andrej pejic fhm, fhm 100 sexiest women man, fhm homophobic, fhm anti-gay

FHM Accidentally Adds Man To 100 Sexiest Women List; Retracts; Then Attacks Him

andrej pejic fhm, fhm 100 sexiest women man, fhm homophobic, fhm anti-gay
Andrej Pejic got FHM lookin' so crazy right now.

Supermodel Andrej Pejic took home the honor of being named one of FHM Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women of 2011. (Number 98, to be exact!) The only problem? Pejic is a man.

Hey, stuff happens. And admittedly, Pejic runs in very high fashion androgynous circles. Surely FHM apologized and cracked a joke in their next issue about Pejic being a beautiful man, right?


Instead, FHM posted an incredibly offensive blog on their site labeling Pejic a “crossdresser” and accusing him of pretending to be a woman to secure a modeling contract. There’s also something about “passing the sick bucket” if Pejic ever becomes a Victoria’s Secret model, and a hateful attack on transgender supermodel Lea T, a favorite guest of Oprah’s.

andrej pejic, lea t, fhm homophobic, fhm transphobic, fhm anti-gay, fhm man 100 women

FHM quickly took down their blog post when they began to receive accusations of homophobia and transphobia, which in our opinion, we’re right on the nose. This is clearly an example of a hyper-masculine company trying to correct its own mistake by pushing the homophobic response it perceives its audience wishes to receive, to poor reaction.


And for the record Andrej is a total babe.

  • Brian K

    WTH? I like how they can take the time to write something like that up after realizing the mistake THEY made but then try to turn it on him like its HIS fault they thought HE was a SHE!? You should double check facts before you put them on blast for everyone to see. FHM? I’ve never even really heard of what I can only imagine to be a crappy magazine about whose got the best boobs and “How to get a woman to do this…” for you without having to return the favor articles.

  • Michael Cooke

    Really looking at the guy, he reads GUY to me. His Adam apple is prominent and he’s a broad jawline, and the makeup is far more subtle than anything on Adam Lambert. It’s that ‘homophobia = homosexual arousal’ thing plus maybe the fabulous hair that landed this on the hot chick list.

  • That blog post makes me sick. Andrej isn’t trying to “trick” the fashion agency into believing he’s a women to get modeling jobs. How despicable that FHM insinuates that Andrej is somehow conning the industry. It’s also insulting to the fashion world to insinuate that they are too dumb to know who they are hiring when they choose to Pejic or Lea T to walk in their shows or pose in their magazines.

    FHM must feel really embarrassed about their “mistake” to feel validated in spewing this hate. Nice to know men still feel comfortable showing their disgust about finding other men attractive. As if sharing their disgust will somehow wipe out their humiliation at thinking that a male model is a hot woman.

    The post also bashes models pretty hard, too. “tall, skinny and flat-chested,” “coat hanger,” “girls who look dangerously boyish.” Bet they still had plenty of models in their top 100 even as they suggest that the typical model body is unattractive.

  • i wonder if there is any other magazines i should be aware of regarding this issue. msg me through the Disqus plz if you know of any

  • It is so sad that they chose this venue to attempt to cover their mistake. Being homophobic, bitchy and mean is better than just admitting to making a mistake and leaving it at that?

  • Shannon Bridge

    geez… he’s skinny, has slightly larger lips and has long hair. MUST be a woman! *rolls eyes*

  • Im presently studying to become a fashion designer and I understand perfectly how rare those beautiful androgyne men are. The magasine shouldnt touch to the fashion world if they are too retard to understand it. Dont talk about something you dont know it just make yourself look like a damn fool.

  • All the hype and outrage over what they said when they made this mistake makes me wonder- if they took him off the list AND Made an otherwise humorous comment- would that not have been taken as homo/trans-phobic?  What more could they have said besides “Pretty Boy”?  I’m not sure which would be worse.

  • Having grown up with brothers who read FHM I’ve read the thing and I’m surprised that Pejic made it on the list just because he doesn’t have a size D chest. The man is just gorgeous don’t get me wrong but we are talking about a mag that is only a step or two away from being a skin mag. 

    As for Barnes and Noble and Boarders wanting a slipcover for the Dossier cover he did, I’ve seen worse on most of the fashion mags that they don’t demand blacked out. Hell some of the guys in the Pro Wrestling mags have larger and  flabbier “boobs” and to top it all off they are in their underwear and yet they are not hidden behind a black slipcover. 

  • Scott Thompson

    Considering that models are often dressed and undressed together in a big room in a hurry by designers and assistants, it’s hard for me to believe they didn’t notice his lack of breasts/penis. I mean, come one, hot and a total babe that he might be, he’s clearly a guy, and anyone in fashion would know that. But sure, he’s “trying to trick” everyone into thinking he’s a woman. Even though androgynous guys are super popular right now. Even though MALE MODELS exist all over the place. Whatever, lulz.

  • Anybody else notice that rogue apostrophe in “were”?  For once Mr. Farrell, I share your opinion, but I think you’d be more effective in journalism if you checked your postings for grammar errors.

  • This is ridiculous. I like how they seem to be okay with ‘hot girls who look dangerously boyish’ but when it’s ‘just boys who look like girls’ it’s suddenly horrible? I’m sick of all the controversy over androgyny… it is what it is, and the fact that it IS androgyny means it doesn’t matter which biological sex is doing it. Androgynes have been beautiful since the dawn of time, and yeah, female androgynes are popular in Western culture right now. But if you’re so fashion-forward, FHM, check out Asian fashion sometime- if you knew anything, you’d know they’re always ahead of the game. You should see the musician Kaya sometime… and Andrej is just as gorgeous as HE is.

  • Just to also note, Andrej doesn’t necessarily identify as a man. At least not in the interviews I’ve seen. Something to think about.

  • Mobile Beauty UK

    Thats really funny as I read this issue and didnt realise it myself lol!