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GodH8s – Sickening NOH8 Spoof from Westboro Baptist Church

Well, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And this is coming from someone who watched the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode, so that’s really saying something. There’s really nothing clever about Shirley Phelps’ bizarro world NOH8 spoof here, and I honestly get a little giggle out of the fact that it took them over a year to brainstorm up this satire.

I take umbrage with the young children the WBC covers in hateful face-paint, but to be fair, FckH8 did it first last year. While it’s chilling to see tots warning you that God hates fags, FckH8 didn’t exactly do us any favors with their adorable kids cussing up a storm last year.

“Two fags cannot be one flesh,” eh? In what sense? Because there’s no vagina in the equation? Because I can tell you from personal experience that I have gone all “one flesh” on a number of devastatingly attractive men in my day.

“How do you even have a concept of right and wrong if God’s hate is not written on your heart?” Seriously? Well, kindergarten got me off to a great start, what with the sharing means caring, and whatnot. And then my wonderful foster mother pretty much took it from there. Oh, and there’s also the fact that I am an autonomous non-robot capable of making my own decisions. I don’t need the threat of hell or the promise of heaven to negotiate my behavior and determine how to treat others. It’s called not being an asshole. Give it a shot sometime.

Oh, but what’s that you say? “Hell is not a lovetap. It’s the bitchslap of the hate of God.” I just…I mean…Don’t you…

And then I realize that I am trying to approach this ridiculous video with common sense. Check your premises, self. These people are loony tunes. Have fun with your hate and your weird bloody photoshop video. We’ll be sipping cocktails and doing “one-flesh” fieldwork.

What do you think of GodH8s?

  • Anonymous

    For all the money they spent on the “hip” graphics, you’d think they would’ve done something about their clothes.

  • Anonymous

    For all the money they spent on video and graphics, why didn’t they do something about their fashion?

  • I’m not surprised. Really, I’m just waiting for the WBC to come out and say ‘Kidding! We were just trolls all this time!’ It’s probably a pipe dream, but sometimes they’re just too unbelievable…

    I did kinda like the fckh8 video. Could’ve done with a little less swearing, maybe, but overall, I liked it…

  • Ok I GOTTA point out some hypocracy here. The same guy, the one in the beanie, basically says the new testament says eating shellfish is ok so what the old testament says doesnt matter anymore AND THEN he says everything in the old testament is still true until the end of the earth… so.. which is it?

  • I…I’m…Goodness, I don’t even know what to say to this, except: Are these people serious? Or is this some kind of grotesque, overblown joke–perhaps another group releasing it and setting the WBC’s name to it in order to make WBC look even loonier than they already do? No legitimate and sane organization would release this as a true statement of its beliefs. I have to believe we’re being had, and this evil will turn out to be a hoax perpetuated by a different group trying to toss the Westboro Baptists a new round of rotten PR.

    …or at least I HOPE it’s a put-on. God help us all if this dreadful shit is for real.

  • you’re right this is the MOST ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen

  • You’re right this is the MOST ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen

  • branni

    Personally, they don’t even deserve to be talked about. They claim that we will burn in hell but it will be them burning in hell. God is not hateful and God loves us all otherwise he wouldn’t let us live or even have created us. Remember, God makes no mistakes, you’re on the right track…you were born this way 😉

  • Ashley Valencia

    …I thought God was supposed to be about love? Idk maybe my church got it wrong.

  • Richard

    As a gay Christian minister this makes me quite ill. Jesus Christ Came and satisfied the whole law my friends not just the portion of eating shellfish which “They” so cavilierly put forward.Anyone who has spent anytime in the Word knows this. But apparently W.B.C.. needs a refresher course on the scriptures.They are correct about one thing it is our duty to warn our neighbors of impending disaster, this is why I caution them the Lord our God shall not be mocked and I see lots of stones being cast But, I see very little unconditional love. God is a being of pure Love in which there is no hate that is someone else’s realm entirely. I believe it is simple to see whose that is. When we turn our lives over to his etrernal care we become one with Him. As is said in Psalm139: 8-9 whether we ascend to heaven or dwell in the outermost parts of hell He will be there.By the way if one truly desires to know the sins of Sodom and Gommorrah they are listed in Ezekiel 16:49 Look this was the inequity of your sister Sodom:She and her daughter (which is Gommorrah) had pride, fullness of food and abundance of idleness;neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy,they were haughty,and committed abomination before me;therefore I took them away as I saw fit. If you want to read a real kicker read the following 2 verses. I ask the Lord’s blessing uponyou all my friends! in Jesus name Brother Richard

  • Kris

    uh did any one actually go to their site and read this disclaimer? and doesn’t it make you sick?

    “We are not affiliated with Westboro Baptist Church. We do not support, nor condone their ignorance.”

  • Cherie Antkowiak

    The ignorance and hatred of these people and people like them never cease to amaze me. Thank God my parents taught me self love, love for others, respect and tolerance. Although, I must admit these people push my tolerance to the limit.

  • Their kiddy fiddler father and the damaged sister-wives are slowly damning the family to an earthly collapse. No hell could burn hotter than earth does for these people.

  • ShowMeGuy

    All the music copyright owners of the music used in this video should sue the inbred pants off of these Phelps-freaks.

  • ShowMeGuy

    The copyright owners of all this music need to tag-team these Phelps-freaks in court and sue their inbred pants into bankruptcy….for copyright infringement.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Or work on a Habitat for Humanity build site, or feed women and children living in a homeless women’s shelter, or build a water treatment system for a village in Africa. Yeah, the Westboro Cult are a great bunch of Christians.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Nope, I recognize ol False Prophet Fred Phelps and the adulteress Shirley Roper Phelps…who gave birth to a child ***out-of-wedlock***.

  • “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” “well we don’t have stones, we have words”

    really? so you’re saying you have no sin right? you’re saying that you’re perfect?
    i believe that god hates people doing the devil’s work. which in all fairness isn’t another religion. why would the devil try to mislead christians with islam? why wouldn’t he mislead christians to think they’re following god and need not think about it or understand the bible? (which in essence, is doing the exact opposite of following god.)

    don’t give these people a second thought, because if you don’t believe in god, you can feel good knowing they are wrong. if you do believe in god, you can feel good knowing these people are doing the devil’s work… not god’s. also that they’re wrong.

    with great love and respect to all fellow human beings regardless of gender, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, sex, disability… the list goes on.

    P.S. …they’re wrong.

  • You have to keep in mind that hypocrisy is one of the greatest weapons that these so-called Christians have.

    Any person who reads the Bible knows that being a true Christian means loving, and not judging, one another unconditionally. I mean, c’mon, I’m a silly pagan and I know THAT much. How is it that someone who doesn’t believe in the Bible knows more about it than people who claim to be devoted to its message?

    Oh, that’s right. Because they only use certain passages, and even then twist and pervert them to fit their message.

  • Katie

    its for real. that was Shirley Phelps and her clan, most of which are family members. notice how alot of them look alike? best thing anyone can do is ignore them.

    P.S. i hope all the musicians, whose songs they stole and rewrote the lyrics to, sues their asses!!

  • David Campbell

    Of course we know they are evil…they have a Mime on staff.

  • Rachel

    WBC deliberately does this for attention, lawsuit money, and bad publicity for God/religion. They’ve admitted that they want the entire country to hate God so that only they will go to heaven. O_o Just ignore them and maybe they’ll eventually go away.

  • Anonymous

    We need to strengthen the separation between church and state. Why is their “God’s” name on my money? Why do these churches get tax exemptions when they so frequently endorse political candidates?

  • Ashley E. Butler

    They don’t really deserve to be talked about at all… But I must say, they do look good with duct tape over their mouths. They should all try it only without the writting on them or the face paint or anything…

  • you have to realize one thing… west burrow church is so far out there that even the extreme right wing doesn’t claim them… (my mom is one of those right wingers) this church just needs to be ignored and it will go away… they thrive on attention… and we’re giving it to them

  • Buddy Englett

    Hatred sure makes people ugly.

  • it’s kind of funny how people are trying to say that the part in genesis where the two angels visit Sodom, the people gather and basically say we want to have sex with them. they did not know they were angels.
    now. what in modern day society would you call a large group of hostile men saying they want to bone a man?
    that’s right class! GANGRAPE.
    consensual sex tends to be either love or desire, rape tends to be hate and revenge.

    saying Sodom was destroyed because they were homosexual is the same as saying every homosexual that has sex is raping the partner. simply not true.

  • Anonymous

    HOLY SH*T @ the voicemail

  • This makes me physically ill. God Hates Fags? Just sick.

  • Ian Adams

    Just a thought, but since they practically stole the songs just changed them to hateful lyrics could the artists sue them until they have less than nothing???? just a thought

  • Ashley E. Butler

    Doesn’t help when they’re ugly to start though, huh?

  • These people are stupid and don’t deserve the attention that everybody is giving them. They’re stupid and they are the ones who don’t know. >:[ They are. So. Stupid. I’m tempted to even say more terrible things to them, but they don’t even deserve that much from me. What a bunch of douches.

  • Good idea, but they’ll probably weasel their way around that, too like the sneaky little fucks they are.

  • Jennifer Mueller Dinga

    I am confused?!? Their message seems grotesque but that one guy had a Starbucks-esque coffee cup and I love coffee!

  • TC Wilson

    those poor children should be taken into foster care because of the psychological and emotional damages they are suffering at the hands of this “church”.

  • This is ridiculous :/ More Christians need to speak out against this. As a pagan I just don’t understand

  • They probably can’t sue them unless a profit is being made from the parodies.  But I wish they could!

  • Yeah, but this is WBC, they probably think the homeless and starving people in the world are like that because God hates them.  

  • andrew czepil

    pond scum exists for a reason.

  • Alex Sirius Jones

    who that at the beginning on the phone and who he talking to

  • Stagewhisper

    Did they just say that one in two billion people were going to heaven? That means, uh, 3 1/2 people. Even if it was only them, it sure wouldn’t be all of them.
    Not that anyone really takes their message seriously (after the video there was a link to a video of the freakin’ KKK protesting these douchebags)…mostly I’m mad about all the great songs they ruined!