gay news, homophobic poll, self-hating gay

Homophobic FOX News Gay Poll Only Offers Two Offensive Answers

gay news, homophobic poll, self-hating gay
WACH News Director Bryan Cox

A South Carolina FOX affiliate is being lambasted today for attempting to skew poll results in their favor by only offering readers two extremely homophobic answers to a question about the Presbyterian Church’s decision to ordain LGBT ministers and church officials.

WACH News Director Bryan Cox (Who desperately needs to spell and grammar-check his work) asked readers, What do you think about the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) decision to permit ordaining openly gay members as clergy? The only two options a person could choose were…well, you can see below.

gay news, fox homophobia, WACH, bryan coxThe story was instantly picked up first by gay blogs, and then other media outlets after angry readers shared the homophobic poll with their peers. Which eventually led to Bryan Cox issuing a typo-riddled non-apology.

“We’ve modified the wording of the poll to just give the option to agree or disagree with the church’s decision. While the station never intended to advocated for or against any type of religious or political viewpoint, as some of you thought the wording was poor we’ve modified it so the poll clearly reflects its stated purpose simply to ask what people think of the decision.”

The question was then amended to read:

gay news, WACH, homophobic poll, bryan coxBut even then, a funny thing happened.

homophobic poll, gay news, bryan cox, WACH

66% of readers agreed with the Presbyterian Church’s decision to put an end to anti-gay discrimination within the church! An overwhelming majority of the rightwing station’s viewers straight up disagreed with Cox’s station-sanctioned homophobia. FOX, the GOP, and leaders of the religious right are hopelessly out of touch with their viewers and constituents. Gay marriage and gay rights are simply no longer an issue for the majority of Americans. Most of the country believes it is time for marriage equality to be extended to LGBT Americans.

Cox, for what it’s worth has been accused of being a self-hating homosexual himself in the comments section beneath the poll. The wording of his poll (We ALL commit homosexuality, eh?) and a glance at his Facebook page may back those claims up. Ohnowedidn’t!

You can go and answer the poll yourself HERE. Keep us posted on the results!

What do you think of WACH’s homophobic conundrum?

  • Anonymous

    80/20 now 🙂

  • over 80% agree now! only 18% disagree. yippee! 🙂

  •  84%!!!

  • Bob

     The poll is at 80% agree at 4:26pm!  LOL!! 

  • Romtic

    85% at 2:47 PM Pacific 

  • Romtic

    85% at 2:47 PM Pacific  

  • ChristiJo

     86/14 last I saw!

  • Benjamin Riesebeck

     its 89/11 in favor right now

  • Still 89/11 with 585 votes tabulated.

  •  89/11.  voted.

  • Anonymous

    89 to 11 as of 10:25 mountain time. 

  •  90/10 now

  •  hahahaha 90/10… when he comes around id do him 

  •  90/10.  at this point it’s become a mockery of itself, and probably netted the website its most hits to date   lol

  • Corrina McCarron


  • TC Wilson

    That picture alone sets the ol’ radar off.

  • TC Wilson

    BTW!  90/10 when I voted <3

  • Anonymous

    91% BABY! 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    As an employee at this station please don’t put everyone at
    WACH FOX in the same category as Bryan Cox. A majority of his newsroom is not
    happy with the way he conducts himself or his department. I’ve been told he regularly pushes
    agendas on his staff and they get criticized as a result. I’m glad it’s his
    face on this story and not a reporter he forced to take a certain angle. He has
    been attacked before for taking a stance on issues using the station as
    his soap box. As for Bryan
    being a homophobe I’m not sure but I have heard him make many
    uncalled for remarks. Again many at the station are not happy with this story
    getting the attention it is. Please don’t think we are all like Bryan.

  •  91/8 i just saw  lol

  • 91/ 9 at 775 votes!!

