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‘Heart Tugs Towards Gay Marriage,’ Yet Radio Host Dennis Prager Is Still Worried About the Kids

gay blog, gay news, gay culture
Cool with gay marriage, just not with having to tell the kids about it.

In an electric segment about bias in the media coverage of gay marriage,  conservative radio host Dennis Prager goes up against Americablog’s John Aravosis on CNN’s Reliable Sources.

The 62 year-old radio host says that he understands that the “heart tugs towards gay marriage,” but yet he is worried about the consequences to the children.

“The consequences are what worry me…if there is same-sex marriage you will not be allowed to assume that the little girl will marry a boy when she grows up.”

Regardless of the fact that you currently can’t assume that a girl will necessarily marry a boy, since there are already lesbians and gays and transgendered kids all over the world, Prager continues to sound the alarm.

“The notion that male and female don’t matter, there is a way against the notion of gender identity. So that you have LGBT. Why is there a T there? There is a celebration of the removal of male/female distinctions. This is what worries me, not same-sex marriage in and of itself.”

Kudos to John Aravois – especially for when he says “That’s just bizarre” in response to Prager’s fear of losing clear gender lines.

  • Terrell Wallin

    Can I just say, I think it’s funny how he said he doesn’t know anyone who says heterosexual marriages will fall apart, but then says, but we say other things. Yeah, other things that are just as silly.

  • Jacob Hubbell

    “Well that’s fine and I said your answer is silly.” brightened my day.

  • Anonymous

    How can a child be harmed by knowing that all Americans are entitled to the same civil rights?

    (And marriage IS a civil right–the state issues marriage licenses. The church does not.)

    How can a child be harmed by seeing that the civil rights of all are defended and protected in America?