Doug Jones' gay son, Carson Jones

Another Reason to Celebrate Doug Jones’ Victory: We’ll See More of His Hot Gay Son

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Democratic candidate Doug Jones beat homophobic, accused child molester and Republican candidate Roy Moore in last night’s special election for the Alabama U.S. Senate. But have you heard that Jones has a sexy gay son? Yep! Doug Jones’ gay son is named Carson Jones, and we’re totally infatuated with him.

He’s a self-described southern gentleman, zookeeper, gym junkie, adventurer and sushi addict. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and is currently in graduate school at Colorado State University in Zoo and Aquarium Management.

He’s bearded, has a toothy smile and a furry chest. He also owns a Romphim and enjoys cooking, so we’re basically ready to be his boyfriend or help him celebrate his dad’s recent win — whichever he’s down for.

Or we could just spot him at the gym. We’re open!

Plus, being a zookeeper means that he’s also an animal lover, and his Instagram has shots of him alongside elephants, seals, koalas and even some weird-lookin’ tree-dweller called a Murdock.

And he seems like he’s down for a drink here and there — pub crawl, yo! What do you say, Carson? You down for some body shots?

#pride #Denver #dapper #firefighters #chubbies @chubbies #denverpride

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In addition to all that, he’s an outdoorsman who apparently enjoys hiking, and has even scuba-dived in the Great Barrier Reef. Plus check out how good he looks in that Romphim — oomph!

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Carson Jones is also a sports and country music lover who has a soft spot for Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes. We love country music! Need a date to an upcoming concert, Carson? Ehh?!?

#trickortreatbitches #hardandlong

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He’s a handsome young man coming into his own, but we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed his good looks. People on Twitter have begun commenting as well.

So basically, we’re hoping that his dad does a good job and we’ll get to see Doug Jones’ gay son a lot more on Instagram and in the media, because it’s been a long time since a progressive southern politician had eye-candy like Carson for us to admire. So, congrats Doug!

And Carson … call us?


h/t Boy Culture

  • Cynthia Foxe

    love him
    kool guy
    congrats to ur dad!

  • halfeatenpeach

    are the white twinks who write this shit so parched that we are celebrating this potato with eyes

  • Horace Burnett Jr.

    Really ? So in a round about way, the very thing everyone was against at the beginning somehow rears its head after the fact. Oh wait, it’s not a republic doing so it’s cool. Either party affiliation, everyone thinks the same clearly. You all will always find a way to uphold your ‘ heritage ‘.

  • francisthomas

    oh you seem nice…..Im not sure his looks no matter if you’re judging or not, are the exact point –

  • Rand Richard

    Ascribing some sort of extra power or worth to the Jones offspring because he’s HOT is sickening….. His orientation to a large extent is irrelevant. THe yellow journalism shown in your headline and body of your article must be a reflection of your values Daniel Villareal. Too bad you couldn’t have delved into what great things the son might have accomplished or how he might have more prominent voice the the struggle for equality. You chose instead to take a shallow low road.

  • steve

    Jesus, lighten up for one f—–ing second and appreciate that the guy is appealing and attractive. It’s not “yellow journalism.”

  • steve

    are you guys trolls or do you really believe the half-baked point you’re barely articulating?

  • Rand Richard

    Yes it is “exaggerates the news to create sensations and attract readers.” THis is not a cute little article. Dude evidently has a head on his shoulders and all this guy can come up with is cute face,furry chest…… But yea…. that’s ok…… because that’s all the ‘”FA&*(&TS or QU&*(_s) care about anyway. The whole article is a bad stereo type of the gay community…..I will speak out. Patronize mie if you must.

  • steve

    Bullshit. You’re just an angry, controlling person who wants everything to be his way. It’s a lighthearted article about a guy having a cute son, not an in-depth investigative profile of the Jones family. You’re ridiculous. No one suggested he has “extra power” or “extra worth.” The article also mentions his education, that he’s in grad school, his work, his interests and his hobbies. But of course you missed all that because you’re negative feelings about yourself have been triggered. Do some work on accepting yourself instead of hating on an article that dares to point out that a young man is attractive.

  • Rand Richard

    Oh please…..

  • bryguyf69

    “Yellow journalism”??? Seriously? If an Internet blog is what you’d consider journalism then I feel sorry for you. I have news for you: Anyone can write a blog, not just “journalists.” A blog (and vlog) is basically a public diary, expressing the writer’s thoughts — with no promise of veracity or profundity. Did you pay to read Hornet? Was there some kind of contract or agreement from the writer’s end? I’m not sure where you got the idea that this is a source for hard hitting or analytical news. If that’s what you want, go to the NY Times, Washington Post or PBS websites (or even the WSJ or *gasp* Fox). I’m there and they’re great. But I’m also here, with no delusions of Hornet being more than what it is.

    Here are two simple solutions for you: 1) Don’t read. You don’t like Hornet’s contents? Don’t contribute to its click-count, which increases its revenue. Don’t read and don’t post. Just as you won’t see me on WorldStar or Breibart. Very simple. 2) Start your own blog. Post a well-researched bio on Carson Jones. If people are interested, they’ll read. I know I would. Again, very simple. I just don’t understand holier-than-thou people who just enjoy bitching and criticizing but won’t take a proactive approach beyond that.

  • bryguyf69

    You want a deep detailed profile of Carson Jones? Well then write one! What’s stopping you from posting one right here as a Comment??? Seriously, stop your holier-than-thou bitching and provide a solution. Thank you in advance. THINK about it.

  • Rand Richard

    A blog allows comments. I stated my comments, My opinions. If you don’t like them fine! Refute them if you like but who the hell are you to tell me to keep my mouth shut and go away. If a blogger doesn’t want to have dissenting opinions or criticism they can disallow comments.. I’m not a blogger and don’t care to be but I am an American, I can and will state my opinions. If you want to engage in a dialogue about your disagreements with my post fine, but in telling me to go away or to start my own blog because you don’t like my response is a perfect example of why this country is so fucked up.

  • Shane Arnold

    While I agree that there is superficiality in the gay community, there is also the same in the entire world … media is always celebrating what culture sees as “beautiful”, irrespective of of any other merits. You certainly have a right to your opinion, but you lose respect when you start name-calling and generalizing a whole group of people. And yes .. I am proudly a “faggot”, and I clicked on the headline mostly because I wanted to see how cute the fellow was, but I did enjoy the information, since I knew very little about Jones and his family.

  • Gest2016

    love how people white bash, and they are the worst kind of racists of all. sorry honey, being not white doesn’t excuse your sad life. 🙁

  • Gest2016

    Rand probably got hit with the ugly stick and wants everyone else to feel the pain.

  • Richard Smith

    Well, to be clear, when someone is hung from a tree and lit on fire while still alive, THAT is the worst form of racism. THIS is someone trying poorly to make point that white males are, indeed, overly represented in LGBTQ imagery. Let’s be clear here!

  • Gest2016

    I don’t even understand this critique. Its like me saying Blacks are over represented in Jet magazine. We live i a White world, at least in America — Whites founded it and still fun it and largely populate it. This will change over time, but personally I am grateful for every single White person on this planet and the science and technology they have discovered. And if it was Africa that civilized the world, invented Democracy and technology and went to the moon, trust me I would be grateful to them in the same way.

  • Talent_Fan

    Whites founded it?… like they happened upon an empty territory.

  • Talent_Fan

    You’re pretty disgusting… and not because of your language.