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Hobie from Baywatch: Bottled Water Causes Bisexuality

bottled water bisexuality, jeremy jackson bisexuality, bisexual bottled water, jeremy jackson bottled water
"Do NOT drink the purple Kool Aid. (Or the bottled water.)"

Baywatch star (Star may be too strong of a word. He played the Hoff’s son Hobie for goodness sake.) Jeremy Jackson will be featured on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab. Jackson is seeking treatment for cattle steroid addiction this time around, having already kicked a nasty crystal meth habit once upon a time.


We caught this little nugget of ignorance in a promo piece about the show over at Zap2it.

When he arrived at the ranch, he brought a truck full of various appliances, including a large water filter. “What about bottled water?” asked a staff member. “Are you okay with bottled water?”

“In a pinch,” Jackson said hesitantly. “That plastic leeches and causes cancer and bisexuality, it’s been linked to directly.”

Yep. Jeremy Jackson thinks bottled water might make him want to sleep with men.

Yeah, that’s not how bisexuality works, pal.

Kids, stay away from cattle steroids and crystal meth. They’ll fry your brain up real nice.

At least we’ll always have Hobie.

  • that’s so stupid i don’t know where to begin.  

  • Well, he sorta has the right idea with the bottled water but maybe reached a bit for the conclusion. The heat from sunlight in those flimsy plastic bottles does cause the plastic to release pseudo-estrogen. That’s not a great thing for us to be consuming…male or female. I see where he could think “oh a dude consuming estrogen could make him more feminine” but pseudo-estrogen and estrogen aren’t the same thing.

  • Yeah, he’s actually not *too* far off as Michael said.  Products made from plastics type 3 and 7 release bisphenol-A upon contact with heat, and it mimics estrogen.  The links to cancer are real, in addition to obesity, neural dysfunction, male/female hormone imbalance, yada yada yada…

  • Bonnie Guo

    I’ve been drinking a bottle of bottled water everyday since I was 4 and I’m bisexual.

    I’m not sure what else to say now.

  • Buddy Englett

    Damn, that’s what did it- well, too late to stop now. I think I’ll start a bottled water delivery service.

  • David Campbell

    Jeremy who????

  • I didnt know that….I’m bisexual and I dont drink water at all. I’m a caffeine addict. I drink Coca-Cola all the time….

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen him at the gym.  He’s disturbing looking.

  • Is he serious…?

  • RJPTrip

    All that male hustling for meth has him allowed confused …. which is why I suspect he did the meth

  • RJPTrip

    estrogen does not make someone bisexual …lots of lesbians and straight women both have estrogen in their systems

  • Shari Denis

     Instead of misquoting, making fun of, and bashing the guy who is obviously going through his own problems maybe we should open our minds and ears a little. Do some critical thinking. He never said Bottled water CAUSES Bisexuality (that’s idiotic) he said it is LINKED to Bisexuality. And as much as you want him to sound like a wack job he’s not crazy. This coming from a Bisexual woman who actually did some research on it before jumping on the hate bandwagon. As stated in the April 16, 2008 NY Times and “US News & World Report” The chemical he was speaking about is  Bisphenol or BPA and studies like The U.S. government’s National Toxicology Program have shown that people exposed to high levels of BPA
    have a greater risk of developing uterine fibroids, breast cancer,
    decreased sperm counts, and prostate cancer.The same study has stated there are concerns because it appears to mimic the effects of
    estrogen, interfering with hormone levels and cell signaling systems. Boys who are given estrogen tend to become more effeminate. A constant
    supply of estrogen that interferes with the normal production of
    testosterone would have lasting effects would it not?

    I don’t see how what Jeremy Jackson said as his opinion which is backed up by scientific studies and research is so silly.