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Gay Pride Flag Whips Up Controversy in Virginia

Conservative politicians, preachers and “pro-family” advocates are in heat over the gay pride flag’s presence outside the Federal Reserve Bank building in Richmond, Virginia.

gay blog, gay news, gay culture
The offending flag.

An internal group of LGBT employees, called PRISM, requested that the flag be flown in honor of Gay Pride month. The bank, which is a private institution, obliged.

Sally Green, the banks’ Chief Operating Officer, said in an interview that the bank “strongly support[s] a diverse and inclusive culture” and has “learned it is important to value and embrace differences — both seen and unseen. We are flying the ‘Pride’ flag as an example of our commitment to values of acceptance and inclusion.”

Local Christians, however, do not see this as a message of “acceptance and inclusion.” The Family Foundation‘s president Victoria Cobb sounded pretty nasty in her comments reported by Christian news site One News Now:

In Virginia, this is not a stand that should be taken. We’ve as a state said we are not going to support gay marriage, for example, in our constitution, and we’ve been very clear on issues of gay rights.

So it’s disappointing to see such a large flag flying, as if it’s something that this commonwealth supports.

I look forward to the month where I look out my office window and see the Christian flag hanging during September, celebrating Christian Heritage Month. I suspect we’ll see otherwise, unfortunately, because that’s the route our culture has taken.

Religious types are equally vociferous in their criticism of this show of diversity and inclusion. “The gay pride and homosexual agenda does not represent the majority of American culture,” said local pastor Bishop Gerald O. Glenn.  “I wonder, why are they singling out this group to say we’re going to extol their virtues by flying their flag?”

You know what, crazy “pro-family” type that really seem to relish in the fact that you have defeated our struggle for the same rights as other Americans? Go ahead, and fly your flag as well. You already have every single politician in this country ending speeches with “God Bless America,” so what’s another month of flying the Christian flag?

Go ahead, crazies. Raise that flag, show your Pride, but just now that we are not like you. We believe in minorities’ rights to express themselves, enjoy basic human rights, and be the same as other Americans. We may think you are crazy – but that doesn’t mean that we don’t respect your right to exist – even if you hate us to the very core of your being!

Meanwhile, tell the Seattle Space Needle to fly the flag during Pride this month!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but no. Daydreaming about all the sex they’re not having is the only thing that keeps them going. It’s their soul fuel. Or so it sometimes seems.

  • I pretty much agree, with one additional requirement: If the Christians get to fly the Christian flag in September, then the Jews get to fly a flag of theirs (do they have one?) during a time of year of their choice, and the Muslims and the Wiccans and the Atheists get to do the same … and if I hear one peep of complaint out of the fundie Christians, I won’t hesitate to suggest they leave America, the land of Religious Freedom for ALL, and move to the Vatican itself, or maybe Britian (which still has a Church of England that is vaguely Protestant), or … I don’t know, they can go to Hell for all I care!

  • I remember a few years back when I first played Mass Effect. I looked at the achievements and it said to sucessfully pull off a romance with someone. I was in awe. I had never heard of a game doing something similar. Me being homosexual I immediately wondered if I could get a man. I couldn’t get a man, but I could get a lady if I was a female, so I did so. even then, I was fascinated! Then I heard of another game produced by them, dragon age origins. And my brother informed me a partner (male elf named Zevran) tried flirting with him. I immediately bought the game, falling in love with anything Bioware produces. Being gay and used to indiscrimination, I never figured any game would ever do anything like that but they did. In dragon Age 2, instead of just one, they had 2 different homosexual male characters. Yet again, completely amazed and loving it.(the elf Fenris is hawt, I wont deny it. My Hawke immediately went after him lol) they passed my expectations yet again by making every romance option bisexual, making my close friends, lesbians, became quick fans. (They thought Lelianna in the 1st DA was difficult to romance and was too religious tho)Romance is definitely one of my favorite elements of the games, and haven’t disappointed me with the game itself either! Bioware did something I had never expected my minority to recieve and their games are still major major hits, despite people like Straight Male Gamer (Pah!) Bioware I love you for stinking up for us and I will remain a loyal customer to the end ♥ here’s to hopes you’ll make Mass effect 3 have some gay guys for Shepard. 😀

  • Anonymous

    QUOTE: “Delegate Bob Marshall, R-Prince William County, went on record with incorrect, and unproven statements that homosexuality, “undermines the American economy . . . shortens lives, adds significantly to illness, increases health costs, promotes venereal diseases, and worsens the population imbalance relating to the number of workers supporting the beneficiaries of America’s Social Security and Medicare Programs.”” ENDQUOTE.

