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Get Your Official Gay Card

official gay card, gay card score, how gay are you, gay card quiz, how gay are you quizThe good folks over at have put together a nifty little online quiz that, while trite, will scare you an actual downloadable gay card upon completion.

The questions lean a little too heavily on the generation before mine – The Sound of Music, Dreamgirls, hanky code – but the result is a good bit of fun. If you’ve got five minutes to kill, and clearly you do since you are reading this right now, give it a shot over HERE and share your score below.

Don’t be dissuaded by a low score. Unicorn Booty is the most-followed gay blog in the world, and yet we still managed to score a 44 and 24, respectively. Gays-in-training, really?

So, how did you do?

  • 36 ugh – worst stereotypes, but still kinda funny – my score sucks

  • 28…!

  • o.o So, 64/100 isn’t too bad. Considering I’m a chick. xD I’m gonna send this to my brother. :3

  • I’m a 68…

  • haha i got the same score xD

  • Anonymous

    60 — and why are the Golden Girls a gay thing?

  • I got a 12 XD

  • 72 🙂

  • Kara Bacon

    Yep, 28. The ladies need an option. 

  • Do they have a women’s version? This seems pretty stereotypically gay male. But, I got a 58, not bad for a chic I guess.

  • Yeah, the stereotypes were terrible, but I doubt it’s too serious. I got 48.

  • Anonymous

    24. I know LOTS of gay men that don’t fit the stereotype. Therefore, a low score. I don’t think that quiz was created by a gay man.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing you’re the best kind of gay – not a stereotype! 😉

  • Scott Campbell

    I’m not a very good gay I guess. Only scored a 24.

  • Alessa Smith

    Is there a lesbian version? As a gay man, I’m only 44/100. Pretty good for a dyke, I guess

  • Stephen Mitchell Everett Decke

    I got 72 out of 100 😛

  • Ashlei Kennybrew

    Im a 58 as a gay man….but clearly im a lesbian….but clearly the quiz is built upon cliches LOL, so it would probably be about how many plaid/flannels shirts do you own? can you name most of tegan and sarahs songs. what about melissa ethridge? have you ever played basketball or softball? do you were underwear made for  the opposite sex? lmaooo && i would mos def fail at being a lesbian….bahahaha!!! 

  • Theo J. Williams

    I scored abysmally. Evidently just helping officiate at gay weddings isn’t gonna get me past the velvet rope. Ah, well…

  • Laura Stevenson

    I’d like to see a lesbian version too, but as a “gay man” I rate 40. That’s honestly about what I expected. 

  • Lynn's Decor

    OMG…LOL LOL  I scored 68…um, and I’m a bi-woman!  LOL LOL

  • Bob Eddy

    Very disappointed, only scored 84

  • Anonymous

    68 is’nt bad for a countryboy who never had any exposure to the frippery of the big city,School shoes,tennis shoes,cowboyboots.Musicals were not on Dads preferred television list.So I don’t put much stock in their test.Now if I can just get my stupid printer to print my official card.

  • Laura Lee Chimera

    LOL…Isn’t it funny how lesbians seem to get the highest scores??? (68)

  • Glen

    I’m sooo gay, I scored a ninety six.

  • Glen

    If you have to ask that question then you didn’t even deserve the score that you got.  lol

  • Cassandra Huber

    I got a 92%

  • Jarrett L. Clark

    I scored a 76. But is it ok if I just use my Team Céline official membership card as my gay card?

  • Diana Cunningham

    Wow, I’m a heterosexual female and I got a 32 lol. Wonder what I’d score on a lesbian one if it existed?

  • I really think they modeled this test after me because i scored a 100 lol…gay gay gay….hahahaha…and it surprised people when i came out

  • Ray Windsor

    80.  But what upsets me is that they mention Providence when clearly they meant Provincetown.  Do I get more points for that or am I just OCD?

  • Jason Shreeve

    I scored a 16

  • 76/100.  And I’m a bi woman.  I guess all those years in choir in high school, and the Golden Girls Marathons with my mom paid off.  lol.

  • 56? Not terrible, but then, I am a girl.

  • Sheila Rose Crowe

    I got a 48.. and everyone always calls me the true woman of the relationship.  Scary

  • 72. Not bad at all. xD

  • Ashley Valencia

    “Will scare you”? Did you perhaps, mean “score”?

    I got a 44. Which, despite the fact that there is no ladies option, works out almost perfectly considering I’m bi. lol

  • 56. 

  • Anonymous

    I was totally thinking the same thing!

  • Anonymous

    Got a 52, not bad considering i’m a chick!

  • I got a 60, but i’m a girl. i want a lesbian version!!!

  • Chris Chen

    Is the Turquoise/Cerulean question a reference to The Devil Wears Prada movie? I should get bonus gay points for knowing that.

  • Ryan Nicholas

    Wow! 88% gay 🙂 I wonder where the remaining 12% lies? Hmmm….

  • I got a 76…but I go to a musical theater school so most of those were a given… this is a weird quiz…

  • 84.

  • Domonic Botto


  • Hmm…Bi and I scored a 60. Not too bad if I were a man.
    I’d like to see a female version though. 🙂

  • 68 here

  • 16 🙁

  • Sara Silver

    I got a 78 an I’m a lez. Guess I should have been a man. LOL

  • Aishling Ni Duibhne

    Really should be a lesbian version, But I got 80 🙂

  • Morgan Watson

    Ugh…steerotypes are so last century! Besides that…Gays are only a fragment of the queer community. Come one folks, let’s be inclusive!

  • Well I got a 16….I am a Str8 female but I am totally clueless on shoes and fashion. Black and Brown are two colors I mix a lot. I don’t like romance movies or sitcoms. If I did a female version I would be more guy-ish…..<3

  • I got a 68, YAY!! Go Me!! lawl

  • oh my GOD.

    Gay gay gay.
    You’ve earned your Card. Carry it proudly, you fine queen.

    I mean, I never knew I’m such a fantastic gay man! 😀
    <3 <3 <3

  • Oh… my… god.

    Score:88Gay gay gay.You’ve earned your Card. Carry it proudly, you fine queen.I never knew I made a fabulous gay man! ;3<3 <3 <3 <3Crazy love for this!- One Proud Bisexual WomanP.S. I need my official lesbian card now so I can keep both of them in my wallet together. (I'll even laminate them. xD

  • i got a 48. :p

  • 64/100 and I’m a straight female. what does that say about me?

  • I got an 80 gay gay gay

  • Perkin

    84!!!!!!!! FTW!

  • Daniel J McEwen

    I got a 52.  I guess not fitting into stereotypes hurts my gay-factor.

  • I scored 76! Haha.

    (PS- I loooooooooove the Golden Girls. Blanche was definitely always my favorite.)

  • Been 100% homosexual and out since 6th grade, but unfortunately Unicorn Booty, I scored a whopping 12.

  • Jeremy Cantrell

    i got a 56, and that seems… pretty accurate actually

  • Katrina M Lewis

    16, “Closet Warmer”

    I’m a (if a label is needed) pansexual female.
    I don’t make a good gay man, it seems.

  • 🙂 oh I got 48.

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