It’s not the hand, cause if you look more carefully you’ll note that his wrist is just under the black belt. So, a finger could not go so far down. BALL SACK!

  • Mark

    One has to admit – both the picture and the concept are brilliant!

  • Alex Alferov

    “It’s like my thumb’s my cock”

  • Nah, I’m pretty sure he was just pretending his thumb was his penis, again…

  • Mina Wilde Wolfe

    The very small raises on the skin appear to be hair follicles. So in my opinion it is his scrotum! or a Shaved back of arm… I have my mental images…:P

  • oh please you can see his arm going down his pants… it’s his finger sticking out of the zipper hole

  • oh please you can see his arm going down his pants… it’s his finger sticking out of the zipper hole

  • I vote finger. Given the limited distance between buttons on a button fly…

  • it cock of james

  • Anonymous

    james franco is an idiot. if he wasn’t so damn adorable he’d be stoned and playing video games in his mother’s basement right now.

  •  that is an arm going down the front of someones pants with their hand coming out the fly. you can see the elbow crease in the left middle its just angles and shadows

  • bs

    My guess and why:

    Thats the back of his leg sticking out. No ones forearm looks like that.  Its the inside of his thigh where the hairs are smaller and thinner your seeing thru the zipper. 

  • Stephanie Leann Skidmore

    its a hand.

  •  It’s like my thumb is my cock!

  • the ginger kid

    does anyone notice that’s he’s not actually in the pants? the button is next to his body, not on it. so unless he cut a hole in the side of his jeans, it’s got to be his hand.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your assessment.

  • I was thinking it was ball sack too. LOL! Naughty naughty…

  • olen holm

    it’s a piece of bubble gum

  • Rudolfo Villela

    No… that is the back of his leg! If I read James Franco’s antics correctly, this is probably a shot he did to rise everyone’s suspicions. He seems to be a prankster, and I’ve seen several short films on the internet, that he’s done. They’re pretty funny and they seem to have this same zaniness as this pic.

  • It’s a little too pink to be any other body part…

  • juggalocub

    Its his balls and he has his cock in his hand. I sleep like that.

  • Anonymous

    it’s his thumb his dick is much bigger, trust me

  • How do you “accidentally” do something like that? Seems like it would have to be a very-well coordinated series of “accidents.”

  • Traci

    that’s his arm

  • trojoe

    Dont know. Dont care. I just want it. Haha

  • Jesse Nix

    Since those are button fly jeans and they’re obviously buttoned up, he’d have to pull his cock thru a tiny little hole. 

  • Khai Fox

    looking at the position and length of his arm versus the actual black underwear pulled up over his jeans waistband and the fact that his much smaller thumb is already bending above the waistband and judging the proportion of the rest of his hand to that thumb, it’s most definitely his penis. enjoy.