gay blog, marriage equality, racism, interracial marriage, 46%, republicans

Half of MS Republicans Think Interracial Marriage Should Be Illegal

gay blog, marriage equality, racism, interracial marriage, 46%, republicans
Where's the beef?

With an election campaign cycle just over the horizon, lobbying and political organizations across the country are polling, Polling, POLLING up a storm. The results of a new poll out of Mississippi have us horrified today.

46% of Mississippi Republicans are in favor of making interracial marriage illegal, and only 40% say that it should be legal. Sure those numbers don’t quite add up, but it’s Mississippi we’re talking about here. Zing!

Marriage between members of different races has been legal in the United States since a 1967 Supreme Court decision. The deep south has had almost half a century to get used to it, but they’re all, “Naaaaah.”

Discrimination and bigotry come in all sorts of flavors, and while we normally focus on bringing LGBT issues to your screen, we felt like this story was absolutely worth sharing. It’s sad, it’s scary, and it means we have a long, long way to go before tolerance is the norm in the United States.

Are you angry at this figure? Upset? Not surprised? Tell us how you’re feeling below.

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  • Anonymous

    angry, no. surprised, no. sad, a little. i would NEVER move south of Virginia where i currently live. it’s conservative and set in its ways as it is.

  • Wow…Without interracial marriage, I wouldn’t exist. That’s kinda scary.

  • I am not a bit surprised about the poll ratings. After all, you are talking about Redneckville. That is the reason as why we need to move the hell out of Memphis, TN being two males in an interracial, gay marriage (we got married in Massachusetts). We even have problems changing the last names on our driver licenses. I have had it with inequality in these southern hick states. I informed my husband that we need to move out of Memphis before 2012. I DO NOT WANT TO STAY HERE ANOTHER YEAR!!!!

  • Gasp!

  • Cc

    i’m not even a little surprised. i’ve spent three months in hicksville, mississippi every year since i was born and i have yet to see ONE interracial couple.

  • Felicia Palermo

    You must visit whiteyville, MS to not see an interracial couple there.

  • Gurrty

    And, let’s face it, mixed babies are always adorable! And they’re pretty cute when they grow up, too!

  • Richard

    Yeah…I’m Eurasian, so I wouldn’t have born into a home with two married parents had this been the law of the land in the 80’s. Oh, right, that’s because Loving v Virginia was in the 60’s. Phew.

    The good thing is nothing can come of this. All the poll proves is that some people are still prejudiced against interracial couples. Remember the judge in Louisiana last year who refused to perform an interracial marriage and lost his job because of it?

  • This is a case where I think rather than FLEE from MS, interracial couples should FLOCK there. Exposure, and having the numbers to combat fear and bigotry.

  • With out it “Very” few of us would exist! Think about it!

  • To be fair, as a white lesbian who was previously in an interracial marriage with a beautiful black woman, LGBT issues and the issues regarding interracial marriage aren’t exactly mutually exclusive. …Well, except for the “marriage” part. :/

  • Gus Anderson

    God bless Mississippi….anyway. Those GOP dinosaurs need all the special blessings that they can get.

  • I’m right there with you. I can’t wait to get out of Memphis.

  • Anonymous

    So…according to them… I can’t marry my bf (who is black) and I can’t marry my gf (because hey.. that would be same-sex) and none of us can get married to each other because that’s polygamy. On top of being pagan…. DAMN we’re going to hell! Anyone wanna join??

  • Anonymous

    VA all day xD
    whoop whoop

  • Anonymous

    VA all day xD
    whoop whoop

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, I’m not surprised at all by this, being in an interracial (and, gasp, GAY) relationship in Alabama. There are parts of the state that I would literally be afraid to visit with my girlfriend.

    People around here say “Thank God for Mississippi,” but the truth is, we’d probably end up with similar numbers in a poll like this.

  • This is bullshit i live in ms and i’ve dated both a black man and woman the racism is so stupid but after growing up here nothing really surprises me anymore…cant wait to get out of this place