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Did Maggie Gallagher Just Encourage Suicide Rather Than Marriage?

gay blog, gay news, marriage equality, gay suicide, gay marriage, congress, doma
"Heeeeeey, girl!"

NOM’s Maggie Gallagher got her liar-liar-pants-on-fire on this week as a testifying guest of Speaker John Boehner’s during the Congressional DOMA defense hearings. You know, the one that the majority of the country is opposed to continuing? Gallagher, who is no friend to the gays, responded to a Get Equal activist who confronted her in the hallway of Congress with a troubling remark. Even more troubling than usual, we mean.

It all goes down at the 1:16 mark.

“I took the trouble to find out that gay marriage reduced the teen suicide rate in Massachusetts, and I think if you’re concerned about teen suicide – and I am, including gay teens – that gay marriage is not a good solution to that problem.”

OK, first of all, a deep breath. Without jumping into this horns blazing, let’s try and figure out what she just said. She understands that legalizing gay marriage led to reduced rates of teen suicide in Massachusetts, and yet she adamantly works against this “solution”? The solution of course being a statewide mandate that all citizens are equal despite various sexual orientations.

We’ve watched the clip over a few times trying to understand what Gallagher may have intended by this, and how she may have misspoken if that is what led to this statement, and we’re at a loss.

What do you think of Gallagher’s words?

  • “last time some…(big ol’ pregnant pause) guy..”
    You know damned well what she was going to say. Or at least one of the colorful phrases that…(big ol’ pregnant pause) woman was going to say.

  • Munkstah LovesHalei ForAlways

    From that quote, I would assume that she meant marriage should not be what it takes to stop suicide. That’s how I feel at least.

  • Emily Phillips

    I think you misrepresented her quote quite a bit… When someone like Maggie Gallagher is involved, you don’t need to go out of your way to shoot her in the foot. She does it on her own. There’s no need to stretch the truth.

  • SaraS

    Have you looked at her? The only suicide that she’s encouraging is her own. I’m not worried about Maggie Gallagher. She’s stuffing herself with fried twinkies, hoe-hoes, and god knows what other abundantly artery clogging foods. When she is dying of a heart attack, (because heart disease is the leading silent killer of women in America) let’s all have a moment of silence knowing that she’ll have a doctor from the 54% pro-gay. Ever seen the episode of ER when Mark Green holds the paddles together and shocks … nothing? Fifty four percent. That will really suck for her.

  • Richard

    I almost feel sorry for the poor delusional lady she can’t even keep her lies straight! How does she expect to keep anything or any body else that way? The problem with fear and Hate is it becomes a festering place on a persons soul that they can’t medicate in any other way except to keep heaping more and more venom upon it. As a Gay Christian Minister I pray for the reality of God’s Unconditional Love to become resident and enlightening in her mind body and Spirit. At one time my own mother was just as lost in the darkness as Ms. Gallagher thankfully, By the Ministrations of the Holy Ghost my mother found the Peace Love and tranquility that surpasses All understanding before she died. ironically, she thanked both me and the Lord Jesus Christ for helping usher into that awareness. I do sincerely Hope this Lady and all other people of a similar mind and heart set find this in their journey toward eternity in the name of Jesus Christ! May we all Be Blessed thankyou Brother Richard Ralston

  • SaraH

    I think you misheard her comment…it really sounded to me like she said she “took the trouble to find out IFgay marriage reduced…”, not “that.” Makes a big difference in what she was saying.

  • Jamey Dixon

    Aren’t fat girls usually fruit-flys??

  • Adam Kuglin

    Wait… does she then go on to say “…and I don’t think it’s a serious problem”?

  • Anonymous

      In France there are laws against inciting to discrimination. 

  • She IS a liar! And a bad one at that. It was interesting to watch her trying to get away from Dixon.If you note, they don’t trot her out as much anymore because she gets the same questions and tries to deflect them in the same way, to the point where people see through her great arc of humanity arguments for what they are, animus against gay people. In a word, bigotry!