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British Prime Minister To Ban Same-Sex Kisses On TV Before 9 PM

Making the gay blog rounds today, British Prime Minister David Cameron is hellbent on protecting the impressionable, young children of the UK from the horrors of the world. Which is why he has ended homelessness, lifted all families above the poverty level, and has ensured that every single British child will attend university for free.

What’s that? None of that has actually happened? Ah… Instead of focusing on, you know, something that matters, Cameron is attempting to ban all same-sex kissing from television before 9 PM.

The Sun reports that Cameron, the Conservative leader who attended the royal wedding last week, supports a ban on same-sex kisses during the “pre-watershed” viewing hours before 9 p.m. An independent review may recommend the restriction.

Brooke Vincent, who plays lesbian Sophie Webster on the soap opera Coronation Street, took to Twitter to accuse Cameron of not supporting equality.

According to The Sun, the 18-year-old actress tweeted, “I swear David Cameron’s meant to be supporting equal rights. I just think if same-sex kisses are what he is prioritising and concentrating on changing, our country’s in trouble.”

It’s at this point that I really have to scratch my head. I don’t understand what this is meant to accomplish, I don’t understand the motivation behind it, and I certainly don’t understand how someone could be so ignorant as to believe that seeing gay people on television turns children gay.

My ideological belief on this matter has been shifting more and more toward the idea that every single politician that proposes nonsense backed up with the “impressionable children” argument is either a closet homosexual or bisexual themselves. Who else would actually believe that gays have a say in the matter of who they are attracted to? Why do politicians believe that the millions and millions of gay people saying that we were born this way for decades and decades now are all lying?

Furthermore, just what exactly is the threat of two men or two women kissing? What is the worst thing that could possibly come of it? And how does it happening after 9 PM reflect the fact that there are gay people all over the world who are gay regardless of the time of day? It’s insulting to insinuate that a world where I go to sleep at night in the same bed as my partner in appropriate only so long as I slip out of the bed before the sun rises in the no longer gay-appropriate morning hours.

Millions of LGBT people around the world do not simply turn parts of themselves off depending on the hour. Gay parents make lunches for their children and send them off to school in the mornings. Gay couples meet for lunch dates. Gay children sit with the rest of their family at the dinner table. All of these things happen in spite of the time of day, and it’s offensive to propose pretending that gay is only OK when relegated to late-night.

Seriously. This is a non-issue. Move on, Mr. Cameron.

Via Star Observer

  • Seriously?! This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard since some homophobic garbage was left on my Facebook page a few weeks ago.

  • So i can only assume that he’ll stop murder, theft, rape, monsters, national disasters and the devil himself by making Horror, suspense and drama TV programs play after 9 too, …right??

  • Yes they have…The problem is that the impressionable are not the children but the adults….

  • Wait, WHUT? Huh? Okay, if this is meant to not influence the “impressionable” children, I should have turned into Bill Nye the Science Guy =A=………………. (<-fails at science)

  • Linda

    Doesn’t the UK have equal access laws? If the impressionable children have access to hetero PDA, shouldn’t they have access to homo kissing too?

  • Anonymous

    And people wonder why it’s so hard to come out of the closet. As a young child, this would make me feel ashamed and dirty if I were gay and this were going on around me. This is a damaging act. It should honestly be considered a war crime.

  • Anonymous

    i understand how some people may think this is unfair because opposite sex couples can be shown kissing before 9pm but you dont see any french kissing etc it’s all appropriate. same sex kissing is not because society accepts different ideas & tolerates same sex relationships but they dont want kids to be exposed to it until they are old enough to understand. It is not fair to confuse kids & by airing before 9pm may increase family problems & stress as parents have to answer hard questions from their children watching a same sex couple kissing. It’s not that it’s not ok it’s just that same sex relationships should respect opposite sex relationships, mutual respect,consideration & understanding makes us like in harmony & peace

  • Toni-Lee Lorenzi

    hahaha!!!! what a comedian!

  • …Which boils down to “we want all children to be raised to accept heterosexual relationships, but don’t my children shouldn’t have to be exposed to homosexual relationships until ::arbitrary age here::”.

    This is part of the problem, not part of the solution. The very idea that children can (and, in fact, some would argue SHOULD) be exposed to heterosexual kissing and hugging from an early age — but keep the homos away! — only reinforces the antagonism that’s being fought here. Love is love — the fact that it’s harder for some parents to address two men (or two women) as an open, loving relationship than it is to address a hetero pairing is indicative of the parents’ issues, not society’s.

    Don’t get me wrong, I respect that some people have issues dealing with us homosexuals, and I’m usually the last to flaunt that in anyone’s face — recent hair color aside — but the fact that it’s considered “flaunting it” when we kiss or hold hands in public, but “natural” for a man and a woman to do the same is what’s called a double standard.

  • Ridiculous. If it’s PG, it’s PG, and it shouldn’t matter what time of day / day of the week it airs. If it’s rated higher than that — say, rated X — it doesn’t belong in that time slot if it’s two men, a man and a woman, or whatever.

    These time slots should be governed by the stations and determined based on their feelings about the content and the audience, not some governmental blowhard who feels he needs to meddle in people’s households. That way, if the viewers disagree, they can vote with their TVs.

  • can someone smite this man please? gosh!

  • BlueEyedCubETN

    This is the same sort of thought process that has the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill being pushed through Tennessee legislature. It’s so very backward.

  • WTF? Are you serious with this comment? Old enough to understand what? That two people love each other? My son is six and he has seen plenty of real life gay boy kissing and hugging… he understands it just fine. He knows that my gay friends love each other and kiss just like I kiss my man… this is seriously one of the most retarded friggin comments I have ever read. Kid’s aren’t stupid, and you don’t give them the credit they deserve. And what hard questions? My son has never come to me and said “Mommy why are they kissing?” He has however demanded kisses after seeing friends of mine kiss… he then proceeds to go around kissing all of us until he gets a kiss from everyone. You don’t make sense… so… ARGUMENT FAIL FOR YOU!