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The ‘Heathers’ Reboot Trailer is Finally Here, and It’s Very, Very Queer

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The new trailer for the Heathers reboot show that mean girls can be a lot queerer than we usually expect. Coming to the Paramount Network in 2018, the highly-anticipated reboot is a lot more diverse than it’s original source material.

Based on a 1988 American black comedy film written by Daniel Waters and directed by Michael Lehman, Heathers portrayed four teenage girls—three of whom are named Heather—in a clique at an Ohio high school. The three Heathers and Veronica all looked like WASPs in training, “a design choice that made their evil, social-climbing tendencies even more deliciously insidious.”

The updated version, set in present day, feature a new set of popular-yet-evil Heathers — only this time the usually type-cast freaks have become this high school’s royalty. Heather McNamara is a black lesbian. Heather Duke is a male who identifies as gender-queer. Heather Chandler is described as having a body like Martha Dumptruck.

heathers revival
The new Heathers.

Melenia Field will play Heather Chandler, portrayed in the original film as a ruthless, cruel leader of the Heathers who runs the school’s popular set with an iron fist. The role was originated by the late Kim Walker.

Brendan Scannell is playing a gender-flipped take on Heather Duke, who in the original film was a bookish, bulemic sycophant and second-in-command of the Heathers. The role was originated by Shannen Doherty.

Jasmine Mathews will play Heather McNamara, a weak-willed cheerleader who emerges as surprisingly sympathetic late in the film. The role was originally filled by Lisanne Falk.

The trailer shows the three Heathers walking down a high school hallway, with music pounding in the background. Veronica, originally played by Winona Ryder, is now being portrayed by Grace Victoria Cox. She also gets to speak the final bit of dialogue in the teaser: “Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw.”

Watch the trailer for the Heathers reboot below:

  • Archie Bays

    No. I can’t abide this.

  • Archie Bays

    This hurts me.

  • Jim F.

    Not really sold on this update. I can’t buy the actress playing heather #1 as someone everyone would want to date and be. Too over the top and not at all realistic. Not too mention a bit too goth. I’ll wait and see it though. It could just be a bad trailer.

  • shaunskiLA

    Hey, Alexander: I think you mean to say “dark comedy film”. (Considering that “Heathers” was about 4 WHITE girls, saying ‘black comedy” is a little misleading.) #dondeestayoureditor

  • “Black comedy” is a long-accepted term for dark comedy or gallows humor — dating back to 1935.

  • shaunskiLA

    It can come across as insensitive… Dark comedy is pretty universally recognized as the correct one, and less confusing. But seriously, a fucking reboot of Heathers????

  • Now that’s something we can BOTH agree on. I’m worried that by making the new Heathers queer/PoC/of size, it’s going to devolve into “See, the OPPRESSED are the TRUE oppressors!” which… eaaagh. “Won’t someone please think of the pretty, rich white girls??”

  • shaunskiLA

    Water under the bridge. Back to the lecture at hand: Exactly! Who was clamoring for this??

  • Pop Off!

    Well how many categories can we name check off here and say LOOK we didn’t leave ANYONE out. I hope they have a disabled Navajo character with Aspergers. UGh. This kind of placate the snowflakes shit gets old quick. Personally I don’t care if my specific letter of the GBTQ alphabet show up I care if it is a good movie.