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FBI Investigates Married Conservative Politician for Sexting 17-Year-Old Boy

The FBI has begun investigating Mike Yenni — a 40-year-old conservative Louisiana politician who is married to a woman — for allegedly sending sexually explicit text messages to a 17-year-old male. The two allegedly met at a Catholic high school event in 2015 when Yenni was mayor of a town named Kenner and campaigning for president of Jefferson parish; Yenni allegedly went to the teen’s place of work at a mall food court, gave the teen designer underwear, and then kissed him in a mall bathroom.

The teen in question says that while he was initially flattered by Yenni’s affections he began to feel uncomfortable when Yenni began texting him for naked pictures, pics in the designer underwear and requesting sex and a three-way with the teen’s slightly older friend. The teen alleges that Yenni also asked him to go to Yenni’s home and to work as a secretary or assistant in his office — the teen blocked Yenni’s number a few weeks after the sexting began.

While Louisiana’s age of consent is 17, Yenni (who is now Jefferson Parish President) could be charged under a federal law forbidding communications which could be construed as “obscene” and “child pornography”. The teen says that Yenni knew his age before they began communicating. The teen is now an openly gay 19-year-old and says he wanted to expose Yenni because he found his behavior “disturbing”.

Queerty states that Alex Daigle, a 19-year-old teen who attended a Catholic school in Louisiana, could be Yenni’s teen lover, especially since Daigle wrote a column earlier this year entitled “I was seduced by a politician” whose details closely match the ones described above. We haven’t been able to find any evidence of Yenni having ever spoken against the LGBTQ community even though he is a Republican.

  • Don White

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