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Drug Bust On The Biggest Gay Cruise Ever

Go to jail. Go directly to jail. West Hollywood resident Steven Barry Krumholtz, 51, was arrested in St. Thomas while the world’s largest gay cruise ship was docked. Krumholtz was thumbed after another passenger who was found with drugs on him identified his dealer.

Federal agents found ecstasy, meth and Ketamine in Krumholtz’s cabin, along with $51,000 in cash. They say crime doesn’t pay, but that’s an awful lot of dough for just a weekend at sea.

While police were searching Krumholtz’s cabin, two would-be customers knocked on the door looking to make a deal. How many of you would have loved to be a fly on the wall when that door opened?

Krumholz remains in custody in St. Thomas on charges of intent to sell. His attorney declined to comment on the situation.

A Royal Caribbean spokesperson said, “We take various steps to prevent the transport of illegal narcotics. Royal Caribbean cooperated fully with authorities during this investigation and will continue to provide law enforcement with any assistance they may need.”


  • Anonymous

    There are Drugs everywhere in our Society. I am dumb-founded to think why a Cruise Ship would be exempt from having Drugs and Dealers on board their vessel. How will they enforce the law and arrest an estimated thousand Homosexuals? That would be a very long Departure from the ship when they returned back to the origination docking.