avery 90.3 transgender, transgender breast contest, trans woman boob contest

Help Transgender Woman Win Implants in Breast Summer Ever Contest

avery 90.3 transgender, transgender breast contest, trans woman boob contest
Please oh please oh please help Avery win the Breast Summer Ever.

Lend a neighbor a cup of sugar, why don’t you? Or in this case, help her win a boob job.

90.3 Amp Radio is deep in the midst of the Breast Summer Ever, an online contest in which one lucky gal will walk away with a new set of knockers. Normally we would roll our eyes so hard that we might need corrective surgery, but for one of the contestants, this contest could be a life-changer.

Meet Avery, a transgender musician who has been financing her own surgical transition in the absence of medical support for trans people in Canada. This contest offers Avery the opportunity for her body to match her brain, for her her reflection to mirror the woman within.

breast summer ever, 90.3 amp radio breast, transgender woman contest, transgender boob job contest
Meet Avery.

Not that we’re knocking the other women involved in the contest. Certainly everyone has the right to explore every opportunity to feel more like one’s true self. We just know how amazing winning this surgery would be for our brave girl, Avery.

Now that you’ve watched her video and fallen in love with A, please take a moment to mosey on over to the contest page and vote for Avery.

  • I wish you luck Avery! I hope you win!

  • Noreen Romano

    Bless her heart.  I hope she wins!

  • Liv

    I have a hard time believing breast augmentation would change anyone’s life, except may a cancer victim’s life, in a positive manner. Too bad the contest isn’t for something more spiritually awakening then, err, boobs.

  • Voted. Watched the videos; all the other contestants have fully-developed, sizable breasts. I don’t know that I believe this makes them “privileged”..women go through years of awkwardness, low self-esteem, and agony to develop and live in their female bodies.
    However, I voted for Avery… if it means that much to her, then it is a crucial step in her spiritual process. She just doesn’t know how pretty she is; maybe a boob-job would help her actualize.