Gay Couple Waits 61 Years to Get Married – and Still Can’t

61 years strong, and yet New Yorkers Richard Adrian Dorr and John Mace still cannot marry. The couple, aged 83 and 91, know that they could get married in another state, but refuse to do so until their home state grants them the right to express their love via marriage.

Freedom to Marry has released a video spotlighting their incredible relationship in a stepped-up bid to change hearts and minds on gay marriage in New York State. From Freedom to Marry:

They are still obviously so deeply in love after 61 years and yet after all those years of commitment, being there for one another through the ups and downs of life, they are still being denied the one thing they want most – the freedom to marry in New York. It is time to change that. After 61 years together, haven’t they waited long enough?

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(via Pink News)

  • This is absolutely one of the nicest videos I have seen in a long time. I really hope that NY passes the vote for Gay Marriage – what a stepping stone, what an achievement. I have tried working hard and doing my part in the fight for MENY and I hope that all of our hard work pays off in the end. I am so happy for this couple – they have been together longer than anyone else I know outside of my family.

  • Trenton Flock

    61 years…weathering homophobia, social upheavals, the beginning of gay rights, the emergence of AIDS. These guys deserve more than a wedding. They deserve a documentary. Or rather, the world be edified by hearing their story. Extraordinary.