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Girl Sings ‘Born This Way’ to Anti-Gay Canadian PM Stephen Harper

Vocal prodigy Maria Aragon sings Lady Gaga’s gay anthem “Born This Way” to Canada’s ultra-conservative, right-wing, anti-gay Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Harper is seen sitting right next to Maria as she belts the tune, awkward and seemingly ignorant of the meaning of the song. We wonder if Maria was clued in to the irony and ultimate awesomeness of the moment she was delivering?

  • OMG where’s this girl’s songs or album so I can by several and vote for her with my money?

  • Anonymous

    I need people behind me like this guy (Matthew) hehe

  • Anonymous

    And instead of this beautiful girl.. we get Ke$ha…

  • Kenneth Padilla

    jajaja, This is awesome and people have the audacity to say that song lyrics have no impact on the minds of young people. I’m just glad this song has a beautiful message, something other than “I got high, had sex and women are objects so let’s drink”…

  • Ashley Valencia

    I like how when she sang those lyrics specifically he got lemon pinchy sour face, but then just went back to nodding along lol. Beautiful voice btw. Wow.

  • LiseRaev

    This girl has a great voice! I’m looking for a track to put to my skydiving new york city video; now I’m thinking maybe I’ll put a Lady Gaga song on it. . .