    Jesus told Bob Marshall that lying is satanic. [JOHN 8:44]. Lying by Marshall is not tolerated. Hate is satanic.

    Virginia Tobacco Mafia kills people, shortens their lives, adds illness, and is not prosecuted in Virginia. Tobacco Mafia also corrupts judges with lavish bribes disquised as speaking fees. Where is the outrage?

    Workers are lined up at the borders wanting to support old people on Medicare and Social Security by cheerfully paying their taxes if the deadbeat anti-tax Marshall would please GET OUT! And venereal diseases are spread by too few rubbers being used — have a “Use a Rubber” month. Grow Some Brains! It’s the Third Millenium.

  • Trenton Flock

    Oooooo! I would love to see them try to organize a Christian Heritage Month and design a flag! They would be tearing each other part in 10 minutes. The celebrations would be lightning rods for all their disputes about who is a true believer and who isn’t. Oooo! Focusing on the heritage aspect, they might even go into the history of Christianity and how it is basically a heretical, violent offshoot of Judaism informed by paganism and Greek philosophy and that most reforms were made by people who held beliefs that would make fundamentalists today scream in horror. (But that is giving them too much credit…) Still, the latent acrimony brought to the surface and the rhetorical mayhem that would ensue would be a delight to behold, and might even drain them of so much energy that they could stop daydreaming about gay sex for once! Dance, puppets, dance!!!

  • “An internal group of LGBT employees, called PRISM, requested that the
    flag be flown in honor of Gay Pride month. The bank, which is a private
    institution, obliged.”

    End of story. Just ask the owners of the Empire State Building.

  • The drama is kind of fun, it’s the human misery, suffering, and war that bugs me.

  • Mariah Ragan

    Gosh the world would be so much better without religious drama.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, Bob?
    Marshall, you idiot!

    The Federal Reserve, is not a federal agency.  Get a life, get a government, get something, of your own.Jesus is coming, everybody look busy.

  • We have to learn to respect the beliefs of people of differing religious orientations. We could send Victoria Cobb  works by Alfred Kinsey and Sigmund Freud. Wouldn’t that be more productive than becoming defensive?

  • Terry Nicoll

    Good for the bank…

  • Pretty sure all the attention given to Christmas counts as Christian Heritage Month; I mean, christmas music is played for at least a month beforehand.

  • Anonymous

    How sad for our country to give voice to those of ‘superior Christian knowledge’ over folks over all else.   Do they think being ‘gay’ is a choice? Is being born blind, black or big a choice? Do we want all people to be part of an homogenous group, looking, thinking and behaving alike? Most people who are gay are gay because that is how God made them.  Should we keep gay folks out of church as well since it sounds like Christians do not want to be ‘loving’ and ‘helpful’ as Jesus taught us?  Are we judging here?  Gosh, it seems like there’s also a quote in the Bible about whether we are to ‘judge others’ but, maybe I’m wrong.  I’m sure a good ‘Christian’ would know the answer to that one.

    Mother of a gay son. Sister to a gay brother.  A child of God, who is truly a loving God.


  • Rachel

    What the hell?  The majority of Americans DO support gay marriage.  Pretty sure 52% is a majority!

  • the exact same thing happen to me every time i raise my usa and mexican flags…honoring my home and the home of my ancestors…except its white anglo saxxon protestants who come starting shit…nonetheless i’m familiar with the feeling and i think its ignorant of anyone to hate anyone else over petty differences like orientation or heritage. or religion. see, i was under the impression that we are all human beings and that was all that mattered.