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Anti-LGBTQ Family Research Council Says Gay Witches Run the Country

Robert Maginnis of the right-wing extremist group the Family Research Council says that Washington, D.C. is run by gay witches.

Witchcraft and Sodomy

On Skywatch TV, a bizarre Christian conspiracy theory show, Maginnis said:

If you look around Washington, you have Dupont Circle, famous for being the center of homosexuality in Washington, you have all sorts of activities down there that are pretty souring.

You have a lot of witchcraft. You have a lot of hedonism. You have all the issues that—when I think of Sodom and Gomorrah, I often think of Washington, D.C. in the same thought.

Isn’t Washington, D.C. run by Republicans now? Are Republicans gay witches? Come on, Maginnis—name names! The public needs to know!

Maginnis went on to say that Donald Trump “needs your prayers” to protect him from the temptation of gay witchcraft. Sorry, folks, but no amount of prayers can stop the pussy-grabber in chief from giving in to temptation.

The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the Family Research Council an anti-LGBTQ extremist group. The FRC has fought against same-sex marriage, gays in the military, the It Gets Better anti-suicide campaign, same-sex parenting/adoption rights, and just about any pro-LGBTQ movement imaginable.

Other Satanic Conspiracies

It might sound silly, but demonic conspiracy theories have been a part of America’s political discourse for a long time. Way back in the colonial days, there were the Salem Witch Trials, which led to the execution of 20 people.

And in the 1980s, there was the Satanic Panic — an outbreak of conspiracy theories centering on Satanic cults kidnapping children for sexual abuse and human sacrifice. Books about witchcraft flew off the shelves. Rock music and tabletop games Dungeons and Dragons were condemned for corrupting the minds of America’s youth.

But things got serious. Lives were ruined. Daycare workers and teachers were put on trial for supposedly taking part in outlandish Satanic pedophile cults. A trio of teens in West Memphis were accused of viciously murdering young boys and convicted largely based on the fact that they listened to Metallica and one of them was a Wiccan.

And our more recent demonic sex cult conspiracy theory, Pizzagate, nearly got someone shot in a restaurant. So while it’s fun to laugh at the Family Research Council, don’t forget — these people are dangerous.

  • Chenaide Yvette Thompson

    I am a member of the satanic temple. Perhaps I should share my religion with them maybe we can coordinate a religious retreat. All hail Satan.

  • Gus diZerega

    Conservative Evangelicals are this country’s true demonists. They worship something that were it human would be incarcerated for life as criminally insane. Even in their Bible, Satan killed only a handful of people whereas their deity, a kind of Cthulhu, killed millions and ordered genocide at the level of killing a people’s babies and live stock. A vicious demon if ever there was one, and these people bow to it and seek to serve it.

  • Jenne Jade Yandell

    …and it SUCKS that Pagans and Wiccans get looped in with Satanists when they don’t even believe in Satan.

  • Jenna Radej

    Sucks when people think Satanists worship Satan,

  • Chenaide Yvette Thompson

    Actually it was just a book that was wrote and the religious took it as being evil. The religion exists now but it is a group of people promoting equality. Protecting the innocent. A progressive charity and action group

  • splashy79

    Incredibly strange, these right wing people – seeing monsters everywhere, afraid of everything, addicted to the idea that they are persecuted. How do they get through the day with that much fear?

  • susan faccone

    Just when you thought tRump was running the country, you find out it really gay witches. Blessed be!

  • theshortestpath

    I frickin *wish* gay witches ran the country. Would be a good deal better than what we’ve got now.

  • Sethlans

    They worship the Demiurge. They just don’t know it.

  • Sethlans

    Theistic Satanists are devotées of Satan, as opposed to LaVeyans who are just secular humanists that like to dress themselves up in occult fripperies.

  • Gus diZerega

    I always described LaVey’s stuff as “Ayn Rand with magick.”