  • Anonymous

     91% Agree9% Disagree

  • Mr. Farrell,

    It’s intriguing you suggest to know anything about me after you made no attempt to contact me prior to publishing this article. Without a shred of information other than a 15-word poll question you assumed to understand my political and social beliefs, and you also accused me of slanting a story. That, by definition, is precisely the type of stereotypical reactionary thinking you claim to oppose.

    The reality of the situation (albeit it a less interesting story) is I assumed people would understand referencing a religious text in no way suggests its claims are true. If anything, I thought the wording highlighted the selective nature of those who stigmatize homosexuality while overlooking other supposed religious prohibitions.

    That said, the question was poorly phrased; I accepted that responsibility and modified the wording to be more clear. If anyone is interested in having an actual conversation instead of lampooning the inaccurate caricature you fabricated, I’d be happy to speak with you directly on my @bryandcox Twitter account. Thanks. 

  • Jessica Bolduc

     92/8 guys! <3

  • Jessica Bolduc

    <3 I can understand Mr. Cox's position, the wording was at the very least in poor taste. Perhaps next time, when your name is attached to something and all you are /is/ your name, you have some forethought?

  • I thought you meant that Fox put out a poll where only two of the options were offensive! I was about to be impressed! 

  • Steve Cardinal

    Presbyterian Church to ordain homosexual clergy

    What do you think about the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) decision to permit ordaining openly gay members as clergy?

    I agree.
    I disagree.
    Total Votes: 943

  • Breanna Lloyd

    92% Agree! awesome 😀

  • Emily Phillips

    I’m saying! He looks like whenever he watches football, he’s not keeping his eye on the right ball.

  • 92% agree…8% disagree now. of course posting the link in this blog totally skewed the poll….turn about, eh?

  • Heather M. Glass

    I agree @ 92%
    I disagree @ 8%
    Total Votes: 996
    Losers. 🙂

  • Shay Summer

    Oh my! I just answered that and 92% SAID “AGREE”! Only 8% said “Disagree”. WOW. 

  • *cough* GAY FACE *cough*

  • For what it’s worth, I don’t think Mr. Cox is a self-hating gay man. Gay? Maybe, I don’t know. What I do know is that not all Fox News affiliate stations are directly owned by Fox News, and therefore not all of them promote a conservative and/or homophobic viewpoint. I think the poll question really was simply poorly worded at first. I’m gay and do not believe homosexuality to be a sin, but there is a belief even among more accepting Christians in this idea that “homosexuality is still a sin (because the Bible “says so”, so they think), but we love an accept you anyway.” It doesn’t sound like enough to us, but those people *are* trying to be tolerant and accepting withing the confines of what they’ve been taught. This idea is more prevalent in the south and may have had something to do with the wording of the poll question. I haven’t seen the news station’s segment on the Church’s decision to know how they presented it to their viewers, but you may want to reach out to him. You may find that his intentions were truly genuine and he and the station made an error.

  • how about next time you simply think about the consequences of the actions you are about to take. clearly, you deserve respect, but dont insult the intelligence of the community you claim to have inadvertently offended. as they say in the streets, of which it can be said you know nothing, “dont start no shit, wont be no shit”…

  • Hannah Ward

    The poll now reads 92% agree, 8% disagree 🙂

  • Jere Douglas

    I voted and the stats are just growing on the I agree with ordination side.  LOL, hypocritical FOX network and Trinity Presbytery.

  • Peter Jenkins

    93% in favor of the decision as of right now!

  • Raymond Davis

    Ok so here’s My poll:

    Bryan Cox is:
                         A.) A lying pathetic pile of Dung
                        B) A rotting pustule on the back side of Life

    Now please don’tassume that I think poorly of you after all this is but a grammatical mistake–YEAH RIGHT SURE

    BTW How stupid do you think people are?

  • Raymond Davis

    Sorry Charley , 

                            If it is your belief that there is anything “Loving , accepting  or tolerant in these words I can only assume you yourself belong in the Gay self loathing department.
     I also believe his intentions are truly genuine. Genuine in a way that wanted to skew a poll to present Gay people as universally despised and accepted as a lower -evil form of humanity.

