Forget About Born This Way – This Is a Real Gay Anthem: “Who Am I To Feel So Free”

Lady Gaga might be stealing all of the homo thunder with her gross avant-garde masterpiece video for “Born This Way.”  But we have got something that’s a lot more power gay: JD Samson’s latest  outfit MEN brings us this deliciously danceable song – and a video that has one of the best payoffs we have seen in a music video in quite sometime.

What do you think about this tune – and the incredible ending to the video?!?

  • The music was good but the video was a little awkward in my opinion.

  • nice.

  • Anonymous

    song was so so and the video was aweful. beautifully shot but back to the story boards please.

  • i actually think that video would have been better without the light house. but i suppose thats the point. lol. the song was not bad. the lyrics were nice. i dont think its going to make anyone forget about born this way lol

  • Ashley Valencia

    Lol alright-y then! 😀

  • Lifencompass

    liked but unsurprised.

  • Anonymous

    cool song, but who am i to say that this is an Anthem for Gays. their are many song out that you can call an Anthem, everyone in the Gay community are not the same and they all have very different points of views. to say that a song is our Gay anthem may not agree with others who do not feel the same way. you are your own anthem, choose your own Anthem one that expresses your feeling and personality. My Anthem is “Free to Be” by RuPaul because i was born with the right shoes and God created us all Equal. Hugs to all…. Jaye

  • Travis Owen

    The telescoping lighthouse was funny and I loved him shooting gold fairy dust at the end.