Same-Sex Marriage Will Save Us from Global Warming

Same-Sex Marriage Will Save Us from Global Warming—Here’s How

David Hochschild of the California Energy Commission urged environmental activists to look at the same-sex marriage movement to see how to effect change.

Forbes writes:

“I think there’s actually some lessons for the climate movement in what happened with marriage equality, because they framed the movement in terms of love: Government has no place to get between two people who love each other,” [Hochschild] said. “I actually think climate change is the same thing. It’s about loving the next generation, and I think that is a good way to think about it.”

Weirdo religious homophobes blame gays for hurricanes, but it turns out that queerness may well save us from global environmental disaster. Hooray!

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    The same antidote works on homophobia and climate science denial. When you know what biology actually says about how sexual identity is determined, it’s hard to be homophobic. When you know what radiative physics and physical chemistry actually say about how Earth’s climate is determined, it’s very hard to deny anthropogenic global warming. It’s no wonder the homophobes and the fossil fuel investors don’t want elementary school kids learning how science works. Knowledge is power, and the bad guys don’t want us to have any.