Donald Trump, election 2012, president

Donald Trump NOT Running For President

Donald Trump, election 2012, presidentFacing the near total collapse of public support for his potential candidacy (Seriously, homeboy plummeted from 30-something to 5% after President Obama’s All Star Weekend)

Donald Trump says, “I will not be running for president as much as I’d like to.” The crowd cheers. He cites the funds Celebrity Apprentice has raised for charity as a reason to continue the show.

Perhaps he saw his poll numbers?

  • Christopher Crooks

    Donald Trump has been making noise about running for various political offices, including Governor of New York and the US Presidency since before the 2000 election. The only part of his ‘campaign’ worth wondering about is the excuse he’ll use to drop out of the race next time.
    It’s a publicity stunt, and thanks to our collective short term memory, it works for him every time.