5 Benefits of Hornet Premium, Including More Users, More Photos and No Ads!

5 Benefits of Hornet Premium, Including More Users, More Photos and No Ads!

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No other social media platform allows LGBTQ people to connect with each other around the world like Hornet does. But did you know that Hornet Premium offers even more benefits to our users than a regular Hornet account?

If you’ve never been a Hornet Premium user, now is your chance to take the plunge! Hornet’s Cyber Monday is taking place right now, meaning you can get a great deal that isn’t available any other time of year.

There’s no doubt that Hornet Premium offers the best experience for Hornet users. But what exactly does Hornet Premium entail? Keep reading!

Here are 5 benefits of using Hornet Premium:

1. You can see which users have checked out your profile.

Whether you’re on Hornet looking for love or just looking to connect to other like-minded queer people who share your interests, being able to see which other users have viewed your profile is always a welcome bonus. For many Hornet Premium users, this is their favorite feature!

2. You can show off your best you with unlimited photo uploads.

Every Hornet user can upload more than one photo to their profile (as opposed to only a single photo on soother queer apps), but only with Hornet Premium are you able to upload an infinite number of photos to your profile and view as many photos of other users as you wish.

3. The Hornet Premium experience is ad-free.

One of the best reasons to purchase Hornet Premium would have to be the removal of ads from the app! Upon purchasing a Hornet Premium subscription, you’ll no longer see advertisements on the grid, in the feed or on any other part of the app. You can’t beat that!

4. Feeling shy? With Hornet Premium you can be invisible.

Not everyone on Hornet is looking for one-on-one chat or to meet up in person, and for those users, going invisible may be a great solution. With Hornet Premium, if you “go invisible” you’ll no longer show up on the grid, and your status will be shown as offline. You won’t show up as having checked out other users, and you also won’t receive messages from users you haven’t talked to before.

5. With Hornet Premium you can connect with an endless number of other users.

Maybe you’re the opposite of shy, and you’d like to connect with as many fellow Hornet users as possible. With Hornet Premium there’s an endless grid of users to peruse, chat with and meet. You’ll also be able to see new users who have recently become part of the Hornet community.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Hornet Premium today in the Hornet Shop!

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