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Don’t Say Gay …Or Anything Else

“We’ve proven that not saying something means it doesn’t exist. So now you’re ready for phase two: Don’t Say Terrorist.”

BRA-VO, fellas!

We’ve been waiting a long time for the cutting critique this sort of parody provides. Absolutely fantastic!

What things will you pretend don’t exist by not saying them?

  • its funny really, they don’t like the thing then they can kiss my well used ass and like it because as much as saying they don’t like is their right, its also a responsibility to not discriminate against what they don’t like, like its a real problem. this whole issue is like claiming aids comes from gays when in fact they better start looking at things from a more straightforward approach and from where they didn’t assume the problem lies!

  • Caleb Andrew Beal

    i like Keith Olbermann…

  • Jason Shreeve

    Religion, Darn I said now it exisits.  silly rhetorical question…….

  • ShowMeGuy

    Awesome.  Humor shows the insanity level of this new right-wing-nut strategy.

  • hahaha.. i can only think of one word to describe this video… AWESOME!!!!!!… hahahahah