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Drug of the Week: Fly Agaric Mushrooms

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These cute little mushrooms look like cartoons: red capped with little white spots — they’re just absolutely adorable. They rarely kill people, though death is possible. Their muscimol and ibotenic acid produce unpredictable hallucinations, and since it’s hard to know how much chemical is in any particular cap, you might get a mild trip or you might be incapacitated, develop seizures, or wind up in a coma. They can also produce amnesia.

In some Siberian cultures, it’s not unusual for a shaman to eat the mushroom, then for other people to drink his urine. The shaman might act as a filter, since it’s said that the negative effects are decreased if you drink it in someone’s pee. But you still get to drink someone’s pee though, so there’s an upside, if that’s your thing.

  • Jesse Nix

    I hate pigs!!!!

  • Denise Nolting

    Arrested for trespessing?? How about kidnapping? Theft?   Not allowing customers to close their accounts amounts to theft!!  And do you think any of those charges will ever be filed???

  • babs989

    I think the issue is that on my perspective it looks staged, the well-dressed person was obviously the organizer with the lawyers on speed dial.You can cancel an account over the phone, or have a staggered number of people in selected locations.You can deflect on the d/l just as much as out and proud.Suddenly, they will all get the last laugh when there is a silent slope on numbers downward.Oh and when you do it on the d/l nobody gets arrested and you still make your statement.

  • Kindra Pring

    I’m waiting for some kind of confirmation – I saw the video of the well dressed woman and I don’t think she was arrested (that there were handcuffs appear to be hearsay since they led her INTO the bank, and you can’t see if she even has handcuffs on, and the person who led her away isn’t wearing anything indicating he works at the bank or for the police – he looks more like he’s one of the protestors or perhaps a by-stander). They came into the bank in a large group, screaming and yelling. I have a feeling the person who took this video is practicing some dishonesty – they misunderstood the situation so assumed the worst because it looks better for their cause. Personally, I don’t see why people are touting this video as absolute fact when you can’t hear anything over the person taking the video (making it more difficult to figure out who everyone is). Based on what every is wearing, the woman was a customer or a manager, the person who touched her inappropriately was a protestor, and the cops weren’t handcuffing her but trying to lead her into the bank safely – that’s what it looks like. I switched to a credit union long before the Occupy protests started, and I did it calmly and respectfully. The people doing these protests do need to learn some respect and honesty, because as a progressive, I see more and more Tea Party in this demonstration every day.

    As well, the numbers are inconsistent – I’ve seen 1, 14, 24, and 30 for people arrested, and none of them are from highly credible sources and NONE of them have the banks point of view – this isn’t constructive journalism.

    And as well, I’m tired of the disrespect to police. If your house is broken into you don’t hesitate to call them. If your car is stolen you jump to call 911. Police just do what they’re ordered too, and follow procedure, and yet because of a couple bad apples people assume all of them are “pigs”. It’s disgusting. Learn some respect for law enforcement or get out of the country you hate so much – it’s one thing to do it with Wall Street, it’s another thing to do it to the men and women that keep you safe at night. It’s reactionary and it’s ridiculous, and it’s making our entire generation look selfish, hateful and entitled – yes, ENTITLED. I’ve seen more kids going “I can’t find a job so dismiss my loans” and asking for handouts when they’ve just graduated – I’m in college, I have a job. I don’t have text (a lot of this so called broke kids have the fanciest smart phones) and I have the lowest possible coverage for my car insurance – if I were really broke I would sell my car. I’m tired of being looked down on when I’m actually supporting myself and surviving, because I’m put up against the spoiled kids at this protests who complain about not having a job after they majored in philosophy, or not having money when they live with their parents. I respect the homeless and destitute community protesting – they actually have it hard. They truly do need attention to be paid – but there is no attention paid. Instead this movement is directing all attention to the college students who made poor choices, the frequent arrests, the Anonymous quotient, and the speakerphone.

    If you guys want to make a difference, live homeless for a week. It’ll get the attention of the government, effect the pockets of Wall Street, and teach you a little something about what it’s really like to be a part of the “99%”.

  • Kindra Pring

    I kind of thought that too – despite everyone’s desires to think the worst, a gaggle of cops won’t see a woman be practically sexually assaulted and then arrest here – there are many things CLAIMED that are conveniently hidden behind screaming and the backs of people. The whole thing looks like they were expecting it – what woman would calmly walk up to a protest and start saying “I’m a customer I’m a customer”.

