(dis)united states of lgbt workplace protections, lgbt workplace infographic, lgbt employment infographic, infographic, gay infographic

(Dis)United States of LGBT Workplace Discrimination Infographic

We’re still waiting on the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act to be voted into law – Hell, we’re still waiting for DADT repeal to mean actual, you know, REPEAL. The lack of an all-encompassing workplace protection law for LGBT Americans leaves gays and lesbians vulnerable in 38 states.

And we’re not talking vulnerable in the sense that performing your job poorly can get you canned. We mean the simple act of showing up to work gay is considered a fireable offense.

Deep breaths…

(dis)united states of lgbt workplace protections, lgbt workplace infographic, lgbt employment infographic, infographic, gay infographic
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Get angry about the information in this infographic.

Also, here’s some background info:

gay infographic, infographic, lgbt workplace portections, gay discrimination employment
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Is being gay a fireable offense in your state?

(via workforce.com)

  • Sadly, I was discriminated against while working at a major retail store whose name I won’t mention for not only being gay, but also, for being the only white guy in my area.

  • Wow I am glad that I live where I live. I’m amazed at how many states allow people to be discriminated against in the workplace. This needs to be changed bad.

  • ENDA needs to pass. It protects everyone. The last time I checked, heterosexuality, was a sexual orientation. My boyfriend and I own and run a business and employ many straights. We would never fire anyone just for being straight because that would just be mean. Even though we live in Florida and I guess we could, which doesn’t sit well with me. Pass ENDA to protect ALL our brothers and sisters.

  • ShowMeGuy

    I was *let go* TWICE and was told to my face; one of those times, that is was because of my being gay.  These were both public school teaching jobs.  The job I had while in college didn’t have an issue and it was a private christian-family owned business. The jobs I have had since leaving the teaching field never had an issue with my being gay either.
    Odd how the jobs where it was an issue were gov’ment jobs and the jobs where it was not an issue were in the private sector.
    ** > sarcasm font**   Missouri is awesome.  ** < sarcasm font**

  • Anonymous

    I worked at the local grocery store in my town for almost four years before I finally had enough and quit. I quit because I was told repeatedly by not only the owner of the store, but the head manager as well, that I was being passed over on a promotion to become an office manager because I am gay, and they just couldn’t have a gay person holding that much power at the store.
    gotta love Michigan.

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