gay bashing, hate crime, mcdonald's, seizure

Hate Crime Charges For McDonald’s Transgender Beaters

gay bashing, hate crime, mcdonald's, seizure
Crissy Lee Polis, 22, being dragged across a McDonald's floor by Teonna Brown, 18

While you might not know her name, surely you remember Teonna Brown from the horrific beating of transgender customer Chrissy Polis in a Baltimore McDonald’s last month. 18-year-old Brown and a 14-year-old accomplice kicked, punched, and dragged Polis by her hair across the restaurant floor until she began to seize. McDonald’s employee Vernon Hackett was later fired for filming the attack with his cellphone while he laughed at Polis’ misfortune.

Last week we shared the tearful reunion between Polis and the middle-aged woman that stepped in and may have saved her life.

Today brings news that Brown and the unnamed 14-year-old will both be prosecuted for hate crime charges in adult and juvenile court, respectively.

The AP reports:

Teonna Brown, 18, was indicted Monday on assault and hate crime charges in the attack on Chrissy Lee Polis at the restaurant last month.

She is also charged with assaulting a customer and a McDonald’s employee who tried to intervene. A 14-year-old girl is facing the same charges in juvenile court. The Associated Press typically does not identify juveniles charged with crimes.

Both teenagers are being held, prosecutors said no one else would be charged.

Brown was defending herself and maintains her innocence, according to attorney Timothy P. Knepp. He declined to go into further detail.

“She’s a very nice young lady who lives with her mom and is not the person the press has made her out to be,” Knepp said.

A very nice young lady who beat a transgender woman into a seizure on camera for all the world to see. Riiight.

Go directly to jail, ladies. Try not to beat anyone nearly to death before you go. Anyone else, that is.

Are you satisfied to see these two women charged with hate crimes?

  • She needs to go to prison and spend some time there…. I wonder whose girlfriend she will be in there….HUMMMMMM

  • bob

    That FAG got what IT deserved. too bad the Fag didnt DIE.

  • Gloria Hole

     Quite simply yes. 

  • Gillianne Rountree

    I love when true justice is served.

  • Lexi Suarez

     So far so good, but I won’t be satisfied unless the punishment fits the crime.  I’d hate to see these two get off easy with just probation or community service.

  • Romtic

    I’d love to see the 14 year old charged as an adult 

  • Gina Bigham

    Ignorance is a hell of a thing, isn’t it, BOB??? Here is hoping you never have a family member beaten senselessly. Enlightenment is your friend!  Such a sad world we live in!

  • Gina Bigham

    They get what they deserve, but where does it end! Enlightenment and compassion beats the hell out of revenge and hatred! Just remember, regardless of race, gender, WHATEVER…we are all f-ing HUMAN BEINGS!!!!

  • I am very satisfied. 🙂

  •  I’m all about eye for an eye….maybe she should have her @$$ beat til she siezes

  •  Hey, at least they’re pleading not guilty so the sentences will be more severe 😀 

  •  A very nice young lady? Actions speak louder than words my good sir

  • Thank gawd, they both deserve it, and Teonna…or whatever her name is and the other girl are not nice girls, nice girls don’t hurt other people. Nice girls….yea right  Knepp you need to shut up you don’t know the difference between right and wrong your a liar…oooops I mean lawyer.

  • Stephanie Lynn Peterson

    FINALLY. It’s about damn time those heartless, sick, twisted bitches get what they doled out.

  • ShowMeGuy

    **Both teenagers are being held**…..I’m sorry but an 18 year old is an ADULT.   Maybe *defendants* would be a more fitting term.
    And Vernon Hackett…..I hope you rot in a gutter…’re a worthless piece of trash. 

  • ShowMeGuy

     I agree…..if you run with the big dogs….you can take the flea bath.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Now, I really want to know what *bob* typed.  I haven’t had a serving of stupiditiy yet today. 

  • Timothy Geisler

    tragedy, hatred, violence, and cruelty get the attention of the media. I can’t stand the fact that some one has to be beaten close to death in order for people to pay attention to an issue this country is having. People need to be educated on transsexuality, as well as transgender as a whole. With out it, this type of treatment and behavior will continue! It wasn’t okay when black people where beaten to death, it wasn’t okay when gay people where beaten to death and its not okay Now! This is exactly why a lot of transsexuals go stealth!
    I hope those girls regret what they did. I hope they truly feel remorse for this! And I hope one day they can honestly ask for forgiveness with sincerity in their hearts. I hope their time spent in jail teaches them something more then not to beat people half to death.