  • Kindra Pring

    Actually, a bank can, if they feel they or their customers are in danger. A large group of people entering, especially in the mentality this group may have, is grounds for lock down if the manager and security feel it is. Banks are allotted certain rules because they hold so much money at one time and can be targeted for major heists.

  • Kathleen Sharp

    omg! That’s ridiculous! How do you trespass in a bank where you have your money??

  • idrewacat

    They can’t lock them inside. That is considered kidnapping. That’s… a lawsuit.

  • Thanks for covering this. I still find it amazing how much they’re getting away with on a micro and macro scale. I’m surprised this is still a peaceful protest with how the protesters are being mistreated. Hopefully it’ll stay peaceful. I’m sure a number of media outlets would have a field day if they could portray these protests as violent.

  • Dale Bowman

    You know, just when I thought this country and its financial institutions could not sink any lower, they surprised me.  It’s kind of like someone dared the banks that the first one who could dig their way to the bottom of the barrel of corporate criminal treatment of customers, that the one who got their first, Citibank, decided that was not good enough and started to claw it’s way through the bottom.  It is abundantly clear that the woman who was on the outside of the bank and showed that she had a bank book was a banking customer.  Then NY’s alleged finest dragged her off the sidewalk and into the bank so that she could be arrested with the others.  Shame on the New York City Police who have opted to defend corporate America and not the citizens it has sworn to protect.  Clearly, Citibank needs to fail.

  • The banks in this story truly are wrong for doing what they did. But I’ve still never had a lick of trouble with my own (relatively smaller) bank, so I’m staying with it. Bank Transfer Day sounds like when people tell you not to buy gas on a certain day, but no one really does it.

  • Dale Bowman

    God, I hope you are right and I hope the customers, soon to be ex-customers, prevail.

  • Um, can someone tell me something?  What country am I in?  Because this isn’t supposed to be America. 

  • Karen Algiers

    already ECU customer

  • Melissa Clancy

    I’m sorry, this is a very serious video and all that, and I understand what they are trying to say. But I love the old lady in the beginning going “Wall Street? But this is Greenwich Village.” I’m sorry, I just find it hilarious.

  • Kindra Pring

    Knew it, Citibank released this statement: “Citibank Public Affairs issued the
    following statement regarding today’s incident: “A large number of
    protesters entered our branch at 555 La Guardia Place around 2:00 PM
    today. They were very disruptive and refused to leave after being
    repeatedly asked, causing our staff to call 911. The Police asked the
    branch staff to close the branch until the protesters could be removed.
    Only one person asked to close an account and was accommodated.” This wasn’t a peaceful protest to close accounts – this was a gang of people disrupting a private business and frightening staff members. They were within their rights to have people arrested.

  • Seaguy

    S*ity Bank customer service sucks!

  • n2artkk

    This type of injustice is what I envision when people say that we live in the “free-est, greatest, best country ever!”  Then I typically roll my eyes at people who say that.

  • jzmajor

    I thought the police were to protect the people… There is something fundamentally wrong with the American government if innocent citizens are being arrested. This is corruption in its fullest form.

  • Joey Lopez


  • And this is why I don’t keep my money in a bank folks.

  • johnwad

    These people have all the money,

  • johnwad

    These people have all the money and hate gays,

  • Thomas Alex

    Serves them right, they should not have been trying to make a statement on private property. 

  • Kindra Pring

    Or maybe they just call me an honest bystander who doesn’t like reactionary protests where people will openly lie about things and make ME look bad. Citibank can’t lie – they can get sued for it. Random YouTube posters can with little fear of that.

  • Kindra Pring

    We’re all human beings twat – I don’t care if you’re the owner of the bank, a politician, a man living on the street, a single mom, or an average Joe – we’re still human beings. You can tell someone they need to change and still show RESPECT.

    You’re not making life livable. You’re making be look bad. No one saw it, you saw what you wanted to see because you’ve so BRAINWASHED yourself into thinking everyone is against you that you’ll see anything to prove your point. Citibank released a statement – I’m more inclined to believe that one since it makes more sense and was presented respectfully.

    But hey, nope, you’re right. Obviously I’m just a shill for the corporates – yeah, THAT’S why I switched to a credit union YEARS ago.

  • Ages ago they’d call you a Mammonite, I think they called you a royalist in the more recent past, now a days they’d just call you a corporate shill. All are fitting.

  • You know what, we don’t have to live homeless, we don’t have to give trillions to the banks, we don’t have to throw away trillions on needless wars, instead we can fix that. Instead we can have education paid for so people don’t start life off in debt, secure jobs and a chance at the American dream.

    You can snivel and grovel homeless learning piety sucking up to banks that literally are stealing (with over a trillion in unpaid debt to us tax payers) or beg like a dog to corporations which lobby the government to invade countries and throw trillions more down a hole. However we’ll be making life livable for you so you can whine that we don’t do enough.

    So cry to someone else about the “banks point of view”, that garbage won’t fly. Everyone saw that woman get drug into that bank and the police help or stood there like trained dogs. It was vile and a clear violation of her civil liberties. I hope she sues and wins big.

  • Kindra Pring

    And you know this based on what evidence?

  • Kindra Pring

    “The fact that American’s streets are NOT burning” is not a level of high respectfulness, it’s a threat. Ghandi never said anything like that. MLK never said anything like they. They did their business peacefully and with full respect – these Occupy protestors are a shame to MLK and Ghandi – they like to think they’re martyrs, but MLK and Ghandi were arrested by TRUE unfair governments, they were imprisoned for no reason at all. These Occupy protestors ARE arrested for a reason and promptly let go if it’s not serious – they’re ASKED to leave a private park or place and don’t, and then they’re arrested, BECAUSE THAT’S THE LAW.

    The standard Civil Rights fight isn’t that you break ANY law and get arrested, it’s that you break unjust laws – trespassing on PRIVATELY OWNED PROPERTY isn’t an unjust law, and if you disagree, well then I’ll just walk right in your house, plant myself in your living room and stay there for a while. They went to the bank, were asked to leave, didn’t, caused a ruckus, then were arrested.

    You people are doing this because of the high up CEO’s? Well guess what – they’re high up for a reason. They can ignore you no problem, and because you’re more concerned with occupying than with actually doing something that makes a difference, they’ll NEVER notice you. You know who you ARE hurting – the same, down on their luck, ex-students who couldn’t find a job, who now work for small wages at the bank. THEY are the ones who are going to get fired first – you’re putting innocent people out on the street, and the CEO’s aren’t going to feel a thing. You’re scaring the hell out of innocent low wage workers, just because you don’t seem to understand that with behavior like this the first person you’re going to hurt are the lowest level. 

  • Kindra Pring

    And just as useful.

  • Kindra Pring

    They teach where money is held in economics? I didn’t take economics until 10th grade and nothing of the sort was mentioned. You guys are pulling excuses out of your ass.

  • Kindra Pring

    Actually, a bank is private property. Your logic is kind of like saying I can do whatever I want to and inside of a McDonald’s because I bought a Big Mac – it doesn’t work that way.

  • Perhaps arresting these people has more to do with preserving the banks autonomy and very survival rather than the very interesting idea that all the security guards and cops were trying to do was put a sudden frenzy session of customers/vigilantes into quarantine mode. Who really needs to be quarantined are the banks, but that’s just the humble opinion of an individual with hardly a dime to his name.

  • Purple_Zebra

    And a violation of fire safety code.

  • Purple_Zebra

    hahaHAha  Banks have very little money inside of them.  Most do not have the money on hand to cover the current deposit totals in the accounts of their clients.  Banks are money collection centers…they collect your money…..and it goes away.

  • Caleb Andrew

    Citibank can lie very easily. Not one of those protest could stand up to their legal team, i doubt they would be afraid of being sued.  Taking a state from the bank as fact is stupid, not we just assume the the protesters were right. The whole thing is pretty much unknown and it will most likely stay that way. There are a lot of stupid being said in these comments, whether for or against the protesters, but half of them are yours. 

    also for everyone, local banks are a great option if you unhappy. But those will just replace the bigger ones now if we all switch.

  • Purple_Zebra

    So when are these banks and corporations going to start treating people with some respect?
    Corporations treat people like shit….day in and day out…..and the people are tired of it.
    So who cares if a small group of people didn’t bow down and worship this CitiBank location as if it were their god.

    The fact that America’s streets are NOT burning….should tell everyone about the high level of respectfulness which is being displayed by the Occupy movement.
    People in North America have rioted over ballgame loses and washed up rockband’s concerts selling out of tickets.   But when the subject is corporation’s enslavement of people……protestors act all polite and civilized and get treated like rabid, stray dogs.

    Welcome to the United Corporations of America… shut up and buy something.

  • Purple_Zebra

    A bank is not private property…when your money is inside of it, because you are their client.

  • Kindra Pring

    Right. And that’s why the movement continues to complain that they’re not getting media coverage – except for their arrests of course.

    Were never in danger or worried – that’s why they called the police and locked down the building.

    They have a right to access it, not cause a public disturbance.

    Once again, keep insulting me. It’s real mature. I switched to credit unions 9 months ago. You’re switching now because it’s the trendy thing to do. Sorry that you’re so behind.

  • idrewacat

    Based on 7th grade economics.

  • Kindra Pring

    So wait. You’re going to assume a bank – which gets public vetting on a regular basis, is more likely to lie than a bunch of teenagers with a cell phone camera?

    Yeah, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but CitiBanks’ story makes more sense. The kid’ story just makes you and your cause seem more credible.

  • Tyler


  • Yeah they can’t lie…. and you called us brainwashed. Go concern troll for a bank elsewhere.

  • And by protesting you get media attention. And with media attention you get the CEOs to notice. And those bank workers you are so so worried about (give me a break) were never in danger, or worried. There was an army of armed police, and a handful of unarmed people closing their accounts. They locked em in the bank, then drug one off the street to silence them.

    And they were paying customers, they have a right to access that bank, it’s not trespassing. The bank was open for business, the protestors went in to do business – business that Citibank hates. So spare us your lies and worries for that poor multi-billion corporation which employes an army of lobbyist that are buying up politicians to get more of my tax dollars.

    You are a real work. Mammonite!

  • Anyone with a 3rd grade education can figure out that if a local bank has thousands of customers the bank would never have all of the deposits on hand to return them at once.

    And banks aren’t allotted “special” rules. They have that rule in case of a robbery. This wasn’t – which was very very clear – it was people closing their bank accounts. When you have a public company – which a bank is – you wave your “private property” rights to allow for businesses in regards to trespassing. The bank has to first ask you to leave, if you then refuse it’s trespassing. Since they LOCKED them in and DRUG them off the street, that’s not trespassing.

    And I repeat… Mammonite.  

  • Taelor Anne Bond

    I love becu!

  • Robert Rowse

    The average bank holds around 10 – 15% of the total amount actually deposited. This is why a number of banks failed around the Great Depression, because people kept taking out all their money, then they ran out and ran out of business before the Federal Reserve could get the rest of the money shipped to the banks. I learned this in college, so it isn’t some made up shit.

  • TJ Foust

    Now wait wait wait.  Corporations treat people like shit?  I think with the huge amounts of money they still pump into diversity training, local and international charities, and other such ventures(admittedly not as much as they could but the private sector isn’t either) they could be doing a much better job treating us like shit.

    As for people being tired of it, if they were really tired of it they would STOP DOING BUSINESS THERE!  Wanna be sick of something, people bitching about Wal-Mart, Big Oil, etc etc etc and yet they don’t hold back their spending, they keep buying cheap crap and gas while decrying everything.  If your not so fed up that you can’t pay more to get it local, if your not so fed up that you can’t give up a car and use public transit, then you are not really that bad off.   I dont like Chick Filet or Cracker Barrel for their homophobic policies, and I haven’t eaten at either in over 5 years.  Put your money where it counts.  Force these failed banks to close by taking away their  accounts.  But please stop trying to lump us 99% together, we all want different things, have different ideas on how to fix everything, and I STILL don’t see how you can compare someone who makes 350k to me, or me to someone making 30k with 2 kids.

  • Kindra Pring

    10-15%? So let’s say a bank holds for it’s customers…eh, $2,500,000. That seems like a modest amount. So you’re saying that of that, it holds $250,000 in cash at any given time – and you’re trying to argue that that DOESN’T make a target for large heists? I can’t think of any other businesses that hold that much money in a singular location. Open your mouth and insert your foot my friend.

  • Kindra Pring

    Drug them off the street? Where’s that in the video? I saw one woman carried away by an unidentified man in plain clothes. Also, this was people closing their accounts in a loud and disruptive manner – you honesty think that in a situation like a robbery they’re going to wait until someone pulls a gun? If they think there’s a dangerous situation they will call – a large group of angry people in my workplace would make me call the cops pretty quick, especially if they refused to leave if asked.

    Um, no you don’t. So you’re saying I can do anything I want at any private business as long as I’m a customer? That’s the most idiotic thing I ever heard.

    And I repeat…immature little boy who’s caught up in a sensationalist fad.

  • Kindra Pring

    Don’t stun them with logic.

  • Crazy World We Live In

    The entire movement should temporarily shift their focus on this Citi branch.  What they going to do?..  Arrest thousands of people?

    After enough exposure of this criminal thug activity, they should head back downtown to 33 Liberty Street, home of the not so Federal, Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

    Fraud Street is only the fuel that feeds the real criminals – The Fed!

  • Get a life and try to contribute to this world we live in a different manner… Actually, you can start in your own little way by joining the economic boycott with positivism.

  • Kindra you are a very uneducated person who is arrogant and ignorant. I feel sorry for you. You must be poor but in your brain sweetheart!

  • Kindra Pring

    Another cute insult – math a little much with you? As for your “get a life comment” – I go to school full time, have a job, am a member of many clubs and student organizations, and have my own place. I don’t waste my time whining at petty protests if that’s what you think a life is.

  • Sarah Jane S. Riggle

    Actual bank customers are being arrested for trying to close their accounts?  This is crazy!!!

  • Kindra Pring

    Obviously I don’t want attention – you’re the one making a fool of yourself protesting in front of cameras.

  • Totally, I think you have found better ways of wasting your time. Going to school? Have a job? Member of clubs? Wow you must feel like a rock star! I also went to college and have worked for cutting edge startups in the tech industry and huge corporations, and now I own two companies. So what?

    Kindra do yourself a favor and start doing things different in your life because so far is just a common and not remarkable one. You have so much time in your life to make the best of it.

  • I can’t believe you have so much free time in your hands! BTW, If what you want is attention you should start tweeting immediately.

  • Ben

    In 1929 the stock market crashed because people rushed to the banks out of panic. Now people are rushing to the banks out of protest. They say when you hit rock bottom there’s no place to go but up, and while we’re in a recession, we haven’t quiet made it too rock bottom, and quiet frankly, we just want to get it over and done with so we can start climbing back up.

  • You just sound like a b!tch that needs to get laid.

  • And what gives you all this authority on the ways of the human species? You sound like a very smart person with very misguided impressions and views on the world. Have you ever thought about slipping a couple fingers up inside to relieve some stress?

  • I have to drive further than 30 miles to get to a store like WalMart (other than Walmart, which is the only one in town). So, while I’d rather go somewhere else, I can’t afford the gas to get out of town that often to shop. Corporations do treat people like shit. As long as they are getting their paychecks, the bigwigs don’t care about the happiness and overall well-being of it’s customers, who are the only reason they are able to cash such large pension checks for the rest of their lives, while the rest of us are worried about even having SSI when we retire in 45-50 years.

  • STF up about switching to a credit union. You think that makes you special? No, it doesn’t, but the fact that you keep mentioning it and talking about how the bank’s customers acted as if they were a danger is annoying and you have no business telling the rest of us how they acted when we can see the video, too, and there was no ‘rabble-rousing’ within the bank that you can see on the video. So what was the public disturbance they were involved in, because closing a bank account, wether you are doing it alone, or with 20 friends, isn’t illegal, morally wrong, or innately evil. However, the way the customer’s were treated (like common livestock) was unfair bullying.

  • I love that UB keeps liking posts that show Kindra Pring what a nasty bee-otch she is being!

  • Teenagers? Most of those people looked older than teenagers.

  • PabloKOh

    That is the amount they have digitally, the $250,000 number, what they have in available cash is significantly less.  I have cashed out a branch bank before with just a request for $10,000 cash.  The manager then asked me to tell him when I needed a large cash withdrawal so he could plan to have the cash on hand. 

  • Caleb Andrew

    yes, their protesters. They want attention to them and their issues. The fact they want attention doesn’t prove that you don’t don’t. You never make a valid point though, so so at best you just hope to get rebuked 

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