Fake Rapture Led To Real Suicides

Harold Camping, the preacher who predicted last Saturday would bring about the end of the world was mostly met with disbelief and eye-rolling. But some people actually bought into his reckless prophesizing and 20% of the members of his own church reportedly spent their life savings on lavish vacations and luxury automobiles in the weeks leading up to the big event.

Those foolish enough to believe Camping are now left to deal with the financial mess they have made for themselves under their shepherd’s order. Tragically, they aren’t the biggest victims in all of this.

A California woman named Lyn Benedetto was one of millions who heard Camping’s message, and became concerned that her daughters would suffer terribly in the coming apocalypse. She allegedly forced her daughters, 11 and 14, to lie on a bed and then cut their throats with a box cutter. She then tried to kill herself, though police arrested Benedetto and all three survived.

Others were not so lucky. An elderly man in Taiwan reportedly killed himself on May 5 ahead of the Rapture by jumping out of a building. He had heard that doomsday was imminent, and had taken recent earthquakes and tsunamis as early warning signs.

There were other unconfirmed reports of doomsday-related suicides around the world as well.

While these victims were mentally unhinged, Harold Camping’s threats of doomsday absolutely had a hand in pushing these poor people over the edge. Absolutely shameful.

Do you think Camping should be held responsible for those who committed suicide in his name?

(via Yahoo News)

  • Hmmm… yes he should be responsible for SOMETHING

  • Xtina

    Way to make a nightmare become reality.


  • I was hoping that nothing like this would have turned up, and that no one had committed suicide. This is really upsetting…. 🙁

  • Absolutely. Though no one can say he murdered those people, of course that was not the intent, surely they can say that he was irresponsible enough to be held accountable. He should have to give back the millions of $ worth of assets he “acquired” due to people giving away their valuables and life-savings. After all, he doesn’t really give a toss about those people, he said so in an earlier interview about it. And if allowed to plead insanity in a class-action suit, where people are claiming the mental anguish caused by his irresponsible ramblings, then FamilyRadio, the cult radio station he started, should be pulled off the air, their licenses revoked and never allowed to spout this crap again. After all, he’s showing no remorse in that he’s at it again, telling people it’s actually October 21st and he was slightly off with the dates!! Come on people, we all know that had it been any other person on CBS, NBC, CNN or whatever, they would be forcefully removed from the airwaves and tossed into oblivion.. Instead, Harold Camping is getting even more of the spotlight.. We are just causing more people to become distressed and upset and possibly suicidal while we allow him to do this to people AGAIN! 

  • crucify the mother fucker 

  • not his fault people are idiots. 

  • This is really simple. His words were worthless according to his own Bible, which is supposedly what he used to decide the date(s) anyway. Not only does the book say that “no man shall know,” but also lets anyone interested enough to read the book that both murder and suicide are things that will end you in hell. So, unless we can now be held responsible for the stupidity of those who hear our words (a curse that would end us all in jail in a matter of days), then no.  He is in no way responsible. 

  • Anonymous

    If at First You Don’t Succeed, Spin It Off.
    Harold Camping sounds like he plagiarized Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    Jehovah Witnesses are a spin-off of the second Adventist which all came from the Millerite movement.American war of 1812 army captain William Miller is ground zero for Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    Yes,the “great disappointment” of Oct 22 1844 has never died out… it lives on in the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    The central CORE doctrine of the Watchtower,yes the reason the Watchtower came into existence was to declare Jesus second coming in 1914.When the prophecy (derived from William Miller of 1842) failed they said that he came “invisibly”.—
    Danny Haszard been there

  • Deeg Deegles

    He is no more responsible for someone committing suicide than I am. People will believe what they want to believe. Should all the media be held responsible because they reported it? Should comedians be responsible because they made jokes about it? Should the company that printed the flyers they handed out be responsible? Everyday you can find someone in a public place spouting off or carrying a sign about “the end is near”..should they be held accountable for someone who listens or reads and then commits suicide? It’s a sad thing that people will buy into this, but I don’t think he’s responsible for their deaths..he did not tell or advocate anyone committing suicide. I think he’s a kook and an attention seeker. Hell, he may even believe what he says, but he’s not an accomplice. If someone was to act on your inflammatory statements about Camping and do him harm, would you be responsible?

  • Michael

    I think if you are going to give a date for doomsday that you should be held responsible for any suicides that occur due to your prediction. This would stop these people from making such claims or at least have the financial responsibility for their actions of prediction.

  • Anonymous


  • Yes when your a figure that has forced your way into the public spot light as much as he has then yes you should. It would be the same as if someone yelled fire in a crowded theater being responsible for someone being trampled. He has made his bed now he must be held accountable the church is not above any law, this is not medieval times though the mentality of Mr Camping is. So yes when everything pans out it the same os him causing a riot. For once we need to nip this man in the bud for his actions so we prevent whack jobs like him causing mass hysteria again!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he should be held accountable for people who committed suicide in his name! It was their choice to follow this guy who has been wrong at least 3 times now!

    But um, what is up with his fascination with the end of the world?

  • Gina

    While these people are responsible for their own lives, I believe that Mr. Camping, indirectly had a hand in these suicides. Some may have taken him seriously and some may not have done so. Those who took him seriouisly, obviously believed that there was no point in living anymore. That should have been taken into consideration. 

  • This wasn’t the only guy on the tightrope of sanity saying all this.  I have heard this for years on one day or another.  I am sorry there are sick people in this world who would believe this stuff but it is what all Christian’s say they believe will happen and it is one of the bigger religions.  Blame the book that promises the rapture that this guy believed as well.  Blame Glen Beck and all his silliness.  Ask him if he didn’t watch Beck!  If that were true that it was his fault then why didn’t I commit suicide as I heard him say this on a post on facebook.

  • Anonymous

    He did a disservice to those who followed him is an understatement. Belief is a powerful thing. Abusing his position with scare tactics. I have worked with the mentally ill. He may not be responsible for their deaths, but he is responsible for the fear he provoked in those whom it affected in such a way. Fear is a powerful thing to many people. He should have known better.

  • Anonymous

    Good point!

  • Anonymous

    I am not Christian, and usually am not a fan; please keep that in mind. No, Camping is not responsible. He is a nut, but there was a pathology going on in those people to begin with. That mother would have most likely found another reason, Camping was just the easiest one to use to justify her actions to herself. 
    Throughout history, the end of the world has been foretold over and over and over, ad nauseum. This was idiocy, but it was not Camping’s fault they were sheep. 

  • Kit Foxley

    They held Charles Manson accountable for the murders his followers committed…

  • Stephanie Timmons

    Absolutely. If not for murder, then for causing mass hysteria and inciting suicides.

    … I suck with words.

  • Stephanie Timmons

    Also, false prophets were said to cause the end of the world. He’s had two false prophecies so far.

  • I really do think he should be held accountable. All the money he made from people donating, trying to buy their way into favor, etc. should be given to those that were harmed by these followers, whether they lost loved ones, or what have you. It’ll be a real shame if he gets away with it, and gets to keep what I’d like to call “Blood money”.