  • Julie Graham

    93-7! W00t!

  • Charles Kruger

    How on earth did someone with your abysmal writing skills achieve your position? “…you suggest to know anything…” What on earth does that mean? “..albeit it a less interesting story…” How could a professional allow this to get posted? “…more clear…”? What’s wrong with “clearer”?

    I respect your accepting responsibility for the original poor phrasing. But your revised version makes no sense. You ask whether your viewers agree or disagree with a straightforward statement of fact. Surely you meant to ask whether they approve or disapprove?

    Really, Mr. Cox, I don’t assume you are stupid. On the contrary, I suppose you must have some skills to have been promoted to your current position in spite of your sloppy editing and poor grammar. 

    May this English teacher offer some unsolicited advice? Take a good look at your writing and proofreading skills: they make you look like a fool.

  • 93% to 7% as of this writing.

  • Ryan Nicholas

    What do you think about the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) decision to permit ordaining openly gay members as clergy?I agree. 93%I disagree. 7%Total Votes: 1245

  • Ryan Nicholas

    I just voted and the below is a copy/paste of the current results. AWESOME!!

  • Evan Andrew Micheal Neal

    What do you think about the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) decision to permit ordaining openly gay members as clergy?I agree. 93%I disagree. 7%Total Votes: 1238

  • Falon Benham

    As of 12/15/2011 at 11:12 pm Eastern Standard TimePRESBYTERIAN CHURCH TO ORDAIN HOMOSEXUAL CLERGY
    What do you think about the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) decision to permit ordaining openly gay members as clergy?I agree. 93%I disagree. 7%Total Votes: 1240

  • CecilS

    silly fox…

  • Update:  94% Agree    6% Disagree

  • Keyser Soze

    I, like im sure many other people who have already posted, saw that picture and immediately knew that Bryan Cox was just another self-loathing Republican closet homosexual. Those baby blues are gaaaaaaaaaay, son.

  • Andrew Moore

    94% agree as of 4:50 PM Pacific 2/13/2012

  • kalamari69

    He’s probably a penis-phobic homo because he was teased about his last name in grade school.

  • Thank you for letting us know. I totally understand where you are coming from. I to am a supporter of Marriage Equality with the rest of my staff, and have a co-worker who’s bigoted homophobic beliefs makes the LGBT community and supporters judge too quickly.

  • Rev Fr R.D. White II

    did they fire the guy? he’s not on that bio website.

  • Lily

    I get the feeling the amount of “I Agree” posts could’ve just been people who were trolling the site. Hopefully not the case, but still

  • Robert

    Cox is no longer the new director of this station.

  • LiberalConservationist

    Do you think that the Fox-Cox would suck a dick?
    __ Yes, I think he loves the cock, but is too insecure and self loathing to admit it.
    __ No, but I’m sure he would hold one in his mouth until the swelling went down.

  • Pamela

    As of now, 94% of people agree and 6% of people disagree. 🙂

  • oh yeah total gay face. too bad he hates himself.

  • total gay face

  • BrandonM

    I’m coming to this story a little late, but to be the voice of reason here, I don’t think Cox’s faux pas was in projecting the concept of sinfulness onto the homosexuality of Presbyterian clergy, it was in projecting the Talibanesque, all-or-nothing extremity of position onto Fox’s readership.  Perhaps there was some reason they wanted to limit it to an up-or-down vote, and were trying to suggest to the religious reactionary mind the fact that there are a whole host of things the Bible found sinful at one time or another (wearing clothing made of more than one fiber, working on the Sabbath, and eating pork or shellfish for example) that it no longer literally views as relevantly sinful, even if they haven’t whited it out of the book, and so remaining technically a sin “in their book” literally but not figuratively.  Sex before or outside marriage, use of contraception, and divorce are three things that were still considered sinful by a majority of Americans only fifty years ago; while most would find them merely immoral, actually quite responsible, and undesirable but understandable now, respectively.  Yet they’re still sins to the Catholic church, for example.  Jews (Jesus was talking about Judaism throughout the Christian New Testament) who are Orthodox will not switch on or off a lightswitch, or drive a car, or turn on the stove on the Sabbath, so seriously do they interpret an originalist concept of work.  To do otherwise would be sinful.

    There are plenty of people who look at any and all expressions of sexuality as inherently sinful; those who have sex anyway just embrace the sinfulness of it—right down to the perfume names and commercials for “sinfully delicious” devil’s food cake.  For some poor souls that actually heightens the enjoyment.  There are others who look at only certain expressions of sex as sinful, but consider loving relations between any two monogamous people to have a sort of holiness to it even if it takes place outside the institution of marriage.  Cox’s “sin”, it seems to me, was to presume Fox readership fell into the former category, and to be caught coaxing them to have the same attitude about Presbyterian clergy’s homosexual “sin” as they do about their own lowbrow Evangelical or Catholic heterosexual “sins”.

    Again, if anything, it strikes me as designed to make the connection between the “sins” of straight people and gay people as equal in the mind of the reader who would choose A.  Homosexual activity is an acceptable sin much like the readers’ heterosexual activity is, or it is an unacceptable sin.  It takes the Bible at face value, and says, all these other sins you have no problem with whatsoever, and all THESE other sins you have some guilt over but do anyway, do you really still view homosexuality in the unacceptable category even after realizing that Presbyterian ministers can be ordained while in a sexually active gay relationship?  Yes, I get that it would have been more inclusive to present an option for people who reject the concept of sin entirely, but then without any concept of a moral code that feeds into their whole slippery slope argument.

    I find it sad that so many people leapt to the worst conclusions about this man, and I find it shameful that people were tarring and feathering him, passing judgment and accusing him of all manner of things, and possibly losing the man his job.  Bearing false witness is not merely a sin but breaks one of the Ten Commandments.  An anonymous poster presents the hearsay (not even their own assertion) that he has pushed an agenda, without telling us which agenda that may be.  For all we know he was closeted, just as he was accused of being, and was trying as I suggested to move the envelope a centimeter or two in the right direction.  Whatever his personal life, he did make the correction when the offense was called to his attention.  Fox News is guilty of all manner of “sins” and misinformation and partisan propaganda.  I could never work there and you’d have to pay me a salary just to watch Fox News.  But this was framed as an issue about Bryan Cox, not about Fox News.  If this were viewed in a pattern of anti-gay stances by him personally and/or in his capacity at Fox, then I would say that is the problem to focus on and this a mere straw.  To break his back with this one straw and nothing else seems close to a lynching over guilt by association, and not an accomplishment we should be proud of ourselves for—pride, as I imagine the reader knows, being one of the seven deadly sins, yet something nearly every parent is “guilty” of for their child’s accomplishments, for example.

    I’m one of those people who thinks it’s not okay to say “that’s so gay”. I think the Tennessee educator who recently told her male students who were getting their hair braided that they must be gay and they were going to burn in hell deserved swift removal from her position. The way we treat people matters, and language is a sharp tool of oppression and abuse, to keep people down and let them know their lowly place. But let’s try to give a little deep, educated thought before we start trying to ruin somebody who was pointedly using the language put forth by those who set the paradigm of anti-gayness in the first place, but in the context of some of those who set that paradigm changing it fundamentally.  (Think about how meaningful it is to ordain a male or female minister in a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex, when a Catholic priest [all males] can’t even marry a woman.) The fact that most people have historically been out to get us, and the travesty that self-described patriots routinely fundraise and campaign to disenfranchise us in the present, doesn’t completely absolve us of leaping to conclusions. I read the way people use the assertion that this person is gay as a weapon, seeking to castigate him with the suggestion that he is like us. That has some strong vestiges of self-loathing on our part too.

  • p Nyc

    He is definitely a closet case, poor guy.  In this day and age… It really shows that fear outweighs any “faith” these xtians claim to have anyhow… just ignore them, they will go away…