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The Library Is Open as ‘Drag Race’ Winner Sasha Velour Goes In on Valentina

A video has surfaced of RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sasha Velour lovingly reading her sister Valentina. The library is opening hunties – and Mamma Velour goes in!

The bar Velour appeared at regularly asks queens on stage to read one fellow contestant from their season – and the audience chose Valentina for Velour to read.

“Let’s talk about Valentina,” Velour begins.

“OK, props to her she obviously has the most interest from the fans both good and bad,” she admits. “Mostly bad. She is the Selena of drag. And she may have the same fate.”

Velour continues: “Valentina’s face is beautiful. Both of them.”

“Valentina definitely thinks of herself as a beautiful princess. And just like a princess her kingdom is full of trolls.”

“The thing that I love about Valentina is that behind her drag there is something even, even more beautiful: her boyfriend’s credit card.”

Is this Bianca Del Rio we’re watching or Sasha Velour?

Sasha reading Valentina! 🔪 👏 🌹 #readingisfundamental #thelibraryisopen #towndc #justiceforselena

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While the video just surfaced, this was probably filmed before Velour was crowned the queen of season 9. We’re only saying this because after that reunion and now as a winner, we doubt Velour would joke so savagely about a fellow sister. But it’s also all in good fun anyways, as reading is part of the drag community. Right, Alexis Michelle?

Speaking of the reunion, in a recent interview with Vice, Velour reflects on the negativity that was shown when the queens all got back together.

“I don’t think it felt very dark in person,” Velour responds. “We all have a relationship with each other, and drag queens love to speak very openly with each other. That’s why people love watching them interact.”

Drag Race winner Velour continues:

“I think it was important to hold each other accountable because the fan response this season had taken such a dark turn. The scale of the show keeps getting larger, and the scale of the darkness and the violence in the language fans were using went to unprecedented levels. It became clear that we weren’t on the same page about some things, and that’s why tensions arose. I think it was one of the most real and emotionally honest moments of the season. There were a lot of hurt feelings, but I think it was healing for us. I think our relationships improved.”

When asked about some of the queens being fake on camera, Velour responds, “It’s hard to say. I can only speak for myself and my intentions, and I just wanted to have real conversations with the queens that weren’t about producing a narrative for a television show.”

“I don’t think everyone was completely honest about who they were during the season, and we needed to work that out.”

Team Velour or Team Valentina, both queens are fabulous and we can’t wait to see what’s next… for both of them.

  • I was there

    This was filmed the day after she won (6/24) at Town Danceboutique in DC.

  • Chrisois

    Valentine did a show in Mpls for Pride weekend, and she bombed. It was at a high energy dance party at First Avenue nightclub. She came on and badly lip synched to few Spanish language ballads. The energy of the whole club just dropped and people couldn’t wait for her to leave the stage.

  • Robert Saenz

    racist and insecure, winner by default and he knows it.

  • DCHomos

    Tacky. That’s neither reading of shade, it’s just being nasty.

  • No one gives a shit, sweety.

  • Can’t believe Valentina is still considered amazing after her super unprofessional lack of any preparation for that lipsync. She should have sunk by now.

  • Julian Jung

    In your own words, “No one gives a shit, sweety.” It was great tv, brought drama to the season, and now everyone has moved on from it. Get over yourself.

  • Brando Calrissian
  • Brando Calrissian

    When it’s someone you like, you consider this banter, “…lovingly reading her sister…” but when you don’t, it’s a nasty assault from Tyra Sanchez, haha.

    Plus, Valentina lost… got sent home embarrassingly… what is everyone so upset about? That she’s still popular despite this? If that’s not jealousy & petty back-biting, then it’s just sad on their part and yours.

  • Sasha Velour, she is a derivative as she is uninspiring. If she constantly has to remind the audience how “crazy” and “weird” her drag is, I assume she is only attempting to convince herself. She is pretentious, petulant, and pitiful. Congratulations on lucking out on that lip sync. We all know Shea carried her sorry ass throughout that competition. For the writer to compare Sasha to Bianca is very misinformed. Sasha is a condescending racist and I hope she slips and reveals her true self.

  • Typical racist white homosexual.

  • Ivan Enchev

    By her other performances outside of the show it seems she is just that kind of s**t you don’t wanna work with or be a fan of.

  • Ivan Enchev

    Oh did she hurt your little feelings? Lucking out that lip sync?! At least she can lip sync, not like that small nasty creature Valentina!

  • Mis-read a crowd and event atmosphere? Damn straight she made a mistake. There are hundreds of amazing, vibrant and fun Spanish language tracks she could have performed to which would’ve suited the venue and event, but she dropped the ball. No-one is to Blake but her (and possibly her team). No-one is infallible or beyond reproach.

  • She meant death of her career, not actual death.

  • Has nothing to do with being white or any other ethnicity. Has everything to do with a performer who had massive popularity and goodwill dropping the ball and refusing to curb their ego.

  • Winner by default? Because Ru should have let Valentina win a lip sync she didn’t prepare for and didn’t care about, and should’ve been given the crown? Give me a break.

  • Exactly, Sasha completed TWO fierce lip-syncs with uniqueness, style and energy. Sonething Valentina couldn’t and wouldn’t do for even one. She has no one to blame but herself for leaving the show when she did.

  • Everyone is upset because she is biting the hand that feeds her and showing not an ounce of grace or humility. That’s unprofessional and uncalled for.

  • Brando Calrissian

    It’s entertainment- why are you treating it as if she’s handling public policy instead of a club atmosphere? It’s a mistake, it’s happened, move on. I’m not saying that anyone is above reproach, but what’s the appeal in kicking a dead horse?

    There are plenty of queens who act just as vain and are just as vapid as Valentina, yet there is a fascination and a fervor where everyone seems to be set on focusing this heat just on her. Do you not agree?

  • Brando Calrissian

    Misty, I’m not defending anyone’s bad behavior… including the mob set out to trash one queen in particular when there are tons that do the same without any notice or YouTube weigh-in video.

    You must admit that there is a concentration of this attention on Valentina as opposed to others.