Jonathan Williams and James Bull were ejected for kissing at the John Snow pub

Gay ‘Kiss-In’ Protest in London After Couple Ejected for Kissing

Jonathan Williams and James Bull were ejected for kissing at the John Snow pub
Anyone up for a snog?

Last Wednesday night, James Bull (23) and Jonathan Williams (26) were on their first date at the John Snow pub in the pretty-damn-gay district of SoHo of London. After a kiss, a staff member asked them to leave, calling the kissing “obscene.”

“We weren’t being over the top; there wasn’t anything that would be deemed unseemly,” Williams said. “I’m not the kind of person to do that kind of thing in public.”

It seems that it was really only one man that had the problem, yet he claimed to be the “landlord,” and asked them to stop kissing immediately. As they were getting ready to leave, another woman in a staff uniform intervened, as the man took ahold of Williams’ shirt and told him to leave. She said we had to leave because we were being obscene. Then the other guy from earlier came over again and said we had to leave now, we ‘weren’t allowed to do that’.”

Immediately after the incident, feeling belittled, Williams tweeted the incident, and inadvertently set off a firestorm of local outrage.

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The national media eventually got ahold of the story, and propelled the men to start a Facebook event for a gay ‘kiss-in’ to protest their ejection for “obscene” kissing.

Over 300 people showed up outside the pub, which ended up closing in advance of the “kiss-in” protest to avoid reams of gays making out on their premises. There wasn’t much kissing, but it was a solid showing of solidarity for these two guys who were ejected for showing a little PDA.

  • Stephanie Timmons

    lol, I hope they rescheduled xD

  • Jessica Bolduc

    My girlfriend and I had a similar incident happen to us while at a Fairy Inspired Ren Faire last year. She had just finished spinning me around, we laughed and kissed sweetly (my friend even got a photo of the kiss) and were then yelled at by security about not keeping things ‘PG-13’. I’d say I’d expect better of Connecticut, but…

    The only good thing was we know the man who was in charge or organizing the event (he has since left for his own reasons) and told us to go be affectionate and loving with full blessing and a hug for each of us. Because there was ‘no reason love should ever be censored.’