facebook, anti-gay, homophobic, hateful, gay news

Facebook Kills The New Anti-Gay Movement Page

facebook, anti-gay, homophobic, hateful, gay news
Anti-gay and anti-graphic design, it would seem.

Peace the F out to The New Anti-Gay Movement Page, the Facebook page whose mission read:

This page is for those of us against ALL gays, man and woman alike. Those of us who are tired of seeing them flaunt it like it is a badge of honor and acceptable. Spread it like wildfire. Suggest to all your friends.”

Lovely, we know.

The misguided administrator for the page had bragged, “By definition this page does not in any way or form count as ‘hate speech’. While there is a very thin line, this is on the proper side of it. It does not promote violence, intimidation, harassment or other misconducted [sic] actions. It exists solely as a point of view to be shared by others that share the same ideal. Our right to voice our feelings towards gays is no more in the wrong than your option to voice an opinion FOR it.”

That is, until Facebook thankfully removed the page from its site. FB’s term’s of service include the caveat, “You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.” How The New Anti-Gay Movement thought they were circumventing the hateful part is beyond us. Heck, it’s the first criteria listed!

In any case, good riddance!

  • I’m glad they removed such a shameful page. ^_^v 

  • Anonymous

    Yay Facebook! And yay for all people worldwide, who choose to value us, rather than de-value us!

  • Those people are, ironically, serious wangs.

  • ShowMeGuy

    They deserved to have their page removed for the backwards *ghostbusters* slash….alone. 
    Happy LGBT Pride Month.

    Remember the answer to the questions *Why do the gays need a flag? Why have a parade?*
    Answer……..*Because every day is Straight Pride Day*.

  • Ashley Valencia

    They cured a symptom. The disease goes merrily on.

  • William Bellanger

    unfortunately, you can’t cure stupid ;-;

  • Kit Foxley

    …what happened to “It’s okay to have an opinion, just don’t be dicks about it.”? 

  • It’s still OK for people to have an opinion, provided they aren’t dicks about it.

    Too bad the not being a dick about it part is the part they overlook regularly, hm?

  • Ian Galope

    I dunno, what did they do to get their page removed? And what constitutes as “Hate Speech”? Kind of a dumb reason if you ask me.

  • I’d have to look at their page, but if everyone stuck to what was stated in their mission statement (which, of course, I doubt because haters usually lean towards speaking violence.) then I don’t see why it should be removed. They aren’t wrong. They are well within their rights to voice their opinion that our way of life is wrong, shameful, vile etc etc etc. Just as we’re well within our rights to voice our opinions that intolerant pricks like them should yadda yadda yadda, you get the idea.

    But like I said, I doubt it remained within such tasteful boundaries. Sadly “Fags die!” pops up within about five minutes of any conversation with that particular group of people. And as such, good riddance!

  • They need to bring the page back, !1st amendment freedom of speech even if the person is a racist

  • PK03

    What about tolerance? They only tolerate gay supporting pages and not the other side of the debate. That’s shameful.