• LOVE_park33

    (You’re probably not even reading this op/ed anymore because you just clicked that link.)

    And there you go undermining your argument that you see and accept all walks of gay life.

  • incluso

    I agree with this piece. That whole “this is why straight people don’t like us” mentality has to end. We shouldn’t give two shits about what they think of us. If the show is trash, don’t watch it.

  • incluso

    He didn’t say it was a bad thing to click on the bulge link lol

  • greg

    wait till the story about Patrick trying to raise 65k for rehab goes public.. this show is going to set gays back 10 years

  • JayWilson

    Well, I suppose that I shall have to accept that “Fire Island” is hastening the moral decline of gay America, just as I shall have to accept the hastening of the intellectual decline of a gay America that now turns to a personal trainer for opinion journalism.