GOP Debate Recap: Obama Sucks and So Do Gays [VIDEO]

gop debateRather than focus on tearing each other down, and fighting for the top dog Republican spot, the Republicans focused entirely on Obama in the very first GOP 2012 Presidential debate on CNN last night.

This kind of narrative is going to be difficult to sustain, because at some point the GOP candidates will have to start focusing on what separates them from what unites them. It’s clear that the dominant narrative is that Obama sucks at basically everything: economy, government spending, social issues, etc.

But what was left unanswered last night was what exactly these candidates stand for: What are your concrete suggestions for improving things that Obama is allegedly failing at? How are you going to be different?

Oh, and also: they all are against gay marriage – except for libertarian Rand Paul.

Here are some of the video highlights from last night’s debate.

Overview on positions on jobs/economy/health care:

GOP candidates on same-sex marriage:

GOP candidates on Obama:

Gingrich says Obama is anti-jobs:

Mitt Romney is against the auto-bailout (even though GM is now the number 1 car maker in the WORLD):

Herman Cain talks about his Muslim cabinet member:

GOP candidates debate immigration:

Here is the full debate, broken up thematically.

Part 1: Debate opens:

Part 2: GOP candidates on bailout, debt.

Part 3:GOP candidates on faith, immigration.

Part 4:GOP candidates on war, military spending

  • Anonymous

    He is just as apathetic toward gay rights as the next Republican. Based on his speech, he does not understand the importance of the rights and privileges granted to married people by the government.  he thinks it’s just a ceremony that the government currently sanctions.  He completely ignores the fact that married people have certain privileges with regard to the following:  child care, inheritance,  health care, tax incentives, etc.

  • Cc

    I  could actually live with Ron Paul being elected. He would definitely minimize government regulation and would likely loosen the noose on small business. Plus he’s behind gay marriage which makes him better than the other GOP jerkwads in my book.

  • Jen Wright

    It is RON PAUL. His son is RAND.

  • Darek M

    No matter what they said above or how they say they are for equal rights they would throw us under the bus in a heart beat. 

  • ShowMeGuy

    Ron Paul’s stand is that the gov’ment has no business in the *marriage* business.  You would either go to your church and get married or you would not….and it would mean nothing to the gov’ment….then you would head to the courthouse and sign up for your *civil union* license and since the gov’ment can’t champion any institution of a set religion  ** freedom of religion article in the constitution** all citizens of legal age would be allowed to get *civil unioned* to someone of the other OR same gender.  Ron Paul is the MOST pro-gay candidate in the past 15 years.

  • This is absolutely false, for a number of reasons.  Even if one were to accept that Ron Paul’s stance has any legitimate chance of becoming the law of the land (which of course it does not), he has made numerous statements which indicate anything BUT support for gay rights.  He voted for the Defense of Marriage Act and continues to support the position that states should not have to recognize (gay) marriages performed in other states, and even sponsored bills of questionable constitutionality attempting to prevent the courts from hearing cases challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act as well as attempting to create special exemptions to prevent anti-gay legislation from being similarly challenged in federal courts.  He has consistently criticized the Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas and stated that states should be allowed to ban whatever types of sexual conduct between consenting adults they want to, and has said that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is “a decent policy” and that “disruptive” homosexual behavior in the military should be “dealt with”.

    How does this make him a pro-gay candidate, exactly?  Sure, it’s better than advocating the federal-level legislation and constitutional amendments against gay rights that some neo-conservatives want, but his platform is at BEST neutral on gay issues and realistically it’s anti-gay in effect.  It’s the typical libertarian BS about how states and business owners should be able to make blatantly discriminatory laws and policies and somehow the magic of the federalism and the free market, unencumbered by federal oversight, will make everything work out fine—just like it made quick work of slavery, women’s suffrage, segregation et cetera.

  • Yes they should be able to make up policies because it is there business. I don’t care to support a homophobic business owner anyways.  He see’s private businesses to have private property rights.  As an athiest gay man do you think I would allow an uber religious person into my home that says I’m going to hell?  Absolutely not!  It’s my property, my rules and I can say who can be in here and who can’t.  Social engineering is a very dangerous power used by the Federal government and would only start culture wars between the citizens of a country.  In other words, forcing homophobic and racist people from being bigots hardly ever works.  Influencing and educating people does (which the gay community has done wonders on whether you want to admit it or not).  Libertarians don’t believe in a utopia where everyone gets along and the government is somehow tamable.  They don’t have such unrealistic expectations for society, because such a society where people always get along doesn’t exist. Plus it’s not like the federal government is any better than the states when it comes to oppressing people.  Do you remember the Fugitive Slave Law or the sanctions in Iraq that led to the death of 500,000 women and children?  

    Slavery and Women’s Suffrage was dealt with by the Amendment process so that makes them quite constitutional, but I can understand your gripe about the process.  The process was supposed to be grueling and long though, because it was supposed to restrain the government from making horrible laws as well…which would unfortunately stall good amendments being passed but I don’t care for a lawless federal government so I will take the good with the bad.  Btw he voted to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell when his gay constituents made calls to his office and you’re not including all what he originally said about DADT 4 years ago, because he also said “disruptive” heterosexual activity should be “dealt with” as well.  He also doesn’t believe in group rights, but individual rights because in all honesty the individual is the true minority.

    His defense for DOMA is a weird one, but half of it is constitutional since states pretty much have the right to not recognize ANY marriage (not just homosexual ones) they want under the 10th amendment…I would tend to disagree with him regarding the constitutionality of the whole law since it defines marriage though.  I don’t really believe that a State or government has rights, but that is the law of the land and without it we would probably have a fairly lawless government.  Honestly, that’s probably my one disagreement with the man, but I don’t consider that a big issue since I can marry my partner privately.I would say he’s a little more than neutral as far as being pro-gay when you factor in his vote on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but he would abolish marriage certificates and let private organizations and churches handle it if he were a dictator. However, he’s running for president so he abides by the constitution and lets the states decide.  So if you want another term of a supposedly pro-gay president that continues to fight wars that he declares victory in (but still uses private contractors and keeps army bases in their countries), starts wars without congressional consent, and drops probe bombs on innocent civilians in the name of fighting terrorism please vote for the same guy that is currently in office.  

    Honestly civil unions and gay marriage look pretty unimportant when you can vote for someone that stands for peace throughout his 30 year congressional career as well as someone that is willing to expose the workings of a private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve who are the people that really run this country and can print money out of thin air to give to their criminal friends on wall street.