ken blackwell, sean hannity, fox news, sesame street, big bird, prom queen

Former Ohio Sec. of State: Sesame Street Turns Boys Into Prom Queens

ken blackwell, sean hannity, fox news, sesame street, big bird, prom queen
Ken Blackwell, the grouch.

Now that Glee’s second season has drawn to a close, the program can kick its feet up and relax as conservatives find other television shows to blame their weird sexual obsessions on. Like for instance, Sesame Street.

Former Ohio Secretary of State used a guest spot on Sean Hannity’s FOX News program to denounce the liberal agenda of the muppets and monsters on America’s most famous street.

That’s right. While we honestly cannot for the life of us fully comprehend what any of the four in this video are talking about, we’re pretty sure it’s something along the lines of:

“Liberals own Hollywood, and are using it to indoctrinate children into a world free of gender identity – and that terrifies us. Also, Big Bird is a homo.”

Right? Right.

  • These people have deep, unsettling issues from their childhood that needs to be resolved. I don’t know what the freak their problem is. Honestly.

  • Anonymous

    this was also totally sexist. every time the female guest started talking, the host cut her off. granted, they all need to shut up.

  • A) fox news B) conservative panel 3) FOX NEWS
    FOX wants to rile us up and I say “drop them like a bad habit”; also “Just say no to FOX”.

  • Lay off of the helium Shapiro.

  • ThomasBaggett

    Hey these people are allowed their opinion.  Their opinions are absurd, but there is a slight kernel of truth to some of what they’re saying.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean the Sesame Street stuff or the entire gist of their thesis that “morals in America” are drowning, but they are spot on target with the characterization of Hollywood being liberal driven.

    But who cares?  More to the point, why are they feigning surprise?  If Hollywood was REQUIRED to evenly hire from both sides of the aisle, it would be rather heavy-handed of the government, which is (strictly speaking) one of the chief and pivotal issues that the Republicans (claim to) advocate against.  This kind of irony is richly flavoring the Republican rhetoric at the moment, though.  Actually, it has been since the rise of FOX News. 

    For those of you gentle readers who have read this far, let me also point out a rather potent piece of journalism that our host here at Unicorn Booty happened to produce:

    That thing is required reading.  Anyone who wants to understand where the rabbit hole leads really has to start there.  I want to thank whoever my fairy-blogfather is that put that together.  It’s a great crash course in meta-politics; and it will give you a flavor of the real climate that may ignite in your mind a hunger for more.

    Also, on an oddly related topic, I’d like for some gays in the world to get a rather clearer picture of who Sarah Palin really is (I warn you, this may slightly redeem her).  She’s not a demon… but she is, tragically enough, a truly self-compromising, fatally flawed character in many, many senses.  However, thia article was really enlightening:

    It’s just a small grain, really.  But The two articles (linked) above tie together some potent concepts.  For one, many of these people (perhaps such as the ones in the video above) aren’t actually cut from a cloth of malicious intent.  But somehow–for some reason–they learn to sing in a chorus that is, from top to bottom, organized to ramp up panic in the hymns they belt out.  I understand the motive, since it really never changes: money and power.  What I don’t understand is how quickly some of these people compromise themselves and leap without ever remembering what it was they once believed in. 

    That’s something I’ve just never been able to get.

    Ok, sorry I write so much!  I’m a teacher, it comes with the territory.  “More’s the pity” for my students. 


  • They went from “Sesame Street is indoctrinating our kids with liberal ideology” to “Liberals don’t want to earn money; they feel SO entitled.”  Wait, what?

  • William Bellanger

    i think i just lost bowel control listening to this dribble O_o

  • Gloria Hole

    Again, “How conservative idiots not even on purpose produce pure comedy gold!” xDD 
    What a massive twat! 

  • Ashley Valencia

    Oh my god don’t give your daughters fire trucks! They might get aspirations of doing something with their lives that doesn’t involve cooking, cleaning, or child bearing! 

  • so how does teaching how to count undercut the right?

  • Jim Otey

    Shut up? Really? I watched “Sesame Street” (along
    with most of the other programming on PBS then, like “Electric Company”
    and “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood”) incessantly as a kid. And I definitely
    did NOT get a tiara (or a damned sash) at my prom! I want my money back,
    I’ve been robbed. 😉

    And if Big Bird is a “homo” does that make Oscar the Grouch a “dyke”? This is so beyond absurd that we really shouldn’t even be discussing it. It should be like the fart of mysterious origin that happens in a limo full of friends: We know it’s there and it’s disgusting, but we’re all grownups, so we ignore it.
    BTW, this is the guy who screwed with the voting
    in Ohio in 2004 and handed Bush the state. And get this: He did it
    mainly by making it difficult for minorities to vote. Anyone notice what
    his race is?

  • Yes, because they can’t do math. 

  • Terrell Wallin

    I feel like they really took a slippery slope stance on this whole sesame street thing that is really unsupported. And what the hell did she mean by “good conservative.”

  • Terrell Wallin

    Can I also say that bourgeois is a term for the working class not for the conservatives. Just saying. He used that term interchangably with conservative.

  • J_Vigil

    Oh my god, these people care that much about something they should be monitoring? If you don’t like that the media is left-bias, turn off the freaking TV and don’t make a box baby sit your child. If you want them to be the conservative youth you are so proud of then indoctrinate them at church and make them listen to people like Rush Limbaugh. Besides, the left isn’t attacking moral fiber, it’s improving it. Diversity is a GOOD thing, sorry we don’t all live up to you man/white supremacy. And YES, Sesame Street was created for that purpose, but it became something much, much more than that…. of course, I grew up watching Sesame Street, and I’m a crazy, radical left-wing nut… but I hardly doubt they’re correlated.