douchebags of grindr,

Douchebags of Grindr – We’re obsessed!

We’ve been doing a little market research for a client lately by perusing through the profiles on Grindr and the like. It’s…well…it’s a lot of torsos and bad spelling.

Which is why we were so thrilled to stumble across Douchebags of Grindr, a site dedicated to the worst of the worst men using the service. Check out some of our favorites below.

douchebags of grindr,
Designer Douche
douchebags of grindr, douchebagsofgrindr
Good luck, Douche
douchebags of grindr,
What’s a douche to do?
douchebags of grindr,
Pretty prease douche?
douchebags of grindr,
Major league douche.
douchebags of grindr,

Pretty douchey, eh?

  • Finally a blog that understands me.

  • OMG I may get a grindr account just for the sheer pleasure of experiencing the D first hand!

  • Ew

  • m

    i hate to sound like an old lady, but i’m really surprised that you guys are promoting this. i know that this app by it’s very nature exposes you to people you may or may not want to see you, but it’s typically on a localized level, and you have the option of blocking to hide yourself from people you don’t want to see you. while some of the posts here are hilarious (and others are just plain catty and mean)i think it’s wrong and maybe even dangerous to publish these guys’ faces on the internet without their explicit permission, and to expose them and the fact that they’re using a (public, i know) cruising app to potentially thousands and thousands of people across the world. at the very least i think whoever runs the site should take a few minutes and blur or cover part of their faces. 

  • HAHAHA i have a facebook group dedicated to the same thing! It’s called Grindr Fright and it makes my day!

  • Matt

    Jesus…you ARE an old lady.

    Get with the program.  It’s the Internet, these guys are already exposing their faces and ugly personalities to the public at large…and you’re worried about their safety?  Please….

  • Samuel Vincent Evans

    do any of these men really wonder why they’re still single? LOL

  • jamesean

    gays Hating gays Priceless,  its almost like a bunch of bitches picking on each other in high school  ease up boys you’re just hating yourself

  • Guys like these make it hard for guys like ME to find decent people. It disgusts me how little the gay community has respect for their own kind.

  • cdcollura

    This app got me so frustrated I wound up SELLING my iPhone. I’ll take the old craigslist anytime.

    Even in places (I travel alot) I have NO problems meeting fun guys I was snarled at, blocked, asked for “Pic?” then rejected painfully, and given the “not interested” (from the ‘polite’ folks).

    Just an app for pushing buttons and messing with people’s minds. There are ways of ‘rejecting’ people WITHOUT making them feel like shit. GrindR is certainly not that way.

    Some of the most arrogant, stuck up, superficial, and down right STUPID people I ever seen in my life (more than any club or bar) frequent here – Almost as if they belong to such a ‘club’ – and YES … Gays HATING other Gays 99.9% of the time – And for THOSE folks: You can take this app and shove it up your asses (probably the best thing you’d ever have up ‘there’) … Along with your ego and everyone else’s you wound up destroying.

    Maybe we need to start calling this ANTI